Insanity as normal

Crazy is becoming just another acceptable word, in line with the stick and stones reality, where those who are in some 12 step program, proudly declare their preference to it, than to the drink, or some other vice.

With the rapid onslought of the changes of reality , as we have come to embrace and accept it, the adaption to it has become the real test of whether Orvellisn vision may successfully overcome its practical applications.

The science/art differentiation, is the new foundation of a new form of logic, one where the structural anthropy of social and personal reifacation becomes the symbols upon which all I’ll become m
Of metaphoric significance.

Anti psychiatry emerged as the outcome of the anhilation of the Dasein, the victory of the multitude. Therefore behaviorism was the nest, wherefrom all ills have seemed to emerge from. This offers solace to those, whose internal unique self had to bear the responsibility to their own regressive tendencies.
Societal ills require social action, and it is upon these kinds of models, that the mental health of social ills are predicated toward.

These models do not any more show resembling features toward earlier versions, and they are not as likely to be reducible to them. Their communal format, in terms of alienation, may be the starting point, and not the effect, of early models of disfunction.

As the new work evolves into the brave, new, one world, boundaries, instead of being upheld, protected, if they were attested before the twilight of nationalism and closed borders, would have simulated the various types of psychosis, which were case-published in Kraepelin-times. We’re those categorizations were the nuclei of later models of disfunction - caused by souls de-repressing themselves? Who still earlier were burned as heretics on the stake of conventional faith and wisdom?

The metaphors were developed after the fact,once these follies were understood for what they were.

But the big question is, whether society has to go through the individual psychosis again and again, in mass, as a test of their ability to overcome their proclivity to regress to the very early models? Can a steady state relationship develop between the individual and society in times of high anxiety and social distress?

Absolutely, yes.

In a repressive society? No. Coexistence is not possible.

Please read or search Erich Fromm’s “The Sane Society”. It was written before he became conservative and open to attacks by Chomsky.

In search of a sane society? Found nowhere to be existing on planet earth except the minds of idealistic gibbering idiots.

How do you get all that from a three-word book title?

He is a troll, similar to Harbal, Uglygirl or iambiguous.

Don’t know about Uglygirl and Iambiguous. But Joker is a troll. His satire is lame beside masters of satire such as Jonathan Swift, whom I doubt he’s ever read. Neither does he seem to have read Freud’s “Civilization and Its Discontents” to which Fromm reacted. Oh well. Joker’s got the internet toy these thinkers did not have; and he uses it ad nauseum.

In a nutshell
Freud–civilization’s discontents arise from subconscious wishes and desires. These dominate our conscious experience.

It’s easy, I simply just do.

That coming from you is rich.

Au contraire monsieur. I’ve read Freud. I always found him a bit lacking. I am actually quite well read even more so than you I care to wager.

Now, if society and civilization is indeed normally sane being not insane by comparison, how do we quantify or qualify sanity?

Of course looking at the ongoing horror of civilization, are we to take this as a sign of normal sanity? :evilfun:

I mean if we are supposed to there seems to be little difference at all between sanity and insanity at large.

Sanity may mean being able to find the happy medium between individuation and conformity.

What a bunch of rubbish.

It’s rubbish for shallow thinkers.

Well, you’re the most shallow one I know. Right up there with Peter Kropotkin.

Coming from you, that’s a positive endorsement.

Accept it with pride Ierrellus.

Thanks for spelling my name correctly.
So how would you describe a sane society? Has any society ever been considered sane? Considering a society insane does not negate the fact of individual insanity.

For me there is no such thing as sanity or normalcy as they’re both emblems of illusion employed by authority used for control. Of course if sanity doesn’t exist it must follow that neither does insanity either.

I do find it humorous and comical that what is described as insane behavior is actually shared by all of society’s or civilization’s inhabitants. The cleanest dirty shirt defence…