I once paid a guy $10 to punch me in the face

Can any philosophical value be gleamed from this act?

I ask because at the time I felt I was doing something really profound. I also felt drunk.

But seriously, one time I told to a girl to smack a whipped cream pie in my face. And no lie, when she did it, I came away feeling superior.

Is there a philosophical edge to masochism? I’d really like to know.

You have good taste in films. Just don’t confuse your life for one

That’s good advice, because I sometimes do confuse the two.

Kev I just think your crazy!..the last time I paid a girl ten bucks i came away feeling dirty and ashamed…Oh…er…never mind !

oldphil I always feel that way after I hit the drive through at Arby’s, too.

kev - weren’t you, in another thread, somewhat concerned about being attractive to the ladies? I’m no expert, but you might want to re-examine your stratgey.

I once had… well, 5 times…

God damnit.

hahahahahah !!!

No, here’s your strategy:

Be like the samuri, who seeks death in battle.

Tell her that you like women allot, but you’re uncomfortable about this or that, and need experience.

After a while, you’ll get more experience, etc.

Frightening honesty…
Time to get that madness out.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

well…those situations can occur rather frequently.

kev - what I really think is that given A) a girl and B) a quantity of whipped cream that C) you could have come up with a better use for D) both.

Haha @ this and this thread.

Oh right cause we all know what you would have done you crazy stud…

Told her to go…whip something up!!! Ayeee, am I right or what!! Tell that girl to go whip you something up, see cause thats what girls are for…making food…and vaginas…

Vegetable glycerine + iceing sugar = better.

Consentiual crimez R sublime. [JK]

The only philosophical problems that masochism presents is the attempt to objectify the objects of human desire. But that’s a problem even when masochism is absent.

kebop - don’t try to turn this into some chauvenistic objectification of females. I didn’t suggest doing anything against the will of any of the participants. Girls are for a lot of things, and so are boys.


Well, for one thing, everyone who immediately laughed at my embarrassment had an unsure sound in their laugh, almost as if it was somewhat forced. A pie in the face is funny. But a man who asks for a pie in the face, politely asks, is that as funny? I dont know. But I had created that situation. I dictated the action, and even though I didn’t understand the response, I exeperienced an out of the ordinary reaction.
And I was ready for a strange reaction, so I got to examine it throughly

That, and the girl who did, felt guilt and kept appologizing, even though I told her I was glad she did it.

Other than those factors, I cant explain how it felt like I was better. Maybe because “I cant take shame and humilation and they’re afraid of it” Sometimes it can be painful, and sometimes that pain can be sweet.

I also felt superior knowing they didn’t know why I would want that to happen to me. My private world enjoyed that. Even if they thought less of me afterwords.