Igor was not a nice man.
But his mother loved him.
The End.

Mother’s love is often like this. Is that an image for God’s love of us–that God loves us regardless of what fuck-ups we are?


Ah, but The End of what? The life that Igor took because his mother in her great love for him (from her pathetic point of view) ignored the fact of his being so despicable and always wanting it his way, that she didn’t point him in the right direction, didn’t teach him of the great evil that he was capable of nor more importantly, of the great good that he was capable of.

Poor Igor, poor young lady of the streets, both victims of that dastardly maternal instinct gone amuck.

Arcturus, maternal instinct is something you’ll never experience.

Oh? What can I possibly say to that? Our maternal instinct can be quite beautiful but it can run amuck. You don’t believe this?

“Our” maternal instinct? There is no “us” in the equation. You don’t have any maternal instinct, so you can’t use that pronoun.

Oh, I thought Arc had a daughter. If so, ipso facto, then the instinct is a given.
Or is there another hidden assumption?
I am a father, and can vouch for paternal instinct.
Or, does mere brevity dictate?

So if someone has sex then they automatically have maternal instinct?

At least in part. Sex has the maternal feeling about it of getting back, back into the mother, of the reason behind the pointlessness of creation, of seminal re-engagement. That’s what’s behind the futility of a world of simulacrum, of pornographic onanistic substitutes.


For quite a few women the maternal instinct may depend entirely upon her circumstance. A thinking woman will consider the safety and material support available to her and her own experience with her mother, as this also is an important factor in her eagerness to have or not to have a child and for some women all this contributes to making the agonising decision. There are men who can ignite the maternal drive within a woman and her desire to bear him a child becomes the primary outcome of a grand passion.

I discussed the maternal (Anima) and paternal (Animus) aspects of sexuality in my poem “He Saw the Woman (Anima)”, which nobody seems to want to read. :frowning:

Hi Orbie,

I have a son and a daughter and my maternal instincts ARE intact no matter what Trixie says. Our maternal instincts are also at work with others too.

But I don’t agree with you here, Orbie - not everyone who conceives or gives birth has maternal instincts nor does every man who has a child have paternal instincts. Not every child is one who is wanted.
Abortion alone speaks to that. People are quite willing to abort when a pregnancy becomes inconvenient. Some have been known to kill their own children - to throw them out windows, to drown them.
I think that brain chemistry/the chemicals in the brain play a large part in maternal instinct.

As for the hidden assumption, no, just an un-thought-out bias which is based on something.

So your assertion is that a rich man, by virtue of being rich, will ignite a grand passion in his woman, and ignite automatic maternal instinct more so than a less economically fortunate man. This implies that women are innately money-grubbing creatures who do not connect conscious awareness (such as awareness of morning afterpills) to actual decisions and behaviors.

I was using the universal “us” - all those who do have children, Trixie, when I said this.
Do you have any children Trixie?
Aside from that, my children would beg to differ with you here - that I have no maternal instincts.

Arc, hello !

I think, rather seeing maternal instinct on an individual basis, with which assumption You agree with is a universal human trait, the exceptions to the rule, such as criminal minds, may not adhere to them. (The instincts)

Instead, when You use such excepting cases a, as those occurring among insensitive and brutish moms who see nothing elevating in motherhood, so much so, that they are willing to do the kinds of despicable things to their children You describe.

That is not a norm, which pertains to members and fm sane society, and in my opinion, does not disprove the universality of this instinct.

Besides, I am sure, that even those women who little value their own children , have inborn maternal instincts, but they are covered up by such psychological stuff, that makes them realize it.

For instance, the leading cause of the murder of young children by their mothers is usually the result of infidelity by their partners, and in their confused minds, these unfortunate and much pitied mothers’ confusion, gets the better of them. They simply go bananas, their love for their significant others exceeds that, which they harbor toward their
children. That usually is not their fault.

Incidentally, this sort of revenge murder is fairly common among dysfunctional families, and unfortunately of fairly widespread. Abuse, drugs, liquor addictions, infidelity, insecurity and immaturity all add up among them. They still may harbor deeply buried motherly instincts, but they are wasted by destructive tendencies.

When people are won’t to say that this type of behavior proves that some mothers do not rise to the level of being human, for even animals will not kill their children, they forget, that animals do not have to live under extreme psychological duress, which their mates at times impose upon them.

Trixie Z wrote:

You seem to have difficulty in getting beyond a simmering resentment of women.

The morning after pill is an abomination and a responsible man will use a condom.

Let me clarify for you what I initially wrote.

A thinking woman, before becoming pregnant, will consider her circumstance, her future and her ability, to care for her child, whether this will be done by herself or together with the father of her child. Her concerns primarily will be the child’s wellbeing, her wellbeing will be secondary.

Irrespective of this, there may be once in a woman’s lifetime, a man who ignites a grand passion within her, and the desire to procreate is powerful and mutual, but it may not necessarily be a wise decision, for many reasons and this is the thinking woman’s paradox, the very nature of it’s sane madness, it’s all consuming-ness and it’s absolute need to throw caution to the wind.

Igor went to the butcher shop and ordered a calfs head for the Sabbath and went to clean it in the garage.

When he had been done with that for a while he began to get thoughts in his head. So he walked out onto the pavement and looked around for action. There was none.

He went back inside, and looked at the goats head. He closed the door.

There was a noise. It distracted him. Outside life went about its day.

Is the goat’s head a symbol for Wiccan or Satanic worship?