They seem to be in their element. … estinians/

It is very good to be fighting for such a completely honourable cause, as to have the right to carry ones ancestors name.

Damned be anyone who denies the Jews the right to have Jerusalem, the city they built, as their capital. I can not comprehend the depravity that would oppose this.

I think any nation that “warns” about the recognition of the actual Capital of Israel which happens to be the oldest capital in the world and one about which no one has an excuse of not knowing about, should be prepared to have its own capital taken away.

I warn the French that it is very unwise to acknowledge Paris as their Capital. A lot of muslims live there you know. Paris is really Algeria’s capital.
Be careful there, Frenchies.

It seems Saudi Arabia is a bit wiser now. They realize that if they don’t allow the Jews their holy city of origin, the Jews might not be so inclined to tolerate the existence of their most holy city. And that would really be a darned shame.

Paris may become another “eternal muslim capital”, if they want that. It would not have my blessing, but if they want that, its not my capital. They can give it away if they please. But for them to insist that another nation, far older than they, give away its own capital, because a bunch of illiterate pedophiles insist… is really very Vichy.

“We raped your daughter like, twenty times man. How dare you say she is your daughter! We will rape her again to prove she is our daughter!”

While I don’t like Muslims or Islam I do hope Hezbollah, Hamas, and Iran decimate Israel as it is a sick country not to mention the capital of Zionism. Every affront against global Jewry makes me smile as if it was my birthday.

No shit, worm.

Thats the main problem the Palestinians have, “friends”, wormed up in their cowardice, that pretend to be on their side. They think that you, or some other armchair social justice warrior, will come to fight on their side. They havent quite fathomed something quite so weak as you could … “exist”. In this sense the US is indeed “The Great Satan” - full of wannabe Hitlers without spines.

You need to be purged.

Hasbara kosher trolling…