There is nothing left to invest in. This concept, investment, that dominated so much of the last few decades was based on growing markets, amplifications of results from technology and innovation and new processes, new inventions, growing wealth, more of this and that and you name it. The bases is you put some money in A and you got A + a1, there is some kind of amplification factor that can be based on anything at all, but mostly wage differentials, power differentials, economies of scale, technologies applied, globalization, all kinds of levers and economies of scale and amplifying mechanism that gave you a return, you got more out compared to what you put in, you got more money, more energy, more results - products, more profit, more gain, more anything out of something compared to what was put in.

Well this one trick pony is mostly dead. There are no new amplification processes in sight, there is nothing that seems to be available that will give you a gain. Yes, you have the developing world that is increasing their consumption, hence, invest in the goods they buy since they are growing markets, yes you can make some cash this way, yes we had bubbles of various types in the past, internet bubbles, financial bubbles but especially and mostly real estate bubbles that forced a return on investment, that forced something to go up no matter what, that made believe that there was this magical return on investment for some unknown magical reason, like house prices that just went up for the fun of it, to pretend that they were acquiring value and worth (maybe from the scare of overpopulation and resource scarcity myths and similars when in all truth real estate should go down, way down always, because we have excess capacity, we have way more houses empty now than ever (15 million in the USA, 20 million in Europe from Lisbon to Moscow, go figure), can build them quickly and cheaply if only someone would pay some peanuts for them and real estate should always go down because you have to maintain a structure that decays and grows old everyday, in short, real estate is mostly a loss and a pain in the ass to maintain and always has unforeseen problems popping up from nowhere, now who on earth was such a jackass and idiot that thought that real estate should “go up” ?).

But these one trick ponies are dead, have run their course, now there is nothing left. We had the 20th century that added real effective new inventions one after another like magic, first cars (and all the successive 100 years of improvements, markets, brands, economies of scale, prices lowering due to technology, you name it) and this all generated work for millions in factories, showrooms, loans, etc. And then air traffic with jets, another innovation and invention that generated all kinds of jobs by the millions, and TV and then the final perfect model for the myth of “innovation” and “research and development”, etc. the MICROPROCESSOR: this really fooled everyone that real magic was operating in the economy and system and capitalism, no one noticed that this was a one trick pony based on Moore’s law (one of those unique, one time quirks, one time lucky windfalls, like the discovery of electricity, happens once in a thousand years), that you could put ever more transistors on a silicon chip and produce electronics, consumer electronics, microcomputers (then applied all over the place from the 1960s to the 1980s), and then the Personal Computer and all of its software (once again applied all over the place and generated millions of jobs in all kinds of endeavors associated with it) and finally the Internet that once again created all kinds of activities and jobs and returns on investments.

The final innovation is in Health Care, Drugs, as in a population that grows old and has to save itself and try desperately to keep on doing the things it did up until it was about 40 or 45 years old. But this turned out to be just a mega ripoff based on the necessity of avoiding pain but forcing people to pay higher and higher prices for something that should be free as it is a basic necessity (just like real estate and houses).

But all of these fun and games are ending real fast exactly because all the research and technology and computers (why on earth was the computer invented in the first place ? to get rid of work, to automate labor, to render the employer independent of employees making him get essentially free work from a machine) operate exactly to get rid of labor, is successful only in as much as it can streamline and eliminate work and labor and mostly people from all productive endeavors: these technologies serve to get rid of people, people that want to be paid and are always a pain in the ass, and always cost too much and always have so many problems and defects, that anyone would greatly be relieved to not depend on these total turds anymore.

So this is the situation: all the innovations that generated jobs are finished, now it is payback time, in the sense that first the innovations created the jobs, now it is time to make the innovations pay back, and they are paying back big time by eliminating all kinds of jobs worldwide as fast as possible. And in the process making corporations and the ruling class gain profits beyond their wildest dreams.

The corporations and rich have trillions of dollars sitting in banks (or wherever) not doing anything, not knowing what to do with all that cash (I estimated that 40 trillion dollars the rich have worldwide could create 400 million free salaries of 10,000 dollars a year worldwide (which is a very high salary in most of the world) for 10 years) but the rich and hogs just prefer to keep it under their beds. And this finally brings me to the real situation and message of the modern era:


There is no labor or activity people can do that can generate a profit anymore, hence why invest in hiring people, why invest in people anyways since they are all total turds ? And the workers have no incentive to work anymore given such a low salary and high Health Care and Rents and others they have to pay, so why work anymore ? The economy is in a deadlock people aren’t hired because there is nothing they can do to generate profits and people don’t work because there is no work they can do that can make them profit from their work.

But the entire idea of investment, of something that improves, in the idea that you can do something to gain, to get something more back is at a dead end: not only in the economy but in all endeavors, in all social activities, in all possible activities, there is nothing worth doing anymore, nothing can be done to get more or improve or to get something better, all we do and can do generates not only diminishing returns, but negative returns, if you start out with 100 and do something, anything at all, in any possible activity you end up getting 70, and even less and less, so nothing is the best thing you can do, do nothing, give up real fast, watch TV, end of story.

