Insane clown posse "where's god?"

In this song they talk about how god never seems to be active/around when bad shit goes down.
It is about 4 minutes.
Anyone interested can check it out.
I think it is frustrating for me to believe in the christian god, even though for some people it makes them feel better.
It’s a sore area of my mind. I was going to write a poem about it, but then I felt bad and decided not to.

I’d like to read it if you change your mind. Below is a poem I wrote related to that problem.


A music vid can SAY anything.

The facts are worse.

Every 8 seconds a child dies from a water related disease

What if a parent was watching his/her child having a bad dream?

The parent cannot step into the child’s dream, hold her and hug her because the parent cannot enter something that does not exist. The dream is an illusion which only appears to be real inside the child’s head while she’s only partially unconscious.

On awakening, when the child becomes conscious again, what she experienced as real, vanishes into thin air. From this awakened state, she understands there was never anything to fear, nobody was hurt, nobody needs to apologise or ask for forgiveness and nobody needs to be saved.

“Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.”

(PS: You’re a good man, Dan~ )

For that analogy to work, one has to be able to distinguish between reality and fantasy. If one can do this, then everything the analogy is meant to say is undone.