I need to know!

Am i the only one that starts to trip out when they havent slept for 3 days?

I thought people died if they hadn’t slept for that long

In the army they have soldiers (cadets) not sleep for over three days, I have heard some last over a week. But as Clarkykat stated they begin to trip out, and this actually means your normal. Personally, the most I have not slept was two days and believe you me I felt like I didn’t exist, I felt like I was floating, and I felt a whole bunch of other things that were out of the norm.

What’s your take?

a guy in india didn’t sleep for a fortnight. his awareness of the real world dropped dramatically, but his instincts were heightened. of course, many from the neighbouring villages flocked to see him, so he could tell them the meaning to their lives, before (as happened) he fell asleep. whilst sleeping (quite predictably), he died.

the moral of the story is, that sleep (like many other things) enforces a person’s normative code, what makes them fit for survival.

anyway, i like the way you ask your question as if we do that all the time, clarkycat.

oh, by the way, does anyone here find that when you get off with a 20yr.old czech cleaner you start thinking of automated birdsongs, 1984 and big brother.

just a way of announcing things

I start to trip if I don’t get 8 hours of sleep everyday! There are days when I get 2 or 3 hours of sleep, but I always catch up… As you could probably tell I don’t go out much, but there is nowhere for you to go really in JA, all the places are outdone (in my eyes at least).

You’re thinking of Portuguese cleaners.

And yeah, when I was younger I went without sleep for night a couple of times and stayed up the entire day, resisting the urge to sleep. By the end of it (i.e. after 30-36 hours) I was seriously losing my grip on reality, to the point where I woke up the next morning after about 15 hours sleep without any memory of the 30 mins or so before I went to bed.

It’s a bit different now - in that I can stay up a long time without going all delusional - but at the same time my endurance has decreased. Whereas when I was 15 or so I could go all night without sleep, or go several consectutive days with only 3-4 hours sleep without really feeling sleepy, these days if I go 24 hours+ without sleep, all I can think of is my nice warm bed.

Speaking of which…

an american teenager called randy gardner went for 11 days without sleep, and experienced what is known as “sleep psychosis” where you have delusions etc … at 4 days you start getting something known as the “hat phenomenon” where your brain gets fucked up and you feel like you’re wearing a really tight hat… i studied this in psychology but it’s actually really boring

heh heh, randy gardner. i’m the same as githa in that i can’t live without loads of sleep. and also in that i don’t go out much :confused:

isn’t not allowing someone to sleep the worst form of torture?

heh heh, randy gardner. i’m the same as githa in that i can’t live without loads of sleep. and also in that i don’t go out much :confused:

isn’t not allowing someone to sleep the worst form of torture?

sorry about the double posts, stupid bloody machines.

True Story:
I went without 6 days a sleep a few months ago…I rushed a fraternity and they have this thing called “hell week” at the end of pledge term. ANYhow, ridiculous activities take place during this week…For the most part mind games are prevalent as well as lies …however You dont sleep…yep the whole week… Its as simple as that.

YEH u get dillusional after the 4th day id say. I was told my face turned yellow once, and i got really dizzy? is this the feeling one feels before they faint? help me out here…Also I got very “slaphappy” after the 3rd day. Its an awkward feeling, but it seemed uncontrollable…similar to the affects of alcohol. Nothing matters when your in this stage.

It was truly hell…i must say. Hell on Earth. I now have a greater appreciation for sleep and as strage as it seems PAIN. I take pain as being mentally ill. So this experience has had its benefits and it had its obvious negatives.(temporary ones) But that was then and this is now…Im back to “normal” and glad I went through it… Another experience i was able to be a part of…

SO you definatley dont die after 3 days or whatever youve been told. Expect periods of lightheaded ness and dillusional behavior ( its hard to explain, you should try it!) Sleep will never feel as good… I slept for 22 hours that next day. Yes i missed class and i didnt give a shit…

Also , strage as it sounds…after the second day u seem to overcome any sick feeling and you function rather normal, but not normal. I mean I was able to go about my daily activities/class/eat/talk and etc. But you do feel different.

It seemed like I actually overcame the need for sleep after the 3rd day too. I was even questioning the question itself… “Does one need sleep?”

I dont know.

I always thought sleep was essential to be in good health. Now i stand skeptical to this question. Ive been told by people that it isnt a neccesity, but an overwhelming amount tell me it is… Who knows

Anyone have Facts on this? Is sleep essential to live?

It probably is…
Hell who needs sleep though…24 years of our lives (an average lifespan) is spent Snoozing. Wait come to think of it, I like to sleep so fuck my philosophy.
Peace all