Identity, politics and immortality

This is a preliminary analysis into the nature of the psyche.

The nature of the strengths of authority are playing into a personal relation to social consciousness, much similarly as conventional psychology dictated, that is at times of great uncertainty, there is an inverse relationship between personal and social forces that demand clarity.
Identity in the plane of politics pretty much reflect in the mirror of clarification, social reality adhered to social constructions of reality, as defensive attempts to project unto a leader inversely the quantum forces which define themselves.
The quick witted leader will immediately realize the subtlety of this phenomena, and that society denies such inversersety,(for lack of s better word) , and drive it into the subliminal arena of justifying an unknown rationale of choices and judgements made by ‘others’ who are more in touch with the powers to be with political procedure.

This inverse denial, assumes at critical points classic religious and meta magical forms of self definition, because of many reasons.
The notion of the Buddhic idea of the man with innumerable faces in an enlightened state, will be admirable from the point of view of ability to disengage and engage the myriad personalities that ultimate identity consists of, he , as an individual can sustain at will, either absolute engagement or disengagement with the absolute plenum of a basic quantum differential between entropic or redundent tie ins.
He is not afraid to start to realize, Christ’s meaning in assuming a figurative death before a literal one was not an expression of existential vanity fueled by basic psychological fears of associative and disaaaociative defenses, once the have gone through the repetitive patterns which are based of self definition.
The can realize what being nothing and everything means on a plane of self identity, so before and after in terms of temporal realizations of such identity are no longer reduced , or, produced within that grey area consisting of the structural planes of consciousness.
Do they willfully in a sense of imitation that such ultimate coungruances are attempted, in an actual Imitation of Christ, or some other appearent superconstruction, or, as Peacegirl tried to show, determinism ombelow the level of individual choices and intentions does it manifest?
The door of Preception slowly reveals It’s real nature, as the questions and subsequent doubts evaporate, the door becomes and leaves only a frame, a frame if reference, where the only question remains is going out and returning through a tunnel that has no door within the frame, no Tharp-door that actually can be opened or shut, once this process is understood within, and without relative space-time.

Wendy Darling -"Why are the social engineers pushing the agenda to erase the perceived difference of identity? To create a degenerative, sick society which is easier to control.

Identity is being pushed to become more of a social construct, to be superficial as if it holds no importance. Look everyone is the same since we are being taught to think the same and feel the same which is an insidious social construct. National identities are under attack with the open borders as well as social identities of erasing cultures and histories. Importing huge foreign populations who will not assimilate completely to displace and out vote the national population, defacing monuments and buildings, changing the laws to infringe on the original citizens ways of life, their freedom of speech, their safety to have police protections, and justice, to be able to walk alone without harassment or battery in immigrant neighborhoods. What is happening is outrageous!"
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The structural integrity of nominalism is changing, in accordance to the sudden transformative pressures due to vast ecological, population , and means of warfare implosions.

The failure of positivism has compelled forces to be to open previously unknown channels of rules of conduct. It was a completely deterministic process.