I'm leaving but wanted to say thanks

I am going to do an experiment. I am going to try and take year off from the internet and see if I can do it. I think I am addicted. It is affecting my personal life. I have never been one to do much in moderation so I am not going to try to limit myself. I will whip it first, and then, maybe, dabble back in later.

You all have given me a lot to think about and I intend to get a lot of book reading in.

Thanks for playing. =D> =D> =D> Adios.

:cry: Bye.

I’m glad that you’re trying to cut your addictions. If there’s one thing I’m addicted to it’s internet. But I’m not interested in porn and chatlines like a lot of addicts. Sometimes I’m a workaholic. So overall when someone complains to me about these things I just argue: “Okay. Maybe I’ll just go smoke lots of crack and then I will never want to work or spend time on the internet again. I’m so sorry to not live to your standards.”

I’m addicted to knowledge, marijuana, humor, spirituality, outside, inside, fresh air, forums, cheese, chips and dip, writing, reading, talking…

It is always harder to be moderate than to be overindulgent or abstinent. I think abstinence is better than overindulgence, though.

well… for myself I just come and go as I please . its better that way :smiley:

Are you saying that you are glad we convinced you to not want to talk to us online at this forum?

This isn’t a compliment. This is an insult. Why are you thanking us? I’m terribly confused.

Nihilist! I knew it. To abstain from the greatest risks we can take, even the risks of bad health and short life, is to deny the pleasures and the passions when the seem irrational, and consequently, in their greatest degrees.

Why is “moderation” or “abstinence” a virtue?

Overindulgence leads to those “dark forests of vice where we find new knowledge”, as Fritz put it.

Are you trying to preserve our type now, Sauwelios? But we must be overcome!


Guards, seize him at once!

I don’t know that quote, but I do know Blake’s saw, “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.” [The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, Proverbs of Hell]. I take this to mean that the road of excess leads to the insight that excess is bad. The logical reaction to this insight is abstinence. But the road of excessive abstinence also leads to the palace of wisdom, namely to the insight that this excess too is bad. The logical reaction to these two insights combined is moderation. There is no road of excessive moderation. “Excessive moderation” is an oxymoron.

Try crack instead.

Charlie, bookreading is the same as the internet. You want to trade one reading for another? LOL Slow down don’t panic, you are not fully addicted to the net you are addicted to reading… Quick some one get Oprah! the boy has an addiction to words. She did this I blame her That insidious book of the month club… Poor boy what will he do?! Charlie quick pick up a remote control and watch TV, it will cure your reading addiction. Lay back in that Lazy boy chair breathe deep, Zone out! :smiley: :smiley:

In his introduction to his dramatic fragment Rhodopis, the Dutch poet Willem Kloos writes:

“The intention of the work, of which the first act is provided in this fragment [only the first act was ever written], is to counterpoise the Oriental, Greek, and modern philosophies of life [levensbeschouwingen]”.

I identify these philosophies of life with the Dionysian, the Apollinian, and the Christian respectively. That is to say: the “theme” of the former is overindulgence, of the middle one, moderation, and of the latter, abstinence. And I find all of them appealing in a way.

“In Rhodopis [the main character], the three battle together for precedence, which she [Rhodopis] herself ultimately accords to the middle one.”
[ibid., paraphrase.]

I love Rhodopis’ puritanism, Myrrha’s exuberance, and most of all the suggested nobility of Charaxes: “a cool, noble, severe beauty”, to speak with Nietzsche.

Good luck to you Charlie! We’ll see you back in a year.

Nothing wrong with the internet, but nothing wrong with getting out and doing the real thing. I tend to go through cycles.

Good luck

If I were to try that, I think my entire room would be a library. Enjoy the wiki-less pursuit of knowledge.