I'm going to square a circle

This may sound really stupid to lots of people, but there is a psychosis and schizophrenia about squaring a circle being impossible …

Cut a 4 inch string. Make a circle out of it.

Cut a 4 inch string and make a 4 sided square that is an inch per side.

Not complicated!

What you’ve been taught is a lie.

Do with that what you will

Is squaring a circle a satisfying endeavour?

It’s very revealing about the culture to me.

What I stated is so obvious that the best minds in the world for thousands of years have proven it impossible!! No. There is brainwashing on a massive scale that has occurred for thousands of years.

To be very precise, you cut the string into a 45 degree angle trapezoid and then 3 more three times into 4 parts, that leaves you with a triangle as it’s remainder… the area of which is rational

To be even more precise, off one end, you cut off what looks like a square with a 45 degree angle at the end that can shave wood. At the other end you cut off a 45 degree triangle. These meet to form a rectangle. This is the remainder. Then you now have a shape that you can cut 3 times to get 4 equal trapezoids. These trapezoids make the square, and the remainder rectangle is added to the perimeter of that square… sorry, crazy day, wasn’t all there.

You’re just making a square out of a circle. That’s not the same as making a circle square.

The proposition is that if you make a circle into a square, there is an infinite regress of remainders, that’s what the argument is, that you cannot make a circle into a square.

Isn’t this zenos paradox?

Not really. We’ve been taught that the diameter of a circle can never make a square (irrational to rational)

I just gave you the method to take a circle and make it a rational unit (square). The lie that’s being told is that the circle has infinite regress remainders when it’s made into a square, even with a string !

You must understand, this is psychosis. I just explained very simply how to do it.

Look up every Wikipedia page (or pi page) and it’ll tell you that a transcendental number stands between a rational number and equality. That’s simply not true.

The problem is to construct a square having the same area as a given circle, using compass and straightedge. That has been proven impossible to do.


No. Is everyone’s Google broken?


I also had this thought.

Not only is the problem about a compass and straight edge rather than a piece of string, the piece of string method gives a circle and a square with the same perimeter. The problem in squaring the circle is to create a square with the same area as a circle using the compass and straight edge. A square and a circle with the same perimeter do not have the same area.

Geometry class 101? I remember it well…

Any 2d shape that has the same perimeter doesn’t have the same area?

Let’s take 3 inches.

Triangle has 3 one inch sides
Square has 3 0.75 inch sides
Circle has 1 three inch side

You’re honestly going to state they don’t have the same AREA!??

If the perimeter is 1mm thick, and it’s the same between all three, then it reasons (since a mm is an area) that the entire area is equivalent

LOL. Cute.