Instagram account

Can somebody do me a fav, I want to start an art account, but I can’t seem to sign up for the life of me, I tried 5 times, but I think my connection messed up or something.

If somebody can do it and just pm me details, doesn’t matter name or email, I’m gonna change it anyway.

Negative, ghost rider.

If you’ve not already, set your cookies to ‘accept’ and deactivate any ad blockers that might be running in your browser.

I managed to set one up using an old Facebook account I had. I guess they’re more likely to trust their own people.

Anyways in attempt to inject some value into this thread.
I’ve been thinking about social media status in the context of popularity.

Which to me, or more specifically to me and maybe even the general masses that social fame is flawed and technically impossible because of the reception response of what I’m offering is not compatible with the masses.

So in my case, if my art is of a particular niche style and the majority of users do not enjoy that particular niche style, which they don’t, then I’ll never reach critical mass.

Making it impossible for me to make a living off it.I would also say this rings true regarding the reality of nature in any any context.

So if you’re not born into a good set genes, good looks, creativity and intelligence then you are less likely to be accepted into any social construct on an opportunistic level. When they do or if they do become mass selected then things enter into mutant load moving toward a decline. But I think nature has embued itself with filtration mechanisms to prevent this where they are filtered out eventually.

So what is left is I guess you are forced to appreciate your own.

what’ll probably end up happening is after a while, artists of approximately equal skill as yourself will begin socializing with you once your work is discovered. so you’ll find a niche with people already in it. just be patient.