ILP Forum Philosophy

A Treatise on the Workings of


I Love Philosophy is dedicated to the discussion of philosophy, broadly defined. Sacred and profane, sage and neophyte, analytical and creative — anyone who loves philosophy, and anything about philosophy.

All beliefs, all perspectives, all ideas are fair game. All questions, properly expressed, are the domain of philosophy. Nothing is off-limits, prima facie, not even the idea that nothing is off-limits. I Love Philosophy, as a community of thinkers dedicated to philosophy, puts no limitations on the ideas that can be expressed, or the questions that can be asked.

However, we are a community first, and as a community we must maintain a level of tolerance and respect. A community based on the exchange of ideas cannot persist when individuals are attacked as individuals. Anything that inhibits the community prevents us from our Purpose.

Because ideas are so central to a person’s life, they can contain deep significance. Enshrining the critical consideration of all ideas while maintaining a civil discourse is a balance. Radical positions must be approached delicately. Certainly, the history of philosophy is a story of radical ideas, and so such ideas are welcome, but the radicalism of an idea must be balanced with a proportionate care in expression. The line between radicalism and antagonism is thin, but it divides the pursuit of truth from the weaponization of words.

I Love Philosophy is its members. This site is a community. When that community falters, ILP falters in its purpose. The thoughts and ideas of its members, and the way they are expressed, define its tone, its quality, and its utility as a home for the ideas it holds dear. Engage in the way you want to be engaged with, and remember that you are speaking to human beings.


This Forum Philosophy sets the supreme law throughout the site, and is the grounding off all other rules or standards. Rules posted at the top of a category off clarification of how the purpose of ILP will be achieved in the given context.

We strive to be permissive, because the open exploration of ideas demands it. Besides, we’re all adults and staff are not babysitters. However, staff will intervene as necessary to support the site’s purpose, and reserve the right to use the tools of moderation appropriate to the circumstance.

Questions and Comments

If you have a question that you think may be useful to other members, or if you have a suggestion, please post them in the Meta forum, or message a member of staff.

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