I'm not deluded, am I ?

i told someone today, that i think the best looking people on tv at the moment, are (as unusual choices, they may seem) :

isobel lang (the pregnant weathergirl) (emphasis: not because she is pregnant)

michelle from neighbours (not because she’s 8 years old)

emily matliss (the sophisticated-looking newsreader on bbc london)

this someone told me that i was deluded, leaving me in need of re-evaluation. i have 20-20 vision, i enjoy parks at the height of summer, and at the height of winter, and i find jude law quite attractive. am i deluded?

If emily matliss (the sophisticated-looking newsreader on bbc london)
is who I think she is then she is absolutely grim. She looks like her eyes are as big as ping pong balls…very scary looking in my opinion and the toher 2 are not great either but then we’ve always know that our taste in women has differed.

i think all the weather girls on tv are pregnant right now. that, or they wear really badly fitting clothes.

I think that without the makeup/expensive clothes and the publicity , Jude Law wouldn’t be so attractive… but he does have that boy-next-door quality about him… maybe that’s why you have a crush. :blush: (kidding)

and a pregnant woman and an 8 yr old?.. more like perverted!!.. :wink:

Charlotte Uhlenbroek
Silvana Franco
Jasmine Losun
Emily Bruni

isn’t it lucky that are tastes differ else you may all be argueing now,

i’d say …and still Sean Connery

Harrison Ford

Angus Deaton

there are many others but these stand out

not really noticed the weather presenters you mention


I dont know any of these people except Jude Law and he is a man

I would say this person who now has a career at a car dealership for Masseratis stolen in the Balkans from Russians who bought them stolen from Germany is not deluded.