All of the improvements that we expected to keep on having forever, all the huge contrasts that all of the novelties and improvements generated in the 20th century in all cultural affairs also, like in Music Elvis and the Beatles (the surprise factor, the novelty, the contrast with what was before) the contrast between generations, all the Modern Art, the Experimental, the Avant Guard, the new generation always having something new and better to do and new and better ways, the entire mythology of new is better, all kinds of new things, the drugs, the LSD, the experiences, free sex and love, you name it, all the novelties and inventions, Movies, TVs and Internet and books (an infinite amount of new books and ideas, a never ending array) and all kinds of new theories, Marx, Freud, philosophy, Women’s liberation, queers, you name it, all the new and better, and novelties and new is better and all the contrasts with what was before and other Science and Technology novelties (DNA, the Atom bomb, Nuclear Energy, Einstein, the Military Technology) all the improvements (imagined or real ?) the exploration, the Doors, Space exploration, the Future, 2001 a Space Odyssey, Pink Floyd, Progressive Rock (notice the word PROGRESSIVE used in the 1970s) a never ending array of novelties and cultural affairs that went towards the Future, Progress, Better, Newer, the entire idea of you can invent something new, you can innovate, there is something new and better that can be and will be done, well:


Now there are only two things left to really do:

  1. Free Salaries and Cheap Rents since the economy won’t generate jobs and the entire fairy tale of jobs even necessarily having to be generated (who on earth ever thought that jobs are a natural disposition of things anyways ? the idea is and has always been to do less work possible and technology is forcing this on everyone anyways), money will just keep on being hogged up and concentrated in fewer hands (there is absolutely no mechanism at all that can change this, in fact those that are losing are doing everything possible to lose even more and sustain the “moral” position that free salaries and cheap rents “are wrong” hence giving all that money completely for free to those already super rich, go figure). And huge public private projects hiring millions for Rockets to Mars, trillions of skyscrapers, high speed trains, you name it. Not because of the profit motivation or for gains but to give Pride, Ambition, Meaning, a Goal, a collective aggregated symbolic social meaning (and therefore Metaphysical goal, like Hitler gave the Germans under the Nazi myth) and a Function (give them a function they will be happy) to millions of unemployed worldwide so they don’t just throw themselves down the toilet, as Man is a Turd, so they know they are turds and hence they would just throw themselves down the toilet.

  2. Modify the neural networks of minds, whether trying to follow some scientific and logical path, or more simply and bluntly through the Instant Singularity, sticking wild chemicals and signals and symbols in wildly modified brains - minds. These weird minds perceive a new universe, actually exit our universe and enter a new one that has nothing to do with ours anymore (hence the end of the idea of progress or a sequence of events that lead up to an aggregated conclusion, this disconnects the sequence, there is no longer any idea of time, or linear progress, or before or after, it can no longer be compared to what existed before because before is totally unrelated to the Instant Singularity), hence this is the end of our civilization, but even more so the end of Science and Progress, but even more so, a new Big Bang, a New universe with totally new laws of physics and logic and metaphysics and the very concepts of non contradiction and identity and existence no longer operate, hence even the Technological Singularity and the Big Bang and God himself are puny concepts and ideas compared to this one. On a side note, this idea of the Instant Singularity, Modified new Minds and Brains (or even the old fashion Technological Singularity) may be the very last and most deeply faith based concept of Investment, and Gain and Profit possible. The concept of Investment brought to its extreme consequence. The concept of doing A and getting something more, in this case a new universe - life - physics - metaphysics.

So the entire concept of investment is done, over, dead. We invent all kinds of make believe activities that simulated a kind of imaginary investment, a kind of imaginary activity, a chore, a task, a start point → path → target (often simple, so we are guaranteed to always win, like play a video game or watch a TV program, or go to the Mall and buy some crap), a kind of better, a kind of if I do A, I gain something, or make believe I gain something, so that makes you feel satisfied and OK. Now you are OK, etc. Well there is nothing left to do, no investment possible, nothing that will make you feel OK, now every activity is going backwards, you feel worse and worse, no matter what, you lose more and more no matter what, so the entire idea of better, do this and you gain (like jogging and exercise or whatever, anything else), invest in this you will gain, put effort in this you will gain (win ? be better ? improve ? ALL FALSE), is dead and gone, now it is only loss and losses forever. AMEN.

Quo Vadis, Baby ?

Am i the only one here who appreciates your work? I think most of what you say is true, I’ll skip over the things I have a problem with and proceed to the solution. I know what your solution is, you’ve only repeated it one million times, the question is, how do we convince government to adopt your solution? Answer-- collective action, we need to collectively rob the rich. How do we do this? Answer-- I was thinking of making a youtube video proclaiming that-- october 10th (or december 21st, tie it in with the whole 2012 Nibiru thing) 2012 shall now be known as, 10% day. On 10% day, everyone will pay 10% for all essential goods and services (namely food and rent). That is, from that day forward, everyone will walk into the grocery store, collect their weeks worth of groceries, and bring it to the cashier. Then the cashier will say-- that’ll be 100 dollars please, then you will hand them exactly 10 dollars and walk out with the groceries. If everyone, or even if 1% of the population did this, there wouldn’t be enough jails to put all these “thieves” in, therefore, we’d get away from it. I agree, I don’t think we should work anymore, the 21st century shall see the death of work. Thus, oranized mobocracy, true direct democracy shall bypass the antiquated representative democracy of the 20th century, just as leisure activities shall overtake the antiquated work activities of the previous century. Let’s face it, our governments won’t respond to you, they have been held captive by their greed. We shall directly, through a leader or through online voting, legislate laws and force governments to follow them, we shall collectively break their obselescent laws.

How do you know that progress is done with? You stated that it was done with many times but where is the evidence?

We wouldn’t need all this, “progress”, if it wasn’t for overpriced necessities.


Right Wing Thug says:

“They will PISS IT AWAY, like they always have and always will.”

I answer:

Tell me in what instance money is “not pissed away” ? Money is pissed away always, no matter what, it is always wasted, it is defined as “pissed away” from the outset as it can only ever and always be pissed away (it really can’t do anything else but be wasted, only some think that it is wasted if it is used for C and “productive” if it is used for D while others think that it is wasted if it is used for D and “productive” if it is used for C (and it often coincides nicely with who gains by C and D as in if I gain by C then using it for C is not wasted, you get the idea)), only that the guy getting it always thinks that it is spent wisely since he is getting it, and the guy not getting it always think that it is wasted, go figure.

