Important takeaways from Comey hearing

1- Trump was never under investigation

2- media reports that he was under investigation were blatantly false

3- Loretta Lynch pressured Comey to lie about the Hillery Clinton investigation by calling it a “matter” rather than an investigation

4- Trump did nothing wrong or illegal by asking Comey to let the Flynn phone call matter go

5- Comey leaked some of his notes on Trump to the media

6- Comey did not follow the law and report Trump “interference” as he (falsely) perceived it to be

7- there is still zero proof or evidence that “Russian hacking” changed any votes

8- despite that we know the NSA can make a hack look like it came from anywhere in the world, Comey assumes the case for Russian hacking is a done deal (also despite the above point)

9- Comey covered for the Clinton campaign by conceding to Lynch’s illegal request that he change his language about the investigation, and Comey didn’t report this to anyone

Does anyone out there still believe even one word reported by CNN, NYT, WaPo, or MSNBC? If you do then you’re a total and complete idiot.

Can’t forget good old senile McCain’s performance either…

“Mr. Comey, why did the Comey investigation take so long? Why didn’t you indict President Comey, Mr. Comey?” – John McCain


This crazy guy conflates two different investigations and forgets that one is already closed, then keeps referring to Trump as Comey… ouch.

A number of things are seriously wrong that this is even happening. Anyone still content to play political gotcha games is naive. This is what decline looks like, and it’s bigger than the fuck-ups of one camp or another. A president does not “get” loyalty, nor does a good leader solicit for it. No one needs an investigation to know that Trump should not be the president of the U.S. His character has been on display for decades. A healthy and intelligent society would not have left its most important leadership roles up for grabs by people like Trump or Hillary. But that is beyond the horizon for people who can’t see past the daily dose of political theater they consume. It doesn’t much matter if the news is true or fake if you don’t know what to do with it, if you aren’t placing it in a larger context. The grammatical errors on page 39 are just silly artifacts of a thousand page report. Don’t lose the plot, what was the thesis?

To quote Putin: ‘Have you all lost your senses over there?’

So your idea of judging fitness for the presidency is basically “doesn’t say mean things”?

Political games have always been going on. There has always been corruption in politics. There is no such thing as politics without corruption or without “gotcha games”. The games in this case are an improvement over the total and secret collusion between the major parties, which have now become almost entirely neoliberal and neoconservative and there’s hardly any difference between them.

Trump is a huge middle finger to the establishment, is a good way I heard him described once. Yes he says some “mean” things sometimes, he speaks off the cuff and he lies and exaggerates about what he said or didn’t say. This is nothing new for politics, except that with Trump we have someone with the audacity, confidence, and personality to do it all in the open in service to his political ideas. The insanity, mindrape and economic ruin of the Clinton/Obama clan have pushed the necessity of someone like Trump upon the USA. You may not like Trump for his character faults, for his lack of political correctness, and that is your right. But enough Americans realized the dire situation they were in and that a course correction was desperately needed, that we were able to overlook a few “mean comments” and try to shake off the chains of cabal globalism, massive corruption and radical politically correct neoliberalism/neoconservatism, deep state tyranny, and constant warmongering and the rise of the surveillance state that has taken hold of America for so many decades now.

You need to try and see the larger picture. You accept a few faults in people who have tremendous value otherwise. No one is perfect, and shouldn’t be forced to pretend to be perfect. Politics has become this weird thing only about image and always pretending to be perfect, hiding every fault at all costs, and the discovery of even a single fault in a politician is enough to bury their career most of the time, unless they do a huge apology tour on TV and beg for forgiveness … but that kind of fakeness of perfection simply isn’t human. We should have better standards for judging our politicians than by how well they act a fake perfection with zero all-too-human flaws. At least Trump is just a human being who doesn’t really care what you think of him, he is going to be what he is. Like him or not, up to you. But try to see into the deeper issues here.

After wasting my day watching the hearing, here are my takeaways:

Not a single Senator, not one, suggested that Comey had lied in any
way, shape or form… thus conceding that Comey was telling the truth…

The GOP senators focus was on the leaks and not on 45 words or actions…
thus, once again, putting party ahead of country…

Comey clearly laid out a story, a narrative of what happened, UNDER OATH,
and thus gets the benefit of the doubt as he was, UNDER OATH…

