Intelligence types, humans and animals.

What makes humans different than animals is a lot of our universal cognitive architecture or ‘mental-schema’. Things which both males and females pocess to the same degree (most of cognition) because of different adaptive problems the brains generally excel slightly more in one way or another the entire sum of these unqiue differences is equality except in those exact tasks. (women excel at tasks as much as men do, and men are worse in certain ways statistically and vice versa)

What seperates us from the other animals is the nature of those universal mental schema, the complex types of self-awareness, consciousness, the ability to mentally rewind-fastforward, complex-agency detection mechanisms, the ability to think of other agents and anticipate their motives (not many animals can do it, and the ones that do can’t do it nearly as well as humans).

Its obvious to understand: the ability to understand abstracted concepts like physics, math and biology and the adaptations that allow us to do that (and self-awareness + other types of mental adaptations) is what seperates us from the rest of animals: women have those things to the same extent as men.

Women aren’t generally less intelligent then men. (statistically true)

(naturally selection created the slightly different types of areas which each sex tends to excel over the other, so what?)

Projection & Imagination.

Does intelligence types truely exist?

( Categorization and classification is a constructive imaginative monopoly on life.)