I'm going to down monks and nuns who shave their heads...

The religious reason is that it’s vanity to have hair. The irony is, a lot of people look better with shaved heads. Religion is Bullshit! Some people try to make their hair look chaotic by shaving certain parts bald to look like a mangy cat, but even this look is good for some people… so should we all try to make ourselves look ugly no matter what? Let’s start cutting out faces off!! I’m so fucking pissed at religion right now!

So you think the answer is self mutilation?

I think that they’re assholes for trying to use this logic on us. To be logically consistent with their insanity, yes, self mutilation makes sense.

:laughing: Did you find those words in a bottle of rum? :stuck_out_tongue:

Why Do Monks And Nuns Shave Their Heads ?
In the Buddhist sutras, texts, there is a description of the body in which it is said that the hairs of the head and face have 16 obstacles for keeping clean and looking good, so they should be removed. Hair is often used a metaphor for human being’s illusion or ignorance, so it is called the ‘weeds of ignorance.’ Thus, cutting the hairs implies symbolically getting rid of ignorance. The body and the mind should be kept clean in order to reach the final aim of true understanding. Thus cutting and shaving the hair represent a sort of determination to keep the body and the mind clean and then to attain enlightenment and save all beings.

Korean Buddhist monks and nuns have their heads shaved every 15 days. In some countries like Thailand even the eyebrows are shaved. They shave each other’s head and do not do it by themselves, which signifies the wish to help and support each other. Shaving the head is not only a conventional tradition but a practice for getting rid of useless worldly desires and illusions in order to concentrate on pursuing the goal. It makes practitioners examine themselves and awaken their own consciousness.

It’s not the bald religions you have to worry about but the hirsute ones.

I thought it was to prevent head lice ~ cleanliness?

Tell that to Osama Bin Laden.