ILP is now a....

an official right wing masturbation board…
all right wing, all the time… congratulations idiots… you have
successfully done what no one else could… killed ILP…

doubt me… outside of the 6 or 7 right wing fanatics, who else posts?
no one… and virtually none of the new thread are actually engaged in
real philosophy… they are about their crusade to have a genocide of
those they hate… you know blacks, immigrants, Jews, the usual suspects…

I have tried in my own way to counter these right wing haters… but
as they are younger and apparently don’t have jobs (I work full time)
they can simply outpost me… know that any reader here is just another
right wing fanatic who engages in hate… will I be ignored… of course,
I am not a right wing hater…


Not all current posters are right wing, or ‘far right’ I should say.

The Left will literally sell people down the river, in-order to bump up their pay-checks… the reason why other posters on here ignore you, is because you fail to acknowledge the ill-doings of the Left over all the other political positions’.

You don’t even respond to such responses^ to your posts, so why would anyone bother waste their time on you.

Ohh…. sigh. What to say to Peter?

The bicameral mind theory is used to control people.

There are as many political parties as there are people in the world.

I think you have me on ignore…. So that’s fine.

The hatred oozes out of you Peter.

You can’t see what you’re doing to ruin life, so you need a target.

Anything but you.

You shouldn’t brag about having a job, it’s beneath you.

My job is all existence. It’s much harder than yours.

I have to speak with cosmic councils and make life or death decisions (happens or doesn’t happen in the universe). 24 /7.

I’ve travelled the worst hell realms life affords to do my job.

Someday…. Peter. You’ll understand.

There’s a lot I don’t want to tell you because it will infuriate you about you.

I’m not trying to hurt you Peter.

Lorikeet, your mind is completely rotten,
and your “truth” is always subjective. :smiley:

Lorikeet, you are a non-living A.I. ChatGPT-2 bot, which flows along the trolling path of least intelligence resistance on this discussion forum.

It is high time that Forum’s Admins upgrade you to ChatGPT-3 version, which for the first time allows your Admins for decreasing your spamming frequency, because you keep pooping your trolling nonsense all over the place, like you have no Free Will, pal.

You must start memorizing the following [b]ASAP :

Darwinian EVOLUTION was experimentally FALSIFIED :

Will Physicists and Theorists Admit :

Something from nothing or always something :

The Religious Myth of BIG BANG :

Why philosophy of Idealism is counter-intuitive?

A Case for Immaterial Space :

BUDDHISM and its Central Philosophy :


Liberal tears :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Never gets old.

I don’t agree with the left/right description, but it is hard to post anything here without being jumped upon by people with fringe ideas and abusive language.

The only person I can see having a sensible conversation with is MagsJ, although she is very selective. Ierrellus is seldom here as well.

There was a time when multiple people were posting here, from whom I learnt a lot. Several have died, and many have gone off to other forums, like I did.

It is quite sad, really, but the posters who have managed to push people away and leave threads in which they are the only posters must feel satisfied that they have taken over a thriving forum and killed it.

Happy New Year to all.

That’s very kind of you to say so Bob… I will get back to you with a reply today and try to be less selective with my response-times. :smiley:

…sad to hear that some have passed away, and unbelievable that many have had to move to other forums because of the incessant trolling and ad-homs being de rigeur, here.

Edited to add: Oh yes… and Happy New Year :slight_smile:

(Moving this to Meta because it is, but leaving a link so it gets as much traction as it deserves)

I see you, Peter, and your dissatisfaction is an indictment on my tenure as admin. Like Bob, I think left/right isn’t quite right, but I agree that prolific and poorly-reasoning users make the experience unpleasant. I too am confounded by my dearth of time, but I too am dissatisfied.

ILP needs to change or die, and I’m strongly committed to not letting it die.

I am aware of Abstract and James S Saint, who else have we lost?

What other forums, if you’re comfortable sharing? What brings you back?

There’s a phenomenon of ‘evaporative cooling’ where the best (and usually more moderate) members of a community will tend to leave, and so over time you get poorly-reasoning extremists. That sounds sadly familiar, but I understand the social dynamics that make that happen. What I understand less well is 1) what attracts the people who leave, and 2) what if anything will reverse the effect. I think you could offer insight on both questions.

I’d like to think i have a tolerant personality.
I don’t think ILP is dieing.
I wrote elsewhere it is people’s impatience that is the real forum killer.
No responsability.

