I put down my sword and shield.

I put down my sword and shield and replace it with a heavymachinegun, nuke, and BFG 9000. Metaphorically of course. I wouldn’t actually nuke china. I can’t have liberals not voting for me because they’d think I’d nuke China.

I can’t nuke China because the whole point of it is to save nature. Nuking would poison nature and defeat the whole purpose. I will attack China by making videogame propoganda against China. In all my games Chinese will be evil and detestable. In all my games the Japanese will be the heros and out to vanquish China. Chinese are the most evil people in the world, all they do is torture dogs and animals kill their own daughters and pollute nature. They are evil and I am not rest until they are conquered by the Japanese.

I hate china and the chinese, all they do is torture dogs, animals, pollute and run tyranny and act like its okay. Chinese are living proof that there is no God. I wish someone should make a time machine to tell Hitler that to ignore the Jews and to attack the Chinese in full forces. Japan would have been assisted by Hitler’s forces and conquered China before it became such an evil place. Hitler would have forced the Chinese to do animal rights. The Jews would have eventually been defeated, peaceably, through legislation banning Jewry and all abrahamic religions including xianity. I still hate the Chinese more than Jews are Christians, but jews and christians are also evil just not downright evil like China.