Raging hordes and priests alike we are all human and for all of us to join I made an emailaddress. I hope we get a thousand correspondences a day and that it may live on and nobody pulls the cheap stunt of deleting it! I will just make a new one asshole! So go and send around your thoughts to your friends from there if you want to be part of the greatest emailaddress ever!!
password: thebridgeconcept

Oh yeah and you have to be honest, otherwise it is not fun. And don’t spam with your product unless it is good!!!

:-" (I don’t know I just felt like this) :mrgreen:

I don’t get it…

We should write our friends with our deepest thoughts from this email address?

I want to play, just explain more.

sure-fire way to get your email sent to the spam folder

I’ll simply respond by referring you to your own signature!

Well they dont have to be the deepest most private personal confessions of course I wouldn’t do that but on the other hand no one would know it is you unless you say it is you.

So the idea is that this person ilivephilosophy is a person who encompasses all persons using the email address so conversations can go between whoever and get confusing but hopefully interesting and revealing or at least surprising…

You dont have to send from the address to your best friend maybe to a college pal or classmate… or the guy owning the garage on car philosophy or whatever… or the president of your nation it can be anyone with a brain! I say just send some mails and go for it!!

I like this idea a lot

Meh Jesus let’s me use his email. I’ll pass.

no i don’t

Not you the “dead” guy. Christ, lived 2000 or so years ago, bit of a hippy, no one takes much notice.

i’m not dead bro, i’m raised, come to guide my lil’ sheepies home.

and if they don’t wanna follow me, some of them poor lil sheepies are going to be tortured for eternity by my dad. oh isn’t he funny? he’s so good.

He don’t sound good, but I’ll take your word for it. :slight_smile:

'course he’s good. create beings just to torment them eternally? bro, he’s the best.god.evar!


I like the notion of anonymous posting; I like it even more when it’s combined with something so tentative. Anyone can go in the email address and delete any email or message, or just change the password and lock everyone out and you can do it without anyone knowing it’s you. It’s in our individual hands. Whatever is left there becomes, for that reason, more valuable - sacred, even. So get to it fuckers. Make something sublime happen.

I’ll be curious to see what becomes of this. We’ve already got a couple things up on there. I like the Kant quote.

What philosophy are you living?

Take it to gmail :wink:

Awesome! I love the Kant quote it says much about the reason we have internet in the first place. We must have more correspondences there but I don’t want to control them…

Everyday I live ruthless individualized hedonism to which I’m unrepentant.

A new innovation!! I registered on youtube with the new address and thereby created a youtube account. I didn’t intend to but it sort of happened and it is cool. I have no videos on it because I made one video to upload but the music was copyrighted so it blocked it. It is a meaningless (relatively) video with repetitions but I was just filming some things outside and filming some text… which can be meant to apply philosophically… as a viral video. So I am now uploading it to vimeo which is less strict in copyright matters, blocking etcetera at least, I hope.

But anyway my hope is that the same as the emailaddress this is going to be used to upload philosophical content. it would be the greatest if we would begin to blog there or make really philosophical content. I will create and upload a small thing just to have something on there.

I like your idea Barbarian, I logged onto the gmail a few times but it is very slow. I emailed an old friend, I am assuming he spammed me because he never replied.

I will wait and watch to see what others do. :slight_smile:

Also, I can not view the youtube account from my country.

Hi Sky!
Here try this does it work? I produced the music myself as you can hear so it is not copyrighted (I hope).