There is nothing productive that money can do anyways, it is always just a fight, just a contention of resources, just A against B, A wins B loses, A gets “more money”, B gets less money, end of story. Now what is morally, politically or logically - spiritually or metaphysically correct about any of this ? Nothing at all, it is just your same old turdy people with their turdy minds, and that old obsolete clunker of their brain acting like the turd that it really is and just being greedy and hogging up all they can no matter what the excuses and/or the theoretical - moral - religious, you name it models they present to justify that they just want more, want more than you, want to win, want to win the contention of resources and money and goods, and directly or indirectly the distribution of pain and pleasure in such a way that more pleasure is handed to the greedy turd of the moment that wins and less pleasure is handed to the pissed off loser of the moment.

Therefore fabian, go build your Rockets to Mars and Trillions of Skyscrapers and stick wild symbols and chemicals and wild electrical signals in that puny brain - mind of yours, misunderstand everything, tear the mind apart, blow it up into billions of pieces and just stick it all back together again in the most crazy random fashion, you will enter some really wild, incredible, unknown universes with laws of physics and experiences beyond any possible thing you can imagine! and this is what all 7 billion turds on earth must do, now, right away, you can do it, go man go, do it, be a good little boy, do it for Mommy, while she cooks in the kitchen and you play in the backyard of your suburban house and your Daddy works at that crappy corporate job that always wants to hose him, go figure.

Another infinite recursion of metaphysical and logical short circuits and mental computer programs got crashed when you said that I write a lot and say little, interesting, I am trying to figure out the difference, wow, that is driving me nuts, go figure.

Quo Vadis ? Baby …


“Diabetes was unknown in aboriginal culture before the white man arrived.”

No, diabetes and a never ending array of “problems” and “sicknesses” were not even perceived as such, were not even considered wrong, or a defect or a sickness until a very specific way of thought created abstract models of perfection or correct or “healthy” that most people should abide too according to pure statistics and consensus as the majority rules, what the majority does or is or how they live or whatever is defined as correct by shear numbers and as such becomes some kind of spiritual and metaphysical value, a target to reach for, a model of “correct”. But in other civilizations or cultures or whatever, they didn’t even notice the difference or maybe just assigned it different meanings or most likely just ignored it all together as in simple cultures you just live and die end of story, there are no complex goals and models and targets to reach. Science and Information has created more problems by simply defining them into existence, inventing them, information invents reality and invents problems and or solutions to no end, and comparing them to some kind of “normal” which in nature doesn’t exist: in nature everything is wrong and abnormal, there is no normal, everything is wrong and bad, there are no models or targets to reach. All of these sicknesses and targets and new targets, new discoveries, new sicknesses and such are all due to a very particular and quirky form of thought our civilization invented, as Man is the Infinitely Programmable Machine.

Well I don’t see any really new processes and inventions that can make such radical changes that have been achieved in the last 200 years, so progress is mostly over, we are now just optimizing, just improving, just perfecting the details, etc. Case in point, Facebook or IPHONE etc. are just new combinations of previous applications, Facebook is just a sophisticated forum - blog form, and IPHONE is just a computer put in a small package, etc.

Another case in point, if there was all this research and science and all of this return on investment by putting money and resources in Science, Technology, Research, etc. then why does Google and Microsoft spend billions to no end in just buying up other corporations and not in the new great discoveries that are still to be made ? Because they know that it is over, that now it is just fun and games seeing who wins and loses, just the contention, the fight counts, A against B and who wins, end of story.

Why did the FED give trillions to banks and not invest it all in the new great imaginary Return on Investments that Research and Development and Technology should give back ? Because they know that it is over, 90 % of the really important results have been discovered, applied and achieved, now we are left with breadcrumbs, therefore split the brain (like the atom), crack it open, change it wildly and crazily, connect it all backwards, upside down, in the most crazy random way possible, like a turbulent flow of liquids, like a stellar plasma that is going crazy, in all kinds of directions, no patterns, no models, no rules, no logic, and this new mind will enter a new universe with new laws of physics, new laws of philosophy and metaphysics and existence and contradiction, wild symbols going crazy, and on and on…


With regards to:

"These weird minds perceive a new universe, actually exit our universe and enter a new one that has nothing to do with ours anymore (hence the end of the idea of progress or a sequence of events that lead up to an aggregated conclusion, this disconnects the sequence, there is no longer any idea of time, or linear progress, or before or after, it can no longer be compared to what existed before because before is totally unrelated to the Instant Singularity), "

Actually, automatic for the people always disconnects a sequence from another, you turn the corner and see a new house, the sequence of events that constructed that house occurred step by step sequentially but in parallel to you, but the information you obtained, you got all together, in one shot, all of a sudden, instant information, a new configuration of information that is disconnected from the previous (but occurred in parallel) so an instant new world (just like the Instant Singularity). Also a sequence in time or space is equivalent they are just snapshots of information whether organized spatially or temporally (or mixed, hmm… new ideas?).

But then cause and effect, the step by step sequence of life just makes it reasonable, makes it a slow gentle flow that justifies each step according to the previous, but these steps are arbitrary, are not connected at all, they are just one snapshot after another of a configuration of Matter, Mass Energy showing itself off in a new combination, in a new style, but the style changes slowly so you can follow it and compare it (and judge it) to the previous and can remember it and deal with it (no sudden changes and sudden emotions or pains/pleasures) so you can rationalize it and put it into some fairy tale model of reality that is supposed to be linear, smooth, cause and effect, mathematical: but nothing is further from the truth, reality is chopped up, no logic, no cause and effect, no model, and all of a sudden, when an instantaneous change occurs and surprises you, you realize this and stop believing in the symbols and denotations and religions. On a side note, a modified mind used to constant wild changes (and wild swings of sensations, emotions, wild swings of pain/pleasure, etc.) would feel completely lost (or bored ?) in such a slow linear moving world as ours is (or is our world just a game between fast changing and slow changing, information is fast changing - instantaneous, the physical world is slow changing, light weight material (information and energy cheap) against heavy weight material, the information economy, ever faster changes (to hose you quickly?) and the old economy based on manufacturing heavy weight goods that have inertia ?).