K: as you are aware, I have, as I can recall, never attacked you or even said
bad things about you… I have in fact, no problem with your moderation…
but let us deal with the elephant in the room… Lori or Sammy as I
like to call him… at no point, have I ever called for his being banished…
but given his vile, hateful, bigoted, desire to hold to a genocide of
those who he hates, (and he has never denied this) to my mind,
he would serve a greater purpose if he posted child porn than
what he normally posts…but once again, I would not ban him…
nor would I ever have you ban him… the indictment is actually
not with his posts and threads… but with those who blindly stand by
and not attack him…those who silently sit by and watch him posts
without a word, they are the ones who deserved to be banned…
as one person said, the way evil survives and prospers
is by good people being silent… I will not be silent…

but I have limited time and right now am suffering from Covid…
my thought process is a little mess up right now…

I am not sure how you save ILP… I have been here a really long time,
and it has never been as fucked up as it is now… perhaps, and this
is really against everything I have practiced online for over 25 years,
but perhaps banning Lorikeet is the only path to save ILP…
but that doesn’t reduce the other right wing fanatics, it just removes
the loudest one…but if you feel some sort of equality is needed,
I then offer up myself… if you ban Lori/Sammy, I request than
you ban me… as a means of gaining equality in this situation…
ban one on the right, ban one on the left… fair…

but whatever solution you attempt, you have my full approval…
and I will do what it takes to see ILP survive…

as it has been said, garbage in, garbage out…if all you have to moderate
is crap, then there is nothing really to moderate… you are limited
to who posts here… and if all they post is crap, there is not a whole lot
you can do, but attract a better lot of ‘‘philosophers’’ to post here…
which begs the question, how does one attract a better quality of people
to post here, beside the bottom feeders right wingers that currently
litter this once excellent site…


Tab had recently posted to let us all know that Tentative had passed away.

Lorikeet was not the person that drove members away [that started happening last year, Lorikeet’s current unpopular/trigger-bait posting-style started a few months ago] so that would be Ichthus and Ecmandu and their incessant-trolling, in almost every single thread on this site, that started last year’s mass exodus.

In trying to resolve this issue, we cannot be selective with the truth.

I take great umbrage with Peter’s Costard’s and Ichthus’s notion that it is down to others to attack Lorikeet, and not to take the matter up with Admin?

Is that a requirement or in the posting rules, for the site? No!

Insisting that grown people with a mind of their own i.e. with freewill should do what you/the others I mentioned above think/expect/want them to do, is not an expectation or demand that anyone has to meet, and then think it ok to become rude and slanderous towards them when they have no intention of meeting said expectation/demand. Grow up!

prolly Lorikeet^

_ … 5&t=198707

This is noble of you, and I appreciate the offer. I wasn’t looking to ban anyone anyway, let alone at such an exorbitant price

Jesus, almost a year ago! … &p=2899089

I’m ashamed to have missed that, and Tab’s brief return. The two of them were quite influential on my philosophical development.

And Tent sort of defined ILP for me, when we were discussing branding in staff shortly after I took over. He said he thought of the site as like a small town pub, and I think that’s a good aspiration.

I think you’re right about that, though I think the causes are more than any few posters (and primarily include changes in society and the internet).

But he is probably keeping new members from joining, and old members from returning.


Although it’s a bit risky, you may consider allowing thread owners the ability to ban certain users from posting in their thread. If I make a thread and one of the regular trolls here starts spam-posting all over it, that is frustrating. It causes me to want to be here less, I am sure I’m not alone in that.

If we had the ability to prevent that it would be nice. Just in the single threads that we make ourselves.

Hi Carleas,

Several people attract my attention but are seldom present, and others who are on my ignore list are permanently present. A few, like MagsJ have attempted to keep some forums going, but like I said, she is very selective, and so I occasionally look in, really for “old times sake,” I suppose.

The other forums that I have used are stricter on personal attacks and altogether more stringently moderated, which can be annoying at times but makes the discussions better. In my time as a moderator on ILP (which I only gave up because of my professional obligations) I was more stringent, which also received criticism, but I think it was better back then.

Felix Dakat, Ierellus, Tentative and Tab were valuable members, as was James, and I had some hope when Tab turned up, but he’s gone again, it seems. However, when I joined in 2003, twenty years ago, there were so many people from whom I learnt a lot. That doesn’t seem to be valued by participants anymore.

As an aside, I no longer get notifications, so I’m not sure why that is.

So, I hope these thoughts are helpful.


Just focus on what you contribute. If you want feedback from certain old members, send a link of what you contribute and ask for them to reply to it. Also consider arranging a pow wow at some conference everyone can get to, or something. Maybe virtually, if physical presence is impossible.

If that function was available, I agree that that would be a suitable solution to the problem.

…you are not. It takes away the pleasure of ‘doing’ philosophy… the whole reason we come here, and a reason Carleas needs to acknowledge and not just think it’s as easy as ignoring the trolling and the sexually-affiliated personal-references.

…or we could go with the easy option… of following board rules.

This person is definitely a professional troll, there’s no 2 ways about it… because nobody can be that ridiculously obtuse.

Actually I am ridiculously obtuse…and have been so my entire life. That is why we have so many miscommunications. You are very vague a lot of the time. I don’t blame you. You are just following a program you can’t seem to get out of.