Infinite vs Whole

You would think infinite means whole, BUT…

You cannot have more than one “all” (whole) — unless you’re talking about all the different particularities contained in a set

….BUT you can have a set of all different kinds of infinities

Talk amongst y’selves.

note: a set must at least have one particularity/singularity, or else it does not have “import”

This is basically opposite of the thread I made of the absolute appearing to us as an everlasting contrast infinite.

Why? Do you think “whole” necessarily conflicts with “absolute”?

reminder of what I mean by “import”


Who would think that infinite means whole?

Infinite is a word to describe never ending. If I pointed in any direction then in that direction there is no end, so it is infinite because it is never ending.

Infinite is not a quantity. Infinite is a word that describes something that never ends, or that it continues non stop forever.

For beings subject to time, you cannot traverse an infinite distance (or interval of time) and it only appears as a possible infinite.

Guess you had to be there.

every level is a category subsuming lower levels/categories & subsumed in higher ones — sometimes those categories & the boundaries between them get redefined as we learn more about them or just start to think about them differently

so you’re going from specific (micro) to general (macro) — but — you only need at least one member for there to be a category

So a member of a category can also be a category.

member/category can happen in one example, so you have to say the same thing about every example

Is that not why every black hole is called a singularity (if in fact every black hole is a singularity)? Is it wrong to call every black hole a singularity since there is more than one of the same kind of singularity? It feels off to call all black holes “sole members of unique categories”. Should we treat every member a category the way we treat black holes?

so you’re basically saying the micro can be macro & vice versa — and they can have a complexity of inter-relatedness … they are not necessarily distinct from each other in every way — just like all colors resolve to white

There are no opposites. And the one is whole. That’s why I keep coming back to the fractal because it is both infinite and limited. If it were not limited, it could not be what it is. It is the kind of limit that describes true freedom and power.