Actually most of the myth of new and better and innovation and progress is based on the comparison and confrontation of a new configuration to the previous one, or to what was previously known: so when a Progressive Rock group like Henry Cow made their music, what counted was the contrast and surprise with what was known previously, was the surprise factor, the comparison, the way the information was set up, in such a different way that gave it its novelty and worth and value. But you need just one example of contrast to do the trick, all the others that imitate this just repeated a contrast that created diminishing returns, since the first one is the master contrastor. Same with so many other items and entities, the first Personal Computers greatly contrasted with the previous configurations, now each new model contrasts less and less hence a diminishing return, and so on.

So, most activities, endeavors, inventions, configurations, whatever have mostly run their course, now we just combine the elements in different ways, but the results are diminishing and we get diminishing returns: that your car has 4 airbags is such an abstract and hypothetical value of novelty compared to the luxury cars of the 1960s, there is no comparison, each new luxury car of the 1960s really seemed so new and interesting compared to airbags.


“Capital innovates and liberates, money doesn’t.
Capital multiplies through the principle of
UTILITY, money doesn’t.”

Yes, but that cycle is over, done, dead, capitalism for the most part has run its course, it was so very connected to Technology and Science and Innovation, but even more so to Consumption and Consumerism, and all of these “growing” markets, but most of these have run their course at least in the mostly developed world (the “adult” world that can’t “grow” anymore) USA, EU and JAPAN (along with some others like Canada, South Korea, Australia,etc.). In fact the only hope for some more growth is coming from China, India, Brazil and other developing and growing countries as they increase their consumption of consumer goods (and corporations profit from this), but even those countries will hit a wall, I phantom that not more than 300 million people in all will become middle class before all the negative feedback loops start kicking in, like high House prices and Rents (already happening in China), high government expenditures, debts, outsourcing to the next cheapest turd country available etc.

So this is a systems problem, I would phantom to say that not even the rich and corporations and capitalists know what is going on anymore, they don’t even have the slightest clue of what is happening to that cycle, that repetitive pattern of new invention, commercialization, growing markets, investment into it, profit, jobs, etc. that really worked so well for the last 200 years or so: now we are at the end of the cycle, the pattern, the game is mostly over, now we are in something new. I don’t even think the rich do it really “on purpose”, they could care less, they just get the cash automatically because the systems and decisions operating just hand it over to them for free, like the FED and Europe’s BANK simply printing trillions and handing it over to banks which hand it over to the rich, all for free, all for fun and games.

What they really should have done is kill all real estate values, slash them all down violently worldwide by 90 %, and call all real estate loans a total loss, and completely fail the banks and all the investors who put money into these things.

On another note, why do the HOT bitches phck ? Why do people phck ? Why do they enjoy and have pleasure and gain, and have fun ? Why not me ? Why am I the loser and a puny pussy whip, puny impotent shrinking violet, puny crap that is grateful that the next heartbeat actually occurs ? Why do I then hate all their guts so deeply, why does Bustin (and the other HOT bitches on this blog like Alexandra, San Jose Mommy, you name it, all and everyone) ph*ck and enjoy ? Why does he do that to me ? (and all the Niggers and Latinos and all others) why does everyone do that to me and kill me ? why do they have pleasure, why are their needs satisfied, any needs, even like if they are hungry they eat and then are satisfied, and all other possible needs and wants ? Why does that make me crazy with hate, rage, envy and anger ? Why do I think they all should burn in hell for infinite time and infinite pain while only me, out of thousands of trillions of pleasure balls enjoying, only me be one pleasure ball, and all of the others become pain balls ? I hate everyone’s gut, kill them all kill and destroy and demolish this total reality, I win, you see, even Mommy says I win!

This is what Matter did to me. This is what the Laws of Physics did to me. Now how can that be fixed ? It can’t therefore I am a pissed of loser, I have been defeated by Mass Energy and Matter (or maybe if I split my brain and change its design I can win).

Therefore kill Nature and Mass Energy and Matter, kill all and everything, if all dies I win, finally, but I wouldn’t be there to enjoy (but could suffice if I just kill one, namely myself maybe).

On another note, what is the speed of Time ? How fast does Time travel ? Well information has infinite speed, it is faster than the speed of light which is always associated with some physical entity, but information is pure abstraction and has infinite speed, since all travel in space is just a configuration of information changing constantly as you move and all sequences in time are also a configuration of information changing constantly, hence time travel and space travel are one and the same, hence the real speed limit of the universe is not the speed of light, but the speed of information which is infinite by definition.

Amen, may GOD be with you.


Right Wing Thug says:

“Inwardly you are ashamed of who you are, and you should be, that makes sense, because you and your “philosophy” are wholly useless.”

“Stop being a parasite”

I answer:

Ok, criticism accepted, I am so ashamed of myself, I know, I suck and so forth and so on, it is all fine with me, it is all ok for me, I am worthless, useless, but tell me:

  1. What other possible mechanism besides Free Salaries and Cheap Rents is available for millions of unemployed and poor worldwide in a world economy that is eliminating all kinds of labor worldwide ever more by using technology, automation and cheap third world salaries ? Do you know of any other solution that could work ?

  2. Weren’t all the bubbles that were created by Real Estate prices going up for no reason, and all those who gained, all the trillions the FED gave to banks and others for free, and all the trillions the rich and corporations have worldwide from profit (read using 100 dollar a month factory workers at FOXCONN China for example to build IPHONES, etc.) by parasites ?

How may parasites are there in the world ? And even if I am a small parasite, I am small, how many BIG parasites are there in the world ?

Right Wing Thug says:

“True, if there were no public education then new types of private schools would emerge. These schools would probably be priced to a level where most could afford them, as of course you cannot sell a service which costs too much money.”

I answer:

Yes you can: services (and goods) that cost “too much money” are sold all the time to create the loan and debts, just look at Health Care and Real Estate prices. And I corrected a spelling error, say thanks.

You should get involved with a group of Anarchists, those guys are crazy and up for anything. You’d have no trouble convincing them, you might be able to convince some criminals too, particularly young ones or just young rebellious kids in general, and you might be able to convince some of the poor in general.

