In lost wages

Removed for lack of literary merit or other wise.

…best …thread …ever :smiley:

I read it before erased.

Wages were lost.

How so and why?

He went on a bender

Dude! #-o

On boozing and betting?

I plan to spend a small fortune on a post-lockdown evening outing, but not to the point of bankruptcy. :neutral_face:

When a night out is marred by wiseguys( not anyone here particularly) , then the playing field becomes something of a farther imaginable stretch and sometimes it is to advantage that moneys are lost.

…but surely not at the time and subsequently there-after in the interim, until such a time has been arrived at when said losses become evident as advantageous? I’d call that risk-taking.

So right. , like Kenny Rogers croons, " …don’t count your chips until the dealing is done."