if we didn’t exist before birth but do now...

not sure where to put this one 8-[

if we didn’t exist before birth but do now…

let us imagine that infinity has a vague quality of mind, as i see it infinite mind nature [if infinity has such a thing] would necessarily indeed be indistinct. we probably couldn’t call it mind at all, but once we are born this quality then becomes mind.

so the question then becomes; what happens after death given that the mind doesn’t simply go back to its original state, if the mind is made at birth but is not itself a physical quality. would peoples minds continue to exist roaming aimlessly around the world as like ‘ghosts’, without a god nor heaven to go to! worse still they would be minds without sensory input, so we wouldn’t be able to express ourselves, see, touch or even communicate with each other!

enter then the void.

on the positive side; i think we would be able to think towards each other, and to ‘see’ as we do in visions. we may ask if it is the nervous system by which we actually feel, or does that just supply the mind with info about this world.

so how would you see the disembodied world.

Light a candle, then blow the flame out. Where did the flame go to?

Unless you’re suggesting that there are “fire ghosts” out there… :laughing:

i am quite familiar with buddhist terminology but that is not the same, the flame doesn’t appear by magic it has former properties in energy and potential etc. when you blow it out the energy goes back to the universal conserved energy source! then once made how can the mind be unmade? it is not a simple energy transfer the mind is you and once made you will not want to cease to be ~ if you have any choice in the matter.