The problem is this won’t amount to many people at all on a nationwide scale. I’m sure jail could spare a couple of moments for each person in such a relatively small group, at least to add to their criminal records and slap them with a fine. It’s the vast majority who you need on your side, and inspiring them to action is no easy business. Many are too tired, worried or scared to do anything “naughty”, many are actually fine with how things are or at least kid themselves that they are. I’m not sure who is more stubborn to act, the majority or opinionated intellectuals - so many of the latter rationalise themselves into inaction due to things like postmodernism. I support postmodernism but to use it as an excuse is to misunderstand it.

If you could somehow win over some of these people too, then you might make your 1%. In England, a good protest on some moral issue to which everyone can relate might attract around 1% of people to the capital city. The overwhelming majority are obedient citizens who wouldn’t act illegally for the cause in question if you paid them. Many would rather endure shit just to make sure they can reliably maintain access to food and electricity. Many will actually vote the cause of the shit back in at the next general election. Not even widespread revolution in northern African countries could inspire much revolutionary spirit in the citizens of the main Western Capitalist players. I think most people would rather believe in democracy.

I’m not trying to be a downer, though no doubt that is what I am being. I just think that the realism of the situation needs to be put into perspective in order to get real results. And I think issues such as this beg for real results.

Even so, you should do this 10% day thing. 10/10 is catchy though the 2012 Nibiru thing might attract some religious nuts if you can link your cause to some piece of religious text. The longer you prepare, the more people might be reached. Though leave it too long and people will forget about it - unless perhaps they are periodically reminded, with a proper push in spirit as the time actually approaches.

Remember to take into account: the more people that show interest, the more counter-action will be considered on the side of businesses. Security will be beefed up in large shops, for example. Video surveillance drawn attention to, warning signs and general fear tactics. Many people will bottle out as people get arrested in front of their eyes - some arrests will be made to start with, even if it means running out of police after a while, and this will act as an initial deterrent that may stop the whole thing before it gets off the ground.


Do you ph*ck a lot fabian (and anyone else) ? do you have pleasure ? I hate that you do, I hate you for that, don’t do it anymore, just like the priests say to young boys, just don’t do it. I forbid you and anyone else, so now there I win, ok ?

You guessed right turd, I want to use your money, just like the money of 7 billion turds on earth for the symbol, the denotation, the ambition, the goal that I established as the only possible worth following : trillions of skyscrapers, trillions of rockets to mars, etc. infinite pain for everyone, thousands of trillions of pain balls while I am the only pleasure ball, no sex here (if I can’t get none, then no one can get any, no more fun for anyone, I hereby forbid all sex and any kind of pleasure for anyone under my iron fist dictatorship, so don’t do that or anything else, just don’t do it, don’t kill me and punish me), no pleasure here for anyone, now they all deserve and will get the infinite pain of hell forever, 24 hours a day of forced labor to build trillions of skyscapers and rockets to mars, modified minds and brains, only the symbol can justify hell, so no pleasure for anyone else anymore, there, iron fist communist dictatorship, I have finally come out of the closet, I have finally revealed my real self, full of hate, envy and desire to punish billions of turds who don’t know better and must be programmed to follow my idea of goal, only my idea, only I win, only I against all and win, so there I got you back. Satisfied now ? Oh, guess what ? it looks like a fight, A against B, and A wins, A being me.


"One of the things that strikes me as odd is the idea perpetuated around here that things were Better in the Past and that the USA is now teetering on the edge of disaster. Got some news for ya – the PAST SUCKED for mostly everyone. "

I answer:

In the end it is always one idea against another with no deeper reason or meaning no spiritual or religious or metaphysical superiority of one idea compared to another, that is why it always ends up in simply a fight, simply a contrast of will powers, simply A against B, who wins, who puts their idea action, which idea will create the laws the common world shared by different will powers all in contrast and in contention with each other must abide to, which idea will define and set up and assign the rules, therefore reality, which idea will define reality.

So fabian wants his money to do what he pleases, I want a central government to get his money and do what I please and namely use it for Rockets to Mars and Skyscrapers, there is no superiority or correct or moral value of one idea against the other, they are only artistic choices, aesthetical choices, I want to use him as a tool, he wants to do whatever, but since anything he does is worthless as he is a turd, as in Man is a Turd by definition, from the outset, then I see no reason to let him have his own money instead of using it for higher goals and symbols I arbitrarily assign as valuable (it goes without saying that even my idea is just as worthless but the only idea that has any value is the idea and model and rules that are forced upon the collectivity by force, even when it is “democratic”, because democracy really simply means who is better at brainwashing everyone that their idea is good and better, end of story). Of course, if everyone agrees to mind their own business and do whatever they want like fabian wants to, fine, but then there will always be one out of a billion that want to use fabian as a tool, that want to interact and command him and force him to abide, there will always be just that one guy that will search him out and want to fight and want to win, as ideas exist only in as much as they are confronted against each other, compared against each other, and crystallized into a fight and contrast and contention of will powers and which will win.

And so it is with all ideas, even JHK’s fairy tale view of the past that is supposedly correct and good when it was simply another configuration of crap set up in some arbitrary way with no further value or goal or superiority with what is set up today: it is just his artistic aesthetic choice to like the 18th century against suburbs, but there is no reason to assign that crap as superior, just as there is no reason to assign nature as superior to skyscrapers, it is just a religious like choice, an artistic choice, as for example I hate nature, I would get rid of carbon atoms from the universe and like it all to be just giant car engines, atomic car engines and uranium and iron and steel and all heavy metals, end of story, but not because it is really superior to nature, but just for the fun of it, for the contrast it opposes to nature, for the fight, who wins and who loses. Just like natural evolution doesn’t tend towards anything, every organism is just a temporary combination in a temporary equilibrium with its “environment” with its action and reactions and play of forces, but that can change in a jiffy and create a completely new configuration of forces, so it is with societies and civilizations and choices, so we now have suburbs and cruising for burgers, maybe in the future we will have something completely different, but not because it is morally or spiritually or metaphysically superior, but just because, for no reason at all, just because the play of forces randomly created this new configuration.

