Im gonna smoke some weed now

Just saying. Be forewarned.

Also, this post has to be longer than this. So Ill say some more shit. Im gonna smoke some weed now. Mere White Widow, if you must know. Im out in the boonies here where the Kush is rather rare to run into. Boonies are really awesome though.

So now, Im gonna smoke some weed.

First ill have to roll the joint. Im not a bong-man.

Oh yeah also I have coffee.

“Coffee and weed, a combination fit for the gods” - without-music, 2011.

You’re probably aware that today’s “weed” has THC levels that are jacked-up for profit? Many of the “approved” growers feel that the stronger the buzz the more you’ll come back to purchase. Sound familiar?

“…the overwhelming majority of adults that smoke a little pot once in a while will not become addicted and thus never be at risk of experiencing withdrawal symptoms that promote relapse and spur addiction. However, as with every psychoactive drug, for more vulnerable users, such as those with chronic stress management problems, mental illness or a genetic predisposition to addiction, the chance of becoming addicted and experiencing withdrawal is undoubtedly greater.” Link

Who then are the vulnerable users? Who are the ones with stress problems? Who are the ones with a genetic predisposition to addiction? There are those in the marijuana industry who may indeed care about these aspects, but largely the bottom line for others will be sales. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

The original “landrace” strains were of lower THC, better quality and rarely did I personally see someone go through withdrawal symptoms. Why don’t we see more of those strains made available? Because they take longer to grow and that means less turnover ($). Ever smoke some real, unhybridized Panama Red? Now that was a legendary high that makes much of what is going around today feel like plain tobacco.

By the way, you know that thing when you go to a dispensary and they ask for your ID? They claim it’s only to check your age and that you’re a resident of the state and how much you can buy?. Next time you visit a dispensary ask to speak with the owner and ask them if the government can request the dispensary’s database of purchasers. If they say no, then they are not being truthful with you. There is no law that says the government can’t do that. “Federal law still classifies marijuana as an illegal drug and there are no current protections for recreational customers.” Link Oh, and say hello and wave to the video cameras if your dispensary has them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to bum yours or ayone else’s trip or anything like that. And I am certainly glad that the laws have become such that in many states marijuana users are no longer put through the injustice of being arrested and incarcerated. That should have happened decades ago.

So, get yourself some seeds, preferably of the original landrace varieties. Grow your own and don’t advertise you do so. The longer you wait between use, the higher the high. For example, for many years I’ve only used once or twice a year and even at that I would make sure to do in the outdoors doing some camping or daytrip. There’s just nothing like a a real high and enjoying the landscape, sunsets, and dark sky stars whether by yourself or with some good company.

And as with everything, moderation and mindfulness is the key. You got those then you’re doin’ alright - whether you’re high or not. :slight_smile:




i wouldn’t worry too much about the risks of addiction involving marijuana. it’s generally considered ‘psychologically’ addictive rather than physically addictive… which amounts to saying; you’re gonna tell yourself you need more, but if you don’t get any, you won’t start shaking and sweating. instead, you’ll stay in the house and binge watch your favorite TV series while telling yourself you’re bummed out and life sucks. but this means you’re already lame, and your inability to acquire something that would make you less lame, simply augments your natural lameness even more. it’s circular lameness.

besides, you’re talking to [ … ], so i wouldn’t worry. he’s recently found his inner gangsta, so he’s straight.

Maybe not you, me, or Mr. Horde. But a lot of people do worry:

Over 300,000 people begin treatment for marijuana use disorders in the U.S. each year.

I doubt they’d want to hear they’re on the lameness merry-go-round. That’s like telling someone contemplating suicide that yeah, life sucks.

of course not. such discussion belongs to us clinical psychologists for the purposes of prognosis/diagnosis, and we’d not share this information with our patients. the first step on he road to recovery from lameness is to be made to believe you aren’t lame. normally, admission of one’s addiction is the first step… but not in the case of lameness. lameness is another animal altogether and must be handled more carefully.

Nothing to be proud of.

Such drug use is a form of self-debasement.


I can certainly understand your viewpoint.

The complication there is that use of mind-altering substances has been going on for thousands of years. You can take it further in modern terms and say that the pharmaceutical companies have been promoting debasement with opioids, the same with alcohol and tobacco companies and their own promotions.

