I'm getting a sex change in 5 years. Gaurantee it. 100%.

As time and the winds of time, I feel my personality fading. I feel like I do not have a personality. My room, feels empty.

As a youngling, I deeply and desperately wanted a sex-change. I feel like I must connect back to my true, more natural roots. I need a sex-change. If need be, I will higher 5 prostitute, because by golly I will find out what it feels like for my penis to enter a girls pussy before I put turn the tables, invert my penis, and put me inside my body.
Technically, I have entered a girls pussy before, but I was limp, wasn’t enjoyable, going to definitely higher a prostitute so I can get a feel before I seal the deal, I am sane and rational, I’m not some 20 year old who cuts off their dick without even knowing what it feels like.


How are you paying for this? Obamacare?

He is Asian.

Probably go to Bali get it real cheap.

I would strongly recommend sticking your penis into some vaginas first like you said. If I wasn’t able to fuck bitches anymore I’d probably just drown myself in a toilet.

Mind your pronouns. You are a transsexual, you already exposed your pic in that video you posted.
Like the entire trans community you are a hypocrit, just like Crooked Hillary and liberals. The world has had enough of your benedict arnoldism. I will tell Ecmandu to send you to hell if you’re not careful.

Understandable. That is why I advocate futa ism, rather than removing the penis and balls, develop a technology to transform the taint into a vagina.

Some people just use the butt hole. Go to pornhub and search “anal training”.

They were born gay. I was born freak. Two different pathologies. God meant for me to have a vag. I ain’t no fag.

I don’t keep up with all the gender bending rules and regulations. If it’s your crotch, then do what you want with it.

Fact is, I can’t. Don’t have the technology. I tried the butthole thing, but i wasn’t born a queer. I can’t ejaculate from my butthole like they do.

I see.

Believe you me, 90 percent of these buttholes you do not want to see, but a couple of femboys get me thirsty.

Yeah I’ve never been into sticking it into buttholes when there’s always a vagina right there next to it. It’s like if you had a plate of food and on one side there was a delicious steak and on the other side there was a pop tart. You’d just leave the pop tart.

So are you saying, you prefer buttholes that dont have a vagina next to it? Im starting to think im the same way, when i was younger it was all lesbian porn for me, didn’t like even the thought of the d, but once i got into hentai, and the futa invasion, i basically can’t even get off without some rod involved in my mind.

No. I’m saying I just don’t have a thing for buttholes. On a handful of occasions you run into women who tell you that they want it in the ass, and hey, you know…you have to oblige. But left to my own devices, I generally don’t put my penis into holes that shit comes out of.

I do not know what the protocol is in America but over here you have to have psychological assessment before you become trans gender
You will have to pay for it so you need to find out how much it is going to cost you because without money you will not get an operation

You are born transgender, don’t need no psychiatrist to write a paper to become transgender. When I was a kid I tried to do it with a pair of scissors, but ironically i didn’t have the balls to. Back in the day they made it easy, you didn’t ever have to embarrass yourself by coming out the closet, all you had to do is take an interest in singing, and you knew what was up, they’d fix you up good.

You are born tran but still have to pay for the op so start saving up

I am broke due to systemic oppression.

Get a job and start saving up as soon as possible
And make it the number one priority in your life