I’m just going to say this to trumpers outright

Trump is trying to clean the “deep state”. The “deep state” has made it so that we’ve had no terrorist attacks since 9/11.

Trump sits atop a country that for a single president is almost impossible to fuck up, but man, he’s trying as hard as he can to fuck it up!

I don’t like trump. All trump sees the presidency as is to make him more money when he leaves office.

And this is the problem with pure capitalists (the plutocrats) running the US.

No, we’ve had terrorists since 9/11, you forgot the Boston Marathon bombers.

I remembered it after I posted. Thanks for pointing it out.

It would be much worse without the “swamp”

I think trump is a complete douche.

From my point of view you are naive below naive below naive. But to even lift the first veil, I would have to do a lot of work for you.

And Im not gonna do that.

I can assure you that I don’t have trump derangement syndrome… I’ve hated every US president.

“Let’s make America great again”. Assumes from this asshat that America has ever been great.

I’ll be very interested in your history lesson fixed.

Patriotism is not found in the left. They despise their country, the very same one that allows them to live well.

It’s how we got it that matters Wendy.

It’s how we’re still getting it that matters.

You know, a lot of people sacrifice themselves for this country… at best they should be doing it for the world.

I know I do.

Our country was conceived on killing 70,000,000 people who already lived here, then eventually freeing slaves and women to earn more tax dollars for corporate welfare.

We are so far from a country with no stains.

Donald trump is not a reparation president. He’s doing the same thing the founding fathers did.

The ONLY thing that made “America great”, was our resources. And those will eventually get used up.

At one point there was some honesty and integrity in the country. All the admirable qualities are dissipating.

Now it’s all about money and winning and kicking the other guy while he is down.

That’s because our resources are running out.

Geopolitics is just like physics.

The particle with the most energy draws others to it.

America was very fucking lucky. We had the most energy (resources) in the world at the time.

We played the game to the fullest … not only did we have the most energy, we expanded our energy by trading in false energy as well.

Not only that, but we’ve been using this energy to suppress other governments for about 100 years now.

That’s three things we did:

1.) the energy of the land
2.) trading false energy
3.) use all that energy to suppress other governments

For example: the only reason we warred with Afghanistan was because Afghanistan has the highest concentration of lithium deposits in planet earth. When we figured that out by understanding the new demand, it became all out war with them. Not just b cause of the lithium though. Afghanistan is the worlds leading producer of opium.

Why do we go after countries like Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Syria ??? Because a pipeline from Kuwait through those countries will keep our oil pumping for another 100 years.

You have to understand, it’s about energy dominance.

It’s not about energy itself, if that were true we’d all be using the technology Tesla built at wardenclyff. It’s about energy dominance.

These people are sick in the head.

And then someone like Wendy comes along and states the equivalent of “you should live in filth because you’re not a patriot, deal with that!”

It’s sad to see posters like Wendy to that regard.

If you have nothing to be proud of or thankful for then leave and live where it’s done to your standard.

Oh Wendy, I’ve been to non planetary hells. I’m thankful for every day that I’m out of them.

People throw around the phrase “hell on earth” as if that’s as bad as it gets. No. It gets MUCH worse.

As it is on earth, I barely subsist. I use all that energy to explain to people what I know about terrestrial ethics. As phyllo pointed out, the talks have devolved in the political level. As I explained to phyllo, that’s because our energy reserves are running out.

You should be very thankful in any country that I have the energy reserves to send you these messages.

Wendy, there are now over 100 countries that are democratic with freedom of speech. Most Americans don’t know this.

Go where they politic and all else to your standard. Go! Why would you stay here other than to constantly complain? Freedom is not only about the freedom of speech and there are not 100 countries that have the same freedom of speech (Canada doesn’t even have our freedom of speech)that is barely still available here in the USA, but it isn’t only about freedom of speech but all the freedoms that exist only in this country. Nice try but there aren’t one hundred countries as free.

It is criminal in Canada to call someone their biological sex.

It is criminal in Canada to not call someone by their preferred pronoun. You totally messed that one up!

If I lived in Canada, I’d walk into a highschool girls bathroom and state that I’m a 15 year old Asian girl!!

I’d sue Trudeau and I’d win!


Some comic relief !!

Yah, their preferred pronoun rather than reality. Criminalizing facts is not reality. It’s not freedom to criminalize the reality of being. The sky is blue.
No, you’re going to jail for violating someone’s preferred sky color.

You have people going to public spaces and shooting it down and killing dozens of random people. How is that any different from a suicide bomber?
Just cuz they’re not killing for allah that doesn’t make it any less terrorism.

Yes, domestic terrorism, you’re right.

Doesn’t terrorism have to have a political aim?

It’s the surgical strike capability of the oppressed, that’s all. You could be anything from a disgruntled incel who just lost his job at the arcade to a radical jihadist who’s fixin to get himself an island paradise hosted by a bunch of virgins.

But whatever you are, you’re basically saying ‘enough is enough. Let’s fuckin do this’.

Yes. As prom mentioned, it’s a socio aim, and socio is political. It’s not about nation states, but ultimately it’s about social politics.

For them, it’s also a matter of self defense, or a James would say… the hope to threat ratio.

They are not inaccurately perceiving the threat, they just gave up.

I don’t condone such behavior. But I do know a lot about just giving up because of society.

So terrorism as defined currently no longer has the same meaning to you, but that is not how it is defined online.