If 'abstract connectivity' is not an oxymoron

If ‘abstract connectivity’ is not an oxymoron

When watching a neck down disabled lady operate a robot arm [on a documentary], I was struck by the importance between the relationship of mind and environment. It is disconnected [like brain in a vat] but by translating signals from its environment it is equally connected. That there is a disconnection doesn’t I think, disclude that connection is made.

The mind receives, calibrates and evaluates info from its environment, and in a mechanistic way ~ the consciousness is not the thing manifesting this. There are as ever proportions; the conscious valuation is at work in conjunction with the subconscious machinelike evaluation. This is how we make adjustments to things we are formerly misperceiving [ghosts in swamps etc], and is the duel function by which over time the brains correlative matrix manifest.

The mind-matrix is a composition from world recognition cycles built up over time, and is accurate probably to around 99% ~ at least of relevant data that affects us. We don’t know x-rays via the senses, but if exposed to them intermittently for a long enough time, i would think the brain would adapt such that you could sense them? Essentially anything which makes affect for long enough is going to become a function in the minds matrix. This i assume is how birds learn to fly by electromagnetic fields.

There is i think, a strong connectivity with the world at least in correlative terms, however my quandary lies where there is no actual connection? Does correlating info connect us to the world in some strange quantum effect, something akin to entanglement. Is there no actual connection? If not, how can we know even internal informations!? This is not just a brain in a vat issue, but of the internal connection to the world irrespective of weather you have a brain or a robotic artificial neural network. Point being [the quandary pt2] that in our examinations, the further inwards we go, the further away from direct connection with the world we get. So any connection et al, is only possible in abstract fashion!

there needs to be ~ which conveniently there is [in QM/QE] a way to connect all things remotely.

Do you get abstract connectivity as well as direct connectivity? the physical and mechanistic side of things seems to also lack direct connectivity e.g. an electronic signal is replicated by sound from the speakers, colour is replicated [invisibly!?] from electrical signals in the brain or your TV. This is not one thing turning into another thing although that does happen in physics. Perhaps it is the combination of one-to-one mechanics, coupled with abstract connectivity, that we finally surpass the illusion? Then the brain in a vat notion is defunct?

which is not to say that the brain cannot be fooled, as in the brain in a vat scenario. It is saying that where there does exist a universe full of info, then as long as you don’t get your brain taken out and put in such a situation, you are connected to it directly and indirectly.

So are mental qualia [colour, light, sound etc] what those abstract connections result in? Then the equivalent worldly qualities e.g. In TV’s, are the same but in terms of direct connection i.e. Still themselves an abstract. This would manifest a world producing abstract phenomenon which are reals, which goes some way i think to explaining how we cannot see in our brains [e.g. with a fibre-optic camera] the colours our brains are themselves seeing. The abstract connectivity does not occur in the physical world, and so instruments reading only direct connection between the physical side of info, will not be able to observe it.

I can further imagine that the mental place of our existence, is in fact and necessarily, equally abstract as the qualities and informations it reads. This also connects in disjointed fashion [brain-in-a-vat] with physical connectivity.

There does exist a mental world, and it is full of colour, info etc ~ but it is not in the physical world.


Try it. The radiation might mutate your brain into not needing to sully your posts with quantum crutches.

Only in Satyr speak. In actuality, the brain is just as much a part of the physical world “et al” consciousness…So the further inwards you go is still the same world. Such can be demonstrated with hallucinations, which are not part of the outsidethebody world, yet are just as potent as anything else.

The question, why certain electrical and chemical structures becomes the identity of tastes, has not been answered. Has something to do with identities emerging on the macroscale and absolute truths probably.

  • the connections get further apart x more of them between inner and outer.

as for qm, if you are not into that fine, but you don’t need to repeat your belief system in every debate. you are not a parrot and I don’t require being told the same thing endlessly.

this debate is based upon qm btw.

You dont see my underlying praxis.

My underlying praxis, is that philosophy should be about truths. Quantum physics is not true, therefore it cannot be in a debate. It would be like a thread about a can of soup that you ate, that you claimed was better than my soup. You can’t tote your soup as better than mine, we can’t have a debate over something like that.

I mean we could, but then the thread would be about the soup, rather than cold hard truths. I want this thread to be about cold hard truths, and not degrading into a science debate thread. This thread has potential. I don’t like this thread substituting truths for crutches of star trek flebotinum and warpdrives to connect its truths. It would be like Ecmandu proving women are evil using the brainwave metadata he’s collected over the years for his mind reading machine. He just doesnt do that, he proves they are evil using data that we can personally relate to, that isnt flebotinum based.

Philosophy 101 is that there is only less wrong. How do you get to infinity from the finite, without there being an absolute violation of one into the other? This is why either qm or something similarly abstract, will be the definition of existence.

Clearly you have no judgement of men :mrgreen: . I am trying to describe or envelop a metaphysics concerning the very simple problem, where if reality were simple, we should easily be able to describe it! Yet we cannot.

What is your answer to the no light in the brain problem ~ in your non-abstract version of reality? i.e. That if you put a camera in the brain there would be no light, and yet you are consciously seeing light. For me it can only mean that mind and light originate in metaposition.