The question then is about those who use those “products”, meaning, the public. There are as many reasons as to why they are used as there are individuals. That in itself makes the asking of “why” a difficult thing to answer. Oh, you and many others could say it’s a debasement, an insult to a healthier way of being. But it would be a closed-circuit assessment and of little value in the wider periphery of societal concerns.

For example, you have heard of the story of Charlotte Figi? Read it. After doing so would you consider that a debasement? You might reply that no, that’s for a valid medical reason. But as you probably have noticed we live in a world where, again, reasons medical or otherwise are as varied as can be and ‘validity’ an ever-debatable notion. And if those reasons become so serrated that an individual is crying out for help then anything that brings that relief is welcomed regardless of the disapproval of others.

You are indeed fortunate if you have been able to live a life thus far where you have not debased your body and mind. But walk to the nearest window, look out and know that out there are billions who are looking for some relief from the pounding that even the simplest existence can give. Day in, day out.

You want real debasement that has nothing to do with drugs? Look no further than what’s happening in our government. If nothing is found as relief for that then the debasement is going to come crashing in through the window. Taking the parents away from innocent children who have barely begun to make sense of what life is about; where would you put that on the debasement scale? Don’t ask me for my opinion on that, it would probably put me on a list at Debasement Headquarters.

You want to take it further into lofty, metaphysical possibilities? For all we know the very aspect of just existing as physiological organisms may be considered a debasement of pure spirit by consciousnesses beyond our understanding. Let us hope - for all our sakes - that such a possibility is merely this writer’s license for fanciful extrapolation than the reality of the matter.


That made my day. In as far as it wasnt already being made by coffee, sun, weed, music and philosophy.

For your kind concern sir Ivers, it is much as both you and promethean say. And Pandora, I wasn’t posting this in pride but in defiance to such judgments as your own, which I know are the norm among noblewomen. I am simply no longer fearful that this stuff is detrimental to me. Whatever damage it could do it has long done and now I smoke about a tenth the amount of what I did when I had the best weed for the cheapest price in another country, and was slightly less aware of where the next stop was. That next stop turned out to be home, and a year of hard emotional work with other people and this is what takes me to where I am now. Sober, more or less, ready to stop behaving in terms of peoples expectancies of weed-smoking folk like myself.

When I started smoking weed back way back back I quickly noticed people began to be disdainful and that I didn’t care. It took me well over a decade to grow somewhat pissed off not in the least as rarely any of the sober folk was making any sort of sense at all in their lives. That still goes. There are very few lives lived by sober people that I would want to consider living. In the end the herb is given by the earf. It makes you a bit slow but also truthful and inventive.


Ah no, that’s not the right clip. It’s pretty good still, but I was looking for another one I can no longer find.

He said weed frees you, it’s a paradigm shifting drug. But at one point you have to know when to stop, when the paradigms have shifted and it’s not doing anything really anymore. And then he went on about the bit where he always has a joint around, sometimes to be used as a trigger when enough inspiration has built up.

Said a similar thing on coke, that one he left altogether, because he noticed himself becoming an asshole.

Anyway, George Carlin, fun guy. I don’t necessarily agree. I think they just be powerful magic powders that have heavy consecuences, as magic will have. Whether the consecuences be good or bad, meh, that’s not the herb’s problem.

Glad to hear you are enjoying those joints now though. I agree with most of what you wrote.

Oh great, Jesus is here. Like I was saying elsewhere, these are the people who prefer to live (merely exist, really) paralyzed in a limbo. What value does their life have? People who don’t want to suffer and yet also don’t want to die, so they look for that sweet spot between the rock and a hard place. Historically (and even today in certain places of the world) they are called slaves, and descendants of slaves who choose to continue their lifestyle.

Are you trying to defend drug users? I don’t know how you can perceive self-debasement as a superior alternative to externally opposed one.
Why wouldn’t a slave blame his existence as a slave on someone else in order to justify his own slavery? Do we not pass on our debts and credits onto our children?

. The sins of fathers (and forefathers).

. That’s gibberish used to console the lost and the unfortunate.

I was a philosophy person all my life, and smoked all through the sixties and existentialism was part and parcel. Now with many hung up seriously among some of my families and their kids, I find it difficult to find the time. But now me that its legal here, I am considering it, now that my job doesent terrorize with random testing. Having issues, always had and the acid trip was awful and it has even to this day reacts to grass. But thinking on resuming whenever my life dips in interest or motivation.
I gotta find the right mix, kush no, but other strains that will not trigger past bad trips are ok.