As far as how bad things were in the past, this was mostly due to society that still didn’t have so much Automatic for the People operating as today (and from the fact that people simply sucked even more than today and were even more turdy than today), now since so much hard labor and effort has been eliminated from the production processes, there is less violence or it is more detached, less direct confrontation, as people can let off steam in imaginary fights in video games or by watching movies and TV shows simulating the fights or letting off steam on internet blogs and forums as everyone is an anonymous coward that would never confront and talk to people in real life as you can on all these blogs and forums (just like me and fabian and others, all anonymous cowards that would never really fight in the real world).


BS Article : … ca/241200/

That article is insane, we need to do the exact opposite, a huge deflation of costs, especially in the services sector like health care and housing and others, the guys writing that are totally clueless idiots. AMEN.

“Geographic concentration and clustering speeds the transmission of new ideas, increases the underlying productivity of people and firms, and generates powerful economies of scale.”

Odd, wasn’t that what the Internet was supposed to do ? Isn’t the entire “ideas”, “service economy”, “information economy” supposed to be independent now from geographical location ? Or is it all the same old BS, builders and real estate entities want to concentrate people in “high cost” areas for the status challenge, to force them to pay more to live, etc. By now we should have all been telecommuting to the fairy tale jobs that were still left, go figure. More BS and ever more BS, BS forever…

“6.8 million of them will be high-skill, high-wage work in the knowledge, professional, and technical sectors of the economy.”

Wow, cannot phantom what on earth they will be doing for 8 hours a day, what informational and physical manipulations and transformations they will be doing for 8 hours a day, everyday (and a job that should last at least a few years, sounds like science fiction much more than Skyscrapers on Venus if you ask me) that will somehow generate a profit to the employers, that can somehow create “value”! Maybe just a bunch of BS fluff as usual, never ending “meetings”, talking on cellphones about fluff and crap and more fluff forever, more BS and ever more BS forever… but in reality paid by excess capacity generating huge amounts of free wealth to keep on paying people to do fake - make believe jobs, the Technological Economy generating free money and wealth for all, even though everyone thinks their “job” is so necessary and important, incredible!

"If we’re serious about creating good, family-supporting jobs, we have no choice but to upgrade those service jobs and turn them into adequate replacements for the blue-collar jobs that have been wiped out. We did it 70 or 80 years ago when we transformed manufacturing jobs from low-paid, dangerous work into high-paid jobs; we must do it again. "

Insane ideas, well guess what ? we could do it 70 years ago because there was still 70 years of new inventions, applications, technologies and markets to develop for everyone to work in, from cars to jets to computers, etc. Now it is over, done, the great leap of progress has occured and is done with, now there are no new sectors - inventions and markets that will ever be able to generate nearly as many jobs as cars and jets and computers and many others generated and now all these advancements are killing ever more jobs by automation and economies of scales, optimizations, globalizations, you name it.

The guy who wrote the article is an idiot.

And no mention of BUS systems.


With regards to:

“6.8 million of them will be high-skill, high-wage work in the knowledge, professional, and technical sectors of the economy.”

Especially if the knowledge workers, technicians or information workers are actually producing anything of value (aggregating their labor into some collective effort leading up to a solid result or product or discovery, collective action building a solution): since information and knowledge is produced only once and then utilized an infinite number of times after the “discovery” or “invention” over and over again, and since this information should improve, optimize, automate, create a gain and profit, then the very production of it should end up killing jobs big time and killing especially its own job since once it is discovered, there is no use/need for the inventor to discover another one (or maybe they imagine a fairy tale world where you can invent a new productive invention everyday, wow, talk about science fiction). As if you can discover electricity everyday all over again, or an equivalent new distinct discovery as important and fundamental as electricity everyday.

Just this shows how absurd and unrealistic the entire idea of innovation, research and development creating jobs really is. But maybe what they really want to say, is invent fake innovations, fake jobs, make believe everything you do is brand new and productive and important, as show and tell and make believe and sell crap, fluff and fairy tales, like the IPHONE becoming this great new gadget no one could ever imagine.


70 Years Ago

But that is the point, 70 years ago there was still so many manufacturing and technical and you name it activities where skills, effort and merit, education still had some relationship with your outcome (of course pure luck and random events always played an important part, but anyways), there was some kind of logic, some kind of linearity with work activities, etc. But in the last few decades, Excess Capacity and the Technological Economy has made work ever more optional, fun and games, ever more quirky, people’s based, especially the quirky judgment of people’s based, marketing based, who can convince who that something has more imaginary value than something else (like Apple with its IPHONE, just a lucky guess in the end, a lucky quirky break, they have a consensus based market where everything they do is considered magic and great, their reputation is their most important asset, just like IBM’s or BMW’s (the car is just a simple piece of iron just as good as any other)), the reputation, the mass consensus on anything, if a turd is considered gold, then a billion people will imitate everyone else and buy it, etc.

So this is the present day situation, there is often no amount of effort or skills or education that can make you “advance” or improve as most of the necessary nature of work and labor today has evaporated away (or evaporated away into 3rd world countries paying 100 dollars a month, etc.), what is left is the people stuff, the marketing, the guessing game, you name it.

So maybe this is what they mean by “Professional Services”, the Lawyers dominated economy, if you can create a problem and billions of laws and regulations and contentions and fights around anything, you can make 300 million lawyers work around this “problem”, all conflicts and contention, all contrasting will powers and judgments, a never ending array of laws, regulations and documents, standards, etc. the services economy, the fluff and optional economy that is ever more based on people, therefore turdy, therefore an eventual living hell, as people can change their minds from one moment to another and hose you, just for the fun of it, because they are bored, and fight and all the rest.

