I would smash all of the Big Bang Theory in a debate.

I would smash the entire cast of the Big Bag Theory TV show in a debate, including Dr. Professor Steven Hawkings, and Professor Richard Dawkins.

Come out from your sockpuppets. Tussle in civilized, philosophized debate about various topics with the Trixie.


How will Sheldon go down? Will Raj be able to speak in your presence?

Here is my posse.

Here is my princess.

Think you got what it takes to go toe to toe? Think again. In fact you’ll need maximum thinking power if you want to hold a candle to Trixie’s solar flame (and fame). Who dares tussel with the Trrrrixie?

Sheldon is a psychopath with no emotion. Beating him will be simple. Alls that is needed is to get him into a circular recursive loop. His Spock logics will short circuit.

I doubt Raj will be even able to tolerate my presence without being blinded with the solar light that is Trrrrrixie.

Damn, you’re as confusing as a one-legged man who keeps entering a butt kicking competition. :evilfun: Yesterday, only the i and today the ie. Make up your dang mind already. You might win. Remains to be seen though, now it’s back to my puddin’.

I will put make up on my face, which in turn I shall see in my mind.

What flavor of pudding?

The flavor of uncontrollable laughter. :evilfun: :sunglasses:

Trixie wrote:

“What flavor of pudding?”

Ecmandu replies:

Well… Bitch pudding of course !!!


Lol! Reminds me of me in my younger years.