Info. on Publishing

Hi! (I have posted this in another forum, but have not received any responses. I don’t know if it is kosher to post the same post on two different forums, so I am anyway-If it is not allowed, please, moderator, remove it, and I apologize.)

I was wondering if anyone knew of any sites or contact info.for publishers who are interested in publishing fictional/philosophical short stories. I am trying to find this out for a friend and would really appreciate any help . Thanks.

I think we are the only ones interested in publishing… and

NETWORK… go to conferences that are listed on these webites; they are all over the country. Consider writing for a small magazine or paper. Also tell him/her to read Stephen King’s ON WRITING. It’s wonderful.

You could try this site as well:

I don’t know anything about getting something published. There seem to be some resources here- I looked at this site a long time ago, but lets face it- I’d have to write something first…