impeach Trump? one man's opinion

Watching the CNN coverage on the latest mass shooting here in America. This time in a small Texas church. The network has chosen to cover this tragic story and still break for commercials. **

Here is the one I just watched:

I have to admit I was rather surprised. No Democrat of note has come out openly for impeachment. Or, rather, none that I am aware of. Or maybe it is just better to let Trump be Trump and hope like hell that come the Congressional elections this time next year the Democrats win back the House.

** I wonder how they decide these things? How bad does the shooting have to be before deciding when it is appropriate to go back to commercial interruptions.

It’s just surreal watching news relating to the grim reality of the situation down there interspersed with commercials about as far removed from grim reality as you can get.

Unless you count having to purchase undergarments for incontinent adults.

Who calculates these things?

According to Nancy Pelosi , impeachment is not a good idea since it will not pass the Republican House anyhow. It is almost a.Constitutional crisis, covering an open war. At this point the interests are digging in, uncaring what.tje constituciancy thinks, the minority rules.idea permeates an almost.acceptable 5-95 percent split an economic throwback to political reality. Philosophically approached , it’s sending a clear message, hell if we will relinquish to any so-called democratic majority where , according to them basic values have been totally bent out of shape.

There is no going back where the facts have been so thoroughly conflated,.and where the only that both,.Democrats and Republicans are muddled in grime

Punches and counterpunches have stymied any clarity,.except.worries over.the coming congressional elections.

What am I missing between a mass shooting, commercial interruptions, and impeaching Trump? Those three things didn’t make a coherent OP for me, just stuff segued together in a ramble.


and the latest from your GOP congressman:

of course, for the people of Texas, you have my prayers and thoughts
for your family…just the same useless BS I gave you the last
12 shootings in America…I mean, as long as the NRA keep paying
millions of dollars, you are continue to get shot at and you will
continue to hear me utterly bullshit remarks like, prayers and thoughts
for your family…I mean really, what is more important then my
receiving my payoff from the NRA…I have a family to feed too you know…
I have multiple houses to keep up, a mistress, I have expenses and I
need the NRA money just to keep afloat…you don’t know the pressure I am
under from go gooders trying to derail the death machine that is the NRA…
but you still have my prayers and thoughts because that is all you are good for…
its certainly isn’t money because all I get from you guys is a crappy 175 thousand
a year and that won’t even pay my cable bill…I need those millions to
stay afloat and who is going to begrudge me… you people made your crappy
choices to stay poor and without power…and I won’t be that way, no matter
who I have to sell my vote to… I won’t be poor and the best part is…
I can legally sell my vote… the best thing that ever happened to my bank
account was citizen united… in a few years, I will have millions in the bank
and a nice cozy retirement somewhere nice and warm… what do mean the
question was about the shooting today… there is always a shooting,
and everytime you will have my prayers and thoughts…

so, what’s the poll for the next shooting? two weeks and two days?
put me down for twenty…I’m good for it…and remember,
you have my prayers and thoughts…


Of course this was a Clinton voter.

An atheist shooting up a church.

Honestly the picture and profile of the killer is the perfect profile of a Clinton voter.

In fact we can directly take those Democrats responsible that have been demonizing Christianity. This was nothing if not a predictable result of the Democrats incessant slandering and calling for violence against Trump and his fellow Christians.

K: such a simple thought process… a Clinton voter (unproven by the way)
so, he must have been an atheist (also unproven), shooting up a church
ummmm, it might not have occurred to you that, there may have
been several reasons for the shooting…you don’t know and we might
never know…let us try to keep this above “Jane see’s spot” type of thinking


"Paxton pointed out that there were numerous laws already on the books, including “laws against murder,” and the attacker violated those laws without hesitation. He observed, “So adding some other gun law, I don’t think would in any way change this guy’s behavior.”

But this is too logical for Democrats

K: IQ45, a Christen? Please… so, it is the Democrats fault?
I thought because it is a white guy, it is a mental illness, so says
IQ45… a brown person is a terrorist and a white person suffers mental illness…
didn’t you know that… Watching Faux news isn’t really the best source of
information…as for the rest… well, democrats are far better Christians
then the Republicans…we actually take Jesus words to heart…
you don’t hear a republican talking about love, you don’t hear a
Republican talking about children first, you don’t hear a republican
talking helping the poor, you don’t hear a republican talking about turning the other cheek…

Jesus message was about love and peace and who advocates war and violence and guns?
certainly not the dem’s…it is the GOP who defends the use of weapons and defends
the military and defends a strong security… not take care of the poor or any other
message of Jesus…it is the GOP who actively pisses on the word of Jesus and
calls that pissing, holy…Jesus was clearly what one would call today, a liberal…
one who takes care of those who are unable to take care of themselves…
I have read the bible many times… have you?


Google, “Republican Jesus” and click images.

Do you have a reason to doubt all the sources that are reporting the shooter as an atheist (including CNN and his own Facebook page) other than "Because if he is, Republicans will have a talking point’?