In Praise Of Israel.

I have had a radical change of heart over night guys, I’m no longer a national socialist, racist, cynic, pessimist, or anti semite.

I for now on describe myself as an American democratic liberal that is a proud zionist and more importantly a political progressivist that loves all the Jews. I am now all about multiculturalism, multiracialism, globalism, and destroying whiteness. I’m all about loving everybody now except for white people who don’t deserve love or anything whatsoever.

I hate my own white skin where if I could get a racial transplant form of plastic surgery dying my skin so that I could look like LeBron James I probably would. That’s how much that I hate my own whiteness.

Recently I wanted to create this thread praising the IDF soldiers of Israel in their defense of the Israeli Gaza border. Those Palestinians were armed with rocks and deserved to be shot from yards away like cattle. Rocks are dangerous and the only way to deal with individuals wielding them is by snipers or arial attacks from helicopters. Even the Palestinian man in the wheelchair that was shot deserved it for trying to interfere with God’s chosen nation of Israel. Praise God! (Yes, I am actually thinking about converting to Judaism now also.)

You guys, I think that I’ve found my new purpose in life now.

you’re an idiot…



This is the antithesis of a good post.

Zero I agree with you. I think the US could take a page from their book at clean up the Mexican border real quick. I mean, when someone who wants to destroy you tries to come into your yard, you gotta stop them. It is what it is.

Joker has a yard?
Why doesn’t he invite us for a party?
What a greedy Jew he is.

Be quiet racist, whiteness has no place in the United States.

The destiny of the United States is to be brown and black much as the future of Europe is to be Islamic. There is no more room for the white man in North America or the world for that matter.

No, you’re invited to all my future house parties fellow Hebrew.

Having one night contemplating my own white privilege and the privilege of being male contributing to the oppressive patriarchy I came to several conclusions. There are indeed 63 genders where we should all respect and acknowledge all of them.

In order to challenge my own whiteness and male privilege I am thinking about having not only a racial transplant via plastic surgery but also a sexual reassignment surgery in becoming a woman. I now identify myself as a Jewish African American woman where I am going to start a Go Fund Me page for my own surgical transition. I need everybody here to respect my choice and be here for me concerning emotional support that I’ll desperately need going into the future the next couple of years.

Becoming a non-op lesbian crossdresser is cheaper and you don’t have to change your lifestyle at all. You are a woman inside. You are attracted to other women. You dress in men’s clothes. You do not even need to buy a dildo.

I should go into counseling.

I’m not racist. I slept with a black girl not too long ago, and I’ve got a long running side chick who’s half puerto rican, and when I was in college I regularly banged this mexican chick who played soccer, and on rare occasion when she’s in town and mad at her husband I still do.

Well, no racist, or sexist for that matter, could possibly do these things. You can’t possibly have running side chicks of other races or fuck and cuckhold people of other races and be racist.

Gotta get me a running side chick. Maybe one who’s a quarter Dominican.

You should do just that.

Plus what’s the whole cuckold fascination with all you kids these days? You don’t fuck someone’s wife or girlfriend because she’s got a boyfriend or a husband. You do it because she has a vagina. It’s literally got nothing to do with whoever she’s dating or married to.

Precisely. You’re the guy who mentioned her marital status, in a philosophy forum no less. If it has no value to you, leave it out. Of course your sex life matters a lot to us, I mean it gives us perspective on your metaphysics. It was only the details about the husband I was mocking.

Well, I have a problem and need some advice. This chick likes me and is a good match for me. Only she lives with her husband and so, my question is, what’s your best advice to get me to sleep with her.

Try it at a hotel instead.

she says she dont want to cheat on her hubby. but her eyes tell me different

That doesn’t mean anything, as a white man what you just described is merely sexual colonialism of other women like Spanish conquistadors of ancient Aztec women.

If you’re not sterilizing yourself as a white man you’re part of a problem, even a biracial mixed child has too much whiteness in it. Whiteness needs to be eradicated from the earth.

jews can fly

Stan Lee is a very influential Jew in entertainment and literature, so far the goyim have made his net worth fifty million shekels (dollars).

Not bad for a Romanian Jew out of Manhattan.