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It would be great if you could write one or more lines on your thoughts or view on the tune in question, as to give an insight into why you are listening to it ‘right now’

I’ve been playing this tune on repeat for weeks now… due to the singer’s haunting voice and the melodic Dance soundtrack, which is very apt right now as it’s fast approaching the music-festival season here.

Didn’t they know you shouldn’t play in traffic :-s but love the group comradery … which I’ve not had since I left Secondary School at the age of 15…

Since getting a new job, I listen to the radio a lot more (the folks in the warehouse always have it on). I’m finding the occasional song that I like. I like the one above, the horns are killer. I also was pretty surprised to find out that one of the songs I like is a Taylor Swift one…it’s that ‘I knew you were trouble’ one. Not very long ago I couldn’t have imagined saying ‘I like a taylor swift song.’

Anyway, here’s the song I’m gonna put up, in light of their upcoming album:

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I think there’s a mass global consensus on that! :laughing: it seems that her brief dalliance with Harry Styles also had a brief dalliance with her musicality, but for the better… the influence of Brit Pop is evident.

Flannel I listen to it all. If something is in the top 40, it’s easy to hate for that reason, but it’s also easy to like for that reason. It’s like the core of all good philosophy. Balance.

This dude has no balance. He’s always got the blues. But that’s ok because Taylor Swift exists. Life can still be good.

Here’s a guy named Pink Anderson. If you listen to the blues long enough, you’ll run into a lot of stuff like this. It can be hard to listen to at times, but when it’s time to hear it, it’s just time.


Don’t those jazz guys sound so so cute :slight_smile:

I like this guy. It makes me feel like I’m stumbling in the streets of New Orleans. The city of alcohol poisoning, spicy food and sometimes ending up sleeping outside. Oh the memories.


I’m addicted to this music!


Look at this woman dance, amazing! Gorgeous, beautiful, one of the most memorable individual performances I’ve seen, plus I like those neon colors during the second half of the video, the purple, pink, and blue powder in the air.




So a while back I was driving through florida and out of nowhere my car stereo just stopped working. After a few weeks I realized that I was just fine without it and I never made the time or bothered to have anyone even look at it. I mean…who cares?

Then out of nowhere about a week ago it just started playing again, and there was an alice in chains cd in the changer which just started playing. I forgot how much I like these guys. One of their best, right here.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRD24dCQRoQ [/youtube]

The man himself.



This song has been stuck in my head all day.


I think the soundtrack from the show Eastbound and Down is one of the greatest. Here’s one of many excellent tracks you might hear while watching that show.


Kurt Vile is pretty awesome. There’s not much music that feels like that.

[size=200]^ Seriously ridiculously beautiful song, don’t scroll past and ignore [1]

  1. /size ↩︎

That was a pretty good song.

But I’m in the mood for something deep and dark, like walking through the alleyways and backstreets of a megalopolis with 20 million other lost souls at 3:00am.


Music from a genre that no longer exists.


BB King "the thrill is gone’ Montreaux, 1967

Made this video for fun. It has my own gameplay in it.