If you had the same basis [science], you would see that the theory in the op is coherent. I can’t help it if others aren’t.

What you call science is blind faith.

Men have the higher capacity for good or evil and men that do evil are feminine because they dont bother to reason it out. For example Freddy krueger is feminine and the women who rise against him are masculine because rising up is masculine. The illuminati are feminine satan worshipping retards who bend their assholes for satan who doesn’t even exist.

The real question is how do we get from the finite from the infinite. There was an infinite amount of non existence prior to us, so perhaps it is our minds which create the universe physics code because only this physics could spawn life on earth.

Quantum physics has nothing to do with anything, and it is not the definition of existence, consciousness is the definition of existence.

None of you anti-abstractists have given answer to the post i made on the other thread ~ experiments showing quantum strangeness. The rest of the post was nothing to do with anything going on here. Feminine/masculine don’t exist anyway, they are a summation of other aspects of mind and ones which vary in polarity.

Some things are not conscious, other things are not born of consciousness, & consciousness is born of other things.

Same as what I said but from the opposite perspective = the same problem.

Ah now I see where your going. There was and is an infinite universe in meta-position! That is the only way to get from empty to almost absolutely real/full, there must be a fluidity between the two, no? One is the exact abstraction to the other [finite is unlike infinite], polar opposites perhaps.

You get an infinite reality, then something virtually finite, then something which is finite ~ all a nice fluid transition like winds of tao between the feminine [infinite] and masculine [finite [seed-like]]. Well I added that bit.

Matter is feminine materialism, the infinite is feminine void. Masculinity is consciousness, manipulation of matter is masculine.

Feminity is unconscious. There cannot be any sentient being who is wholly feminine 100 percent feminine.
It is very real.

But why is it real? No sage knows.
Same reason pain is real, and garlic tastes like garlic. Nobody really knows.
But feminine feelings correlate to reduced level of consciousness, and the polarity is true.
Just like a healthy body, correlates to good feelings, but noone knows why, it just does.

I ask myself, why does a healthy body feel good, when it might as well not feel good?

Since the infinite is unconscious, we probably wont be able to experience it. When we die we will appear in some finite realms, so in that sense we are infinite, but we are not actually experiencing the unconscious infinite metaposition.
It is a metaposition because our consciousness landed on Earth instead of other planets. But quantum physics is not real like spooky action at a distance, quantum physics does not affect material things. Our consciousness is immaterial, that is why material is feminine. It is material transformed into a 1to1 ratio into the immaterial. However, tastes are transformed into a VeryLargeto1 ratio, by process of scaleforming, ie zooming out of the molecules then turning them into Largeto1 ratios.

Consciousness is immaterial for several reasons. 1 because it is not a tangible property that can be picked up on typical scanners. 2 Because it does not really exist in the sense of permanence, and requires material in order to give memories reaccessible permanence. The immaterial only has slight and miniscule inherent permanence.

Ultimate Philosophy 1001

Consciousness I feel is more in the golden medium, it has both masculine [is centralised] and feminine [is a receptacle][and has a protective shell [skull]] features. This is perhaps why peoples sexuality can be all variations, the balance can flip within each balance ~ so if we imagine a pair of scales, each pan itself has or is a balance. Humans can thus be male/female with male-female sexuality/polar variants in each case, ergo a female will be both male and female and those can be weighted inwards or outwards. In other words she could be a lesbian because her inner/outer male is attracted to females.

Imho if the consciousness is affected there will be degrees to that and exponents/rates of change etc. it is kinda like a pain cushion ~ the more you affect it and the faster that occurs, the greater the effect or imprint upon it. You can train to be numb to pain – as it is subjective. Because you are your reality, that will have degrees/exponents between it and what isn’t it. The consciousness has a kind of epicentre but yet again this is in metaposition due to its subjectivity and perspective based perception [receiving].

Good/bad are a valuing pertaining to what causes harm and what causes its opposite; benefit. So similar to above, the consciousness is a good/bad vibrations cushion here.

Perhaps. The metaposition is in-between things ~ in the golden zone as I call it. Our subconsciousness would possibly be in the infinite, if not centralised/receiving in a brain. I thing there is a mysterious occurrence where there is part of the mind in metaposition, which is with the subconscious infinite. It is from that that we can attain ‘mysterious informations’, insights inspiration and what have you. If we imagine that that part is touching everything, then some part of us ‘knows’ occult informations, or can know them. I think its a journey where those informations pertain to abstract connections as if on a map, and said map is ever-changing respectively.

There is also the Akashic [book of all records] to consider, where all past and current info is stored. That is, if the universe has a memory? I would really hate to be tied to the past forever, and my instincts tell me that spiritually entropy exists for [that] a reason. Same as with death of course.

I provided evidence on your thread about non-ferrous materials – I think. I am surprised that your intellect is so rigid, when in every other way it roams wild and free? Abstraction is the thing which denies the absolute, and though it is the cause of all our ills [entropy again], it is equally the source of our freedom, of singular epicentral world perspective [subjectivity].

What is ‘immaterial’ if not abstract? ~ the term is ambiguous. Would you not agree that at least a part of your consciousness is existent ~ such that it can interact with existence? This is the exact part I am speaking of here.