The (developed) economy no longer wants to create something solid, something with a clear cut input → manipulation → output(result), they don’t want to build Rockets to Mars or Skyscrapers because in that case, the goal is clear, the path given, the work clearly defined and necessary, etc. No this economy wants options, and lawyers, politics and “democracy” so as to fight over everything and never decide anything, they want contentions, and billions of laws and lawyers and conflicts and regulations and a never ending forced complexity to create so much effort and work that doesn’t add up to anything and doesn’t create a solid product and result.

The ideal is to think a problem into existence, if you think about any oddball relationship, you can invent a problem and think it into existence, like Autism or Attention Deficit or such and create an economic circuit around it. The less real work that will be necessary, the more (fluff ? imaginary ?) problems and conflicts and lawyers and fights and confusion will be created and generated.

On another note, all existence is simply thinking things into existence, they exist only the time that they are present in our thought, so if you think of anything you create it and think it into existence, and assign and define it into existence, when you forget it it disappears out of existence. Of course the entire goal of memory is to re-establish and reinforce something you “remember back into existence”: if it is part of a pattern it exists, since you are already familiar with it, the memory creates the Reality and existence, but must be constantly reinforced, constantly created again, the repetitive pattern must be sure it really exists, but since it can’t be sure, it must effect its existence all over again by remembering itself, playing out itself, and thinking itself back into existence.

This is a metaphysical limit of the universe, nothing exists, but it has to desperately be repeated forever both in mind, thought and memory to try to exist when it will never be able to exist, no matter how many times you try to remember it into existence, think it into existence and play it out into existence: the only cue of reality is the pain/pleasure, sensations and emotions the sequence of events have, but this too is Matter and Mass Energy trying to force itself to exist by creating pain/pleasure as an emergency of response to ghosts. Think something into Existence, Memory creates Reality. AMEN.

Quo Vadis, Baby ?

THanks for your advice Sil, I’ll keep all that in mind.

Dinosaur turds and postmodernists like kunstler are a dead end, plus they’re rich now, and have become part of the class they once despised. We need fresh, young blood to ignite the revolt.


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On a side note, I think all our religion and christianity and the jews (the Abraham religions or Monotheistic, the Jew - Muslim and Christian religion model) really messed us all up on sex as it seems that the Japanese for example could care less about all of this…

Get Out of the Stock Market

JHK said to get out of the stock market, funny, since he said that it went from 12,000 to 12,700, it actually went way up, what’s up with that ? Simple, it is an example where the model of the world he has in mind, the linearity he imagines, the pattern that is supposed to be operating doesn’t really exist at all, is an illusion or maybe wishful thinking, and the way the stock market behaves reflects this: there are no rules, no patterns, no logic, no cause and effect, no linearity, no nothing at all, it just goes anywhere at all for any reason at all and the very fact that you can’t predict it, you can’t know (but maybe some do know if it is rigged which may be a possibility) is what gives the entire idea of playing the game, playing the Risks and Rewards game, the giant Poker game (actually all of life is just one giant guessing game and poker game, a wild guessing game, a wild take a chance and risk and maybe the pure random chaotic play of forces will make you win) its value and worth and fascination, as if the mind likes to tease itself, likes to make fun of itself and show how it is always wrong no matter what, it can always be wrong no matter how carefully it tries to understand and study the “economy” or (anything else for that matter).

This is why capitalism is so natural as it doesn’t depend on any hard core “belief” (or belief system like religion or science or metaphysics or symbols and denotations and indirections) or any hard core solid “model” but pure guessing, pure risks and rewards, pure chance, trying to make that lucky guess and since the reality of the world and physics is essentially the fact that no real laws are operating, no causes and effects, as the three body problem demonstrates, capitalism is really more natural, is closer to reality, is essentially more correct as an ideology even though I personally dislike it.

I see this with myself, I am always thinking about cheap rents and low rents when in all truth a variable rate 30 or 40 year loan (which many banks could possibly now give you) could almost do the trick in simulating a low rent, who cares about the future, who on earth is going to guarantee a steady job for 30 or 40 years, so who cares, get in the house, pay the monthly fee and the future will take care of itself, more or less, but I get obsessed and want this model of cheap rents to be the only correct model, so I too fall into the trap of thinking that only one model and cause and effect and linearity is operating, while there are alternatives.

When you think about how fake and empty all our possible models of reality are, how they are just wild guesses that sometimes just work, just from pure luck, if you see in what a total real vacuum the play of forces act out, you finally realize how mind boggling it is, how stupid and wrong it is to believe in models and rules and laws and patterns (and as a corollary religions, ideologies, models, symbols etc.), as our mind is a pattern obsessed, pattern searching and pattern saturated entity oblivious to how everything is just a quirk, with no further meaning or laws or rules then what plays out instantaneously for no reason at all. Just like JHK is obsessed on the model of Peak Oil, his entire ideology is based on this, but doesn’t he see that he could be wrong in a jiffy if they discover huge new amounts of oil all of a sudden (a real possibility) or if it is abiotic or if they discover or develop fusion energy, more efficient batteries, you name it, his entire model of reality could be demolished in a jiffy by just one bit, he is playing in all truth a wild guessing game, a wild guess and chance.

So the Risk and Reward ideology the Right Wing Thugs love so much is the only real ideology and religion that can back them up (this shows you that the myth of “Hard Work” and “Effort” is just a show they like to put on to justify people that got rich for mostly pure luck and chance as this is the real reason most people and corporations etc, get rich, not because of that oh so comforting imaginary linearity of more hard work and effort and education will make you succeed and rich, in fact so many companies have trillions of dollars in profit money not knowing what to do, if this linearity were really operating, they would be investing trillions and hiring millions in all kinds of Research and Development, but they don’t (or they fake it out and make believe they invest in Research to avoid paying taxes, but in all truth just hog it all up under the table when no one is looking)).

