I struggle to identify the intent of my being between my higher self and my lower self. My higher self is patient, creative, joyful, generous, and protective. My lower self is brash, harsh in judgements, so unforgiving, and easily annoyed or put out.

What is the intent of your being?

I streamline things to make them more efficient or useable.
I inspire children to use their imaginations whenever I’m around them.
I enjoy playing in its many forms.

What do you aspire to? What is your best learned lesson?

I aspire to be…more.
best learned lesson: Stop jumping to conclusions

My higher self is loaded with emotions and virtues.
My lower self is slower and less lively.
My worst parts are diseased.

My intent is soul development,
which also is part of consciousness development.

Good thread though brief.
Hopefully some good posts will come through soon.

Form a bipartisan commission. 8-[


I think the 3rd is more important than the 1st. O:)


MIJOT :smiley:

Pure MIJOT? :open_mouth:

MIJOT :smiley:

“Presumption is the seed of all sin” - James S Saint

Go ahead - ask me another MIJOT question. :smiley:

If you have any interest in the law of attraction, my recent LOA thread started down that road.

Okay. For new site viewers and the forgetful, what is MIJOT? :-"

Obviously not a James fan - [-(
If you don’t know - I just don’t know if I want to tell you. =;

Oh alright -
The fundamental purpose of all living things -
Maximize the Integral (total sum) of Joy Over (through) Time.

I don’t know why he didn’t just say - “Enjoy life every second for as long as you can” - maybe it wasn’t mathematical enough. :confused:

His justification was that it is “harmony within and out” that ensures a long life and that joy is the inner perception of progress - “harmony within and out”. So the result is a happier life for a longer time - neither hedonist nor survivalist - but the synthesis.

It takes a little practice - but it definitely works. :smiley:

obsrvr524, if it was easy to prove without mathematics, James would have most certainly done that.

James’ goal was to prove or disprove a philosophical notion concerning a “Unified Field Theory” or more precisely a “Grand Unified Theory” relating to physics, psychology, sociology, and economics. It is important for it to make sense in terms of “real” physics as opposed to magic. With all this being said, there is nothing wrong with simplifying things so that they are more easily grasped.

Initially, James started off intending to only show wave propagation and aggregation in a field(at its simplest) - revealing Affectance Ontology…can then be utilized to show a very precise and complete understanding of the affectance field from which all other forms and behaviors of physical reality emerge. Affectance Ontology also provides an understanding of the general concern of how and why everything interacts with anything else, including people, societies, and financial transactions. The physics provides mathematical precision of how affect interactions (aka “affectance”) take place (any and all affects of any sort). And as analogy, all other forms of affecting can be equally predicted except for the problem of having to gain sufficient initial state information (far more easily obtained for physics applications).

From the smallest to the largest we are essentially talking about archetypical patterns repeating themselves throughout nature. Like Russian dolls.

“Affectance”, is similar to what people have called “aether”.

And I think he did a great deal of that - certainly concerning the physics that I have thoroughly examined -to the degree that I know physics and logic.

My intent - is to (get back to) examining the other fields - psychology - sociology (especially politics) - and economics.

The issue of MIJOT was one where I had to work on connecting the dots. It is not immediately obvious that MIJOT is a logical conclusion rather than merely an aspiration. He stated that “ALL life” has that “same highest purpose”. That is a statement that begs for logical proof - because it isn’t immediately obvious. And I was able to finally put the puzzle together and see why he stated it as a fact.

There were three key issues that he had previously explained that came into play but he didn’t explain how they were actually connected to this conclusive motto.

  • Joy is the feeling from “perception of progress” - perception of hope being accomplished
  • Harmony establishes longer life (a logical fact from the definitions)
  • Perception of progress is perception of harmony

So it makes sense that by actually focusing on the feeling of joy - a person is inherently focusing toward a harmony that more greatly supports his life. So why not just focus on hedonistic fun? - because he put into the equation - the “integral” - a stipulation that whatever joy is being experienced must lead to a longer life else it will not maximize that integral - the person must live as long as possible as well as enjoy the journey as much as possible. And that mean the person should focus on feeling joy (inner harmony) whenever possible (almost always) while attending to healthy pursuits - actually attempt to enjoy your work, opportunities, and lot in life. And when you think about what causes both animal and vegetable to do what they do - you can see exactly that process unfolding. He was right - amazingly right.