All of my trips flow time backwards which is not too bad, unless I land in the middle ages. And that trip for me has a very special time place which can be melted from its frozen place.

One does not have to be Jesus to recognize the plight of others and have a measure of compassion.

What value their life has for them is ultimately their business and perhaps the business of those who try to help them. An excerpt from Mr. Horde:

“…a year of hard emotional work with other people and this is what takes me to where I am now.”

Do you know enough about his, “hard emotional work”, to dismiss its value and label it a self-debasement? Have you yourself ever had to do such work and if you found some relief in any measure would you give a gnat’s ass as to the criticisms from others?

Is self-debasement preferable to the external debasement of arrest and imprisonment? Well, the former at least gives one the freedom to change. The latter takes freedom and the possibility of change and replaces it with oppression. Besides, I think most people who read my response to Mr. Horde will see it as more than just, “Hey Dude, Bang a Bong!”

No big deal, metaphysical possibilities have always been a part of the warp and weft of philosophical discussions. But more to the point in this instance, it’s no more gibberish than:

In a court of law that would be the equivalent of, ‘The devil made me do it’.

Compassion can be a weapon too, and is often used as such. Do you pity yourself, too?

Your arguments revolve around promoting self-pity, compassion (another form of self-pity), and ultimately, dependency. Yes, it is a transaction between beggars and so called charity givers, but it’s still a business transaction, and of the same type of currency.

For such people, the latter serves as an easier excuse to stay in their comfort zone of being innocent victims of external events.

Yes, that’s what the future Muslims jihadists who will be terrorizing your children and grandchildren will be saying too.

Mr Ivers - not everyone wants to do emotional work. Pandora isn’t really that type.

People who don’t like emotions, don’t think there is truth to be found in them, generally scorn weed. Because weed forced you to experience your emotional reality.

The condemnation of the drug is done in the same spirit as islamic or any autistic patriarchy, all kinds of brittle boned oppression. Suppression of nature. Its not respectable. A less respectable side of the otherwise admirable Pandora, one that is somewhat telling.

Marijuana is widely known to have all kinds of physical and psychological benefits. It is impossible to take Pandoras ranting and raving as anything but a symptom of some deep problem. She should definitely not use weed - people like her tend to jump out of windows when they do.

And thats not good.

If we categorize weed-hate across religions, it is mostly the compulsive patriarchies that have a problem with it.
I think this has to do with the inability to convince people who smoke weed using mere rhetorics. You need to show such a person evidence. This makes people a bit “slower on the uptake” - less fit for drill sergeants to work on.

One does not need drugs in order to ‘experience’ their emotional reality. That’s like men turning gay in order to get in touch with their inner woman and calling it a courageous act of inner exploration.

Because drugs ARE the deep problem solvers! Take the drug —> all problems are gone!


[b]"Compassion can be a weapon too, and is often used as such. Do you pity yourself, too?[/b] _Pandora

No, that’s more your projection and usually from someone who conflates elements which for some reason or another they can’t handle separately. Did someone ever use compassion as a weapon on you?

If I really pitied myself I wouldn’t even bother being in this discussion. I’d be shooting up Heroin and reading, 'Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?"
Thankfully, for myself it’s more like decaffeinated green tea and reading, “Horton Hears A Who!”

[b]“Your arguments revolve around promoting self-pity, compassion (another form of self-pity), and ultimately, dependency.”[/b]

Seems like a neat little package you got there, but it’s a self-serving one. Very few things in life are as simple as wash-rinse-repeat.

Anyone who has really read my initial response to Mr. Horde will note that if I promoted anything it was information about the manufactured higher levels of THC through hybridization and the consequences of that in the increase of cases involving withdrawal symptoms. And along with that the matter of personal information and issues about dispensary/government use of information. If I promoted anything to Mr Horde it was caution, but he seems more than able to recognize such and so it’s simply another talking point in the discussion.

[b]“For such people, the latter serves as an easier excuse to stay in their comfort zone of being innocent victims of external events.” [/b]

Too bad you weren’t around to counsel someone like Richard Phillips about comfort zones.

[b]“Yes, that’s what the future Muslims jihadists who will be terrorizing your children and grandchildren will be saying too.”[/b]

Be so kind as to explain to me the connection between the horrible injustice of caging innocent children and Muslim jihadists. Or would that be too much of a personal exposition?