I looked out...

I looked out of the window of my two storey house
And looked straight into your kitchen on the 114th floor of the adjacent tower block
And there he was!
Eating at your table, and you: his keepers

We ran up the stairs till our lungs ached, but the pain didn’t stop us because all we wanted in the world was him
As we knocked the door: our excitement was electric: for we were about to get him back!
You opened the door, and he was still there
You said he wasn’t there: that it was only you, and him

I pleaded with you to acknowledge his presence/to give him back, but you wouldn’t or couldn’t (I don’t know which)
We called out his name, but we did not exist to him (anymore) and he continued to eat: oblivious to our calls
The pain that had disappeared without a thought on seeing him through one window into another now flooded back, and with it all the thoughts that had been suspended and temporarily replaced with hope
Unable to change the course of things: we went home in disbelief: where the course of our lives took different and varied paths

Normality for you - oh, how I crave normality: to think, to feel, to date…

For me - the weird and not so wonderful: where the unexplainable abides and reaks havoc on my life: till I am forced ‘out there’ to confront myself and all that comes with it.

…a thread revisited.

The “Hegelian” zombie (body snatcher) apocalypse will not be televised.

…for my consumption, alone.