So now I want to get more into his Physics of Psychology and see what else is buried in there. I want to see what this basic physics understanding reveals about political maneuvers - and economic maneuvers.

I wasn’t raised with much of a goal in life. I basically just did the next apparent thing to do. And it was turning out alright - certainly not perfect but reasonably satisfying - but this topic of AO has really given me an honest - first in my life perception and feeling of purpose - and not just a goal but a path to continue through any goal accomplishment - continue forever maximizing that equation - and first by studying how life seems to work toward what end. And that seems to be exactly what James was explaining - in terms that I could see very clearly.

So now you see me here - harassing the socialists and communists - got to keep up the fun while figuring out each next move - MIJOT. :smiley:

And I can’t really say that it “turned my life around” because in reality - like he said - I was already doing that anyway. But knowing it makes a big difference. I know - as fact - that I don’t have to feel worry about This - I don’t have to feel aggravated by That - I don’t have to feel frustrated by Anything. And merely by consciously knowing those as facts - I really started feeling better about everything and more willing to pay more attention and take on sensible challenges - just for fun - because I knew that I was going to enjoy it – Wife, Work, Wealth, and Health - and whatever those might entail.

I also found it amazing that this was exactly - exactly what Jesus was preaching. He just didn’t explain any of the logic behind it. I have to know the logic. :smiley:


OK - I just thought I would mention it - I am not sure if James made this clear in any of his posts - at least, I can not remember.


If you sort through the book it all eventually shows up. O:)


Yes, between Mithus and James, I imagine that everything is covered bookwise. I know that they had a few planned things left to do before he passed.


I don’t know that he “passed”. When I first came here I was seriously considering trying to sneakily compel him back ( :sunglasses: ) but never actually made that decision. I had a lot of questions but also a lot going on. Now this place has become a habit. I have it in a window while I work and at home (got to fill in with fun). :smiley:

James’ pattern was academic.

Like… James talks about affectance - I talk about otherness. Same concept, mines easier to understand.

James talks about MIJOT, I say consent violation.

James talks about life being perfect, I prove through a better plan that it’s not.

James would call me arrogant for saying that.

I’d simply tell James that existences biggest problem is the exclusive pleasurable access problem and that I solved it but it doesn’t exist - yet.

I’d also tell James that in a perfect existence; everyone loves their desired experiences at nobodies expense. That’s true perfection.

In this shitshow that we’re in, things are harsh.

What I tell people is that existence is evil (consent violation) and that the most interesting GAME considering this context is to even approach or attempt to violate consent as little as you can.

This doesn’t mean not putting someone in their place … speaking to abuse and abusers is always the exception to the rule. I’m sure it violates the consent of a rapist to go to prison!!!

The problem people have with me when I really speak my mind is my way of making cognitive dissonance clear.

In honor of James’ attempt, he didn’t impact the spirit world that much.

So what you are saying is that James was positive and you are negative.


Im saying that James didn’t speak to hearts like I do.

MIJOT is violating as little consent as possible …

Mines much easier to understand and a much deeper discussion than James vapid MIJOT.

Sure. I can tell you this for sure. James in the spirit world is a drop of rain… no offense to him. I’m a monsoon.

They say it is good to have a positive self-image — but — there IS a limit.

And there you go. You proved my earlier point. Existence isn’t perfect yet.

Thing is. My specialization is existence as all it is. James worked on that too.

We specialized differently. Because mine is more accessible and actually heart wrenching, James was not on the level back then that I’m at currently.

It’s nobodies fault that this is the case.

You are projecting on me obsrvr. There is a limit and you cross it constantly.

Psychologically speaking.

Your projection is simple. As an acolyte of James, you prop yourself up, so… you assume that if I just happen to be an evolution of James, that your ego is a house of cards.’

I talk to the spirits all the time. James had massive amounts of cognitive dissonance that I don’t have.

Since you relate to that cognitive dissonance … your resonant frequency vibrates more with James than me.

If there is one thing James didn’t have - it’s cognitive dissonance (incoherence).

James fucked people. You’re wrong. James was still in the game.

You know how I know this?

Because he never taught what I taught.

Two biggest problems in all existence are these:

1.) pleasurable exclusive access problem

2.) negative zero sum problem

He didn’t teach any of it… because he was ignorant.

Wendy, Ill send you the reply I made here in PM and delete it from here.