When 45 tells his story, UNDER OATH, then he can call Comey a liar…

John McCain is totally senile and needs to retire…

When Comey turned his memo’s to his friend to give to the press,
those memo’s were not privilege communications from the president…
they were private recollections written by Comey, akin to writing
a…Dear Diary, guess what happened today…
and thus Comey didn’t leak anything, but was a whistle blower, not
a leaker… because the memo’s didn’t have anything classified in them…
he goal was to get a special prosecutor and that is a great goal…
this means, first of all, it meant he, comey, had nothing to hide
and he was willing to face any scrutiny a special prosecutor would
have given him including passing those memo’s to the press…
it also meant Comey felt that there was something there…
and Comey made it clear he didn’t trust the DOJ to follow up
on any inquires made about the Russian investigation…
He had no faith in Sessions and that was clear…

now this point about 45 not being under investigation at the point in time
when Comey told 45 he wasn’t under investigation is rather pointless…
because one recalls that Nixon wasn’t personally under investigation until
many months later after the investigations started… Just because
someone isn’t under investigation at this very second doesn’t preclude them
from becoming under investigation at some later date…
and it seems clear now that 45 is now personally under investigation by
the special prosecutor as is Jeff Sessions and Jared Kushner…

I am guessing that Sessions will be in office for only a short while before
he is forced to either quit or be fired… I am guessing no more then 6 months
before he is gone…I am guessing Kushner will quit before Sessions is gone…
as he will decide that he doesn’t need this shit anymore…it won’t end the
investigations but it takes him off the hot seat…

Comey truly believes the President is a liar and completely untrustworthy…
a conclusion also reached by every single member of Nato…

the GOP will defend 45 and make excuses for him even if he would take a dump
on their heads and doesn’t even apologizes for it… they will find some
excuse for 45 to take a dump on their head even if the excuse is so lame
an 8 years wouldn’t believe it…Party over country is the GOP motto…
even to the point of embarrassing themselves, looking like total idiots…

Comey admitted being human and making mistakes and that is always
something to look for… that the person doesn’t think of themselves as
being perfect or infallible and thus cannot make mistakes… Comey
was humble and this shows him to be a better judge of matters then
those who think of themselves as infallible, like 45…

the Loretta Lynch thing is much ado about nothing… it is just
asking for a change in language, which is petty but nothing more…
it is just trying to downplay something which the campaign is trying to
downplay… like every campaign ever…and every administration
ever, downplay problems and promote the good stuff…


This is not a response. What I said has nothing to do with that. At this point you are talking only to voices in your head.

And yet like with the financial crisis no banker lost his job, here youll see hardly any journalist will be sacked.


Good to know you have nothing to say on any of these issues. I’ll just assume from now on that you’ll refuse to engage your brain. I get it, it’s just so much more… “relaxing”, isn’t it?

Journalists don’t get fired for lying, they get fired for telling the truth.

The Comey appearance did not make much difference. Either in as far as the intelligence committees are concerned, or those of the public media, or even in the impressions gathered in the public eye.

The strategists, and that is what they call them, both in House, white, and of representation, are working overtime, to plan and execute ways of spins which may work in their favor. This is pure Trumpianism at their word, the taking of opportunities, politically and economically. Who cares about what anyone thinks anymore in a mass culture, where only suggestions and innuendoes, half truths and blatant lies fly in face of so called evidence?

So what if virtual reality has been ascribed to entertaining reality skits, which give some bored homies some rudder to really begin to actually question the very fabric or reality it’self, either that, or be forced to question the advisability of returning to rehab? No this is much more profound, in an age where the real conflicts where real battles are waged, machines are far more important then real soldiers?

In fact men from all strata of society have been reduced democratically, regardless of which side of the isle they come from, to a chain gang of peons, of varying talent of sophistry, to blast the most convincing semblance of truths.

In fact the degeneration of the Ceasars, is very a pro po to this situation in a modern setting, with the exception that in Ancient Rome, Sadi-masochism shifted to the sadistic element of the equation, whereas, here, Trumpism, and Trump in particular seems to enjoy himself immensely in a self prescribed, amusing play of victimhood. This play act is at once extremely and debilitatingly disturbing, and
lightly and refreshingly intelligent in a mode of catharsis, with all eyes set on character, plot, and design, the last of which appearing to have an almost transfixing effect.

No, gentlemen, empires do not go gently into the night, the show must go on, until the smart money can find itself out of the maze of fast changing circuitry.

But then what about Trump, the man himself? If his intelligence is proven otherwise by posterity, he may be remembered as the very first postmodern president in the history of the New World Order.

All I can say is, at the very least, then, he deserves an academy award, if not a Nobel prize, otherwise some group, probably the Jews, will again have a very high prize to pay.


A lot of people do this thing where they don’t actually engage an opposing viewpoint, but turn it into something facile and easy to attack. I don’t generally waste time on straw man arguments.