The pattern saturated mind, we love patterns and repetitions (like music or like lovers imagining what the other is thinking and guessing “right” and such), we are so obsessed by the comfort of the models and causes and effects and patterns, repetitive patterns, the feeling of total control and understanding that we are blind to how false this all is, how wrong it all is to believe in any of this, in this sense our mind is always wrong, because there are no patterns, no belief systems worth believing in, there is no solution to the three body problem in physics and it doesn’t matter if we are made up of a million particles or the economy and world is made up of a million particles interacting randomly and chaotically, it still has no solution, it is a digital affair, either there is the magic formula and solution or there is no solution, no matter how many particles (in fact we think that a million particles makes it harder to solve as we are so used to linearities, causes and effects, graduality, more of this means more of that, when in all truth the complexity and difficulty is exactly equivalent no matter how many particles, it is non linear, independent of the number of particles or play of forces, it has NO SOLUTION, end of story, there is nothing behind the play of forces, just effects without any cause, the end of Science and Logic, the last great religion, the last great belief system in the Model, the comforting models of reality that are just illusions and don’t exist).

And the same with all kinds of predictions JHK makes like Greece blowing up, the Euro blowing up (the Euro too has maintained its value), Saudi Arabia blowing up, etc. all a fantasy, all wishful thinking, all make believe models of a reality that follows no models (but it may be greatly rigged by the powers that be, who knows…).


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By the way, it is reference time again too! Sock it to me, Out of Sight, It’s Groovy, Give me Five, First gear all right, Second gear hold on tight, third gear out of sight!



Particle Accelerator

Why do I have so much to say ? How is it possible that I can keep on writing this kind of crap forever, always making new connections, always connecting new pieces of information with other pieces and combining them ? Why did the computer program controlling my mind crash in such a way, how can that be fixed ? Too late Jose’, it is busted, an old clunker, broken, out of order, Tilt Tilt!

Information and communication has this odd property that you can keep on saying the same or similar things over and over again forever and make the connections, new connections with similar things over and over again and it is always new or sounds always new, just like JHK’s blog, the same kind of idea repeated over and over, in different ways, a new view of something said a million times. How strange, how odd, in fact I was hoping (as a model of the mind that is always wrong, go figure) that I would finally run out of things to think and say, that it would end: nothing further from the truth, it goes on and on forever, an infinite loop, what a really strange universe we inhabit, how odd!

Like what is a distinct entity compared to separate entities, the story of your life is a whole delimited entity, but made up of events, disjoint and distinct events, or connected ? and how connected, how separated, what difference does it make what the sequence of events were, what the path was ? Same with physical entities, a person is a bag of cells, but distinct and one at the same time ? how distinct, how connected, or completely disconnected, or totally disconnected as in the delimitation and entity is a person + the car + the house he passed by, all defined as one whole indivisible entity and delimitation ? And on and on…

Like why is everything just an abstract information in the mind compared to others already present in memory and only occasionally touched by some pain/pleasure or sensation (this is why the mental models and laws of physics appear to be so important) ? If someone sees how CERN is investigating elementary particles by such a particular contraption as a Particle Accelerator, with such a particular set of rules, models and theoretical models and ideas, and the end result is only some bits on computers confirming an imagined “truth” or not, you wouldn’t believe that it is really relevant in any way: all information is always separated, and outside the mind, it is all at the same distance, even the most important bits of information are really just bits at the same distance, nothing really important (even the bit of information that a loved one died) how odd ?

If they really wanted to discover the elementary particles of Reality then they should dismantle all of our delimitations, disconnect the sequences of events in space and time, disconnect everything from everything else, there is no unit or unity or aggregate all kinds of disjoint and disconnected delimitations and entities and assign them as one unit, all the possible combinations, define and assign any entity and unit as one no matter how disconnected and disjointed, and invent new laws and models for it and go on and on…

Blocks of text and ideas and investigations that never end, go on forever, a material that is always self defining itself and investigating itself, sentences that talk to themselves, Matter and Mass Energy showing off, always changing styles, Matter is the artist…

On the delimitations, the set of things put together in a bag and considered one, or a unit, or a single entity or single item: where does it start and end, who or what defines it ? In what sense are people considered distinct when their minds and logic is more similar than any elementary particle possible, even more similar than electrons are between each other ? How odd, we are different but exactly the same, the same exact instance of each other to an infinite extreme, totally bizarre and insane if you ask me. And this sequence of symbols as sentences that fly all over the world through the internet, like the symbols want to create a physical space as large and dense and full of details as large as the earth, with all of its odd distinctions, delimitations and entities, but all the same but distinct, and each set of objects and items considered one and a unit in one instance, but distinct in another, all possible configurations, mixed and matched, and on forever.

Quo Vadis, Baby ?


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And all these posters are just one and the same, it is all just text, take away the names of all and merge the text, what do you get? Or mix them all up, it is just symbols, a sentence, a sequence of imagined lives and on and on, also you can use blogs and forums as a worldwide psychoanalytical steam off and let out of trillions of people, finally you see what they really are and think (are people just a block of text ?). Be yourself at least here.

Now don’t blame me for the double posts, go on don’t blame me, it is not my fault…

Philosophical Problem

Unemployment, Economic Recession, Jobless growth, you name it, all of these problems are essentially Artistic, Aesthetic, Philosophical, Metaphysical problems, nay, Religious problems essentially: In an economy that is mostly optional based, consumerist, fun and games based since most of the real necessary parts of the economy have been optimized, automated, you name it, what is really left are just mostly rituals to perform, optional rituals, which rituals are chosen as valuable, which are arbitrarily chosen as producing some results(none of them produce results, they are all just imaginary values and results attached to imaginary rituals, repetitive patterns of behaviors and activities and physical and/or informational manipulations - transformations that just repeat a similar sequence of activities over and over again with some slight changes, just like writing these blogs and blocks of text, that are connected to exchanges of money, to transactions, but there are no real necessities behind them like agriculture or manufacturing).

Just think agriculture in the developed world gives work to 2 % of the working population, manufacturing only to about 20 % at most, so what is left are cultural choices, pure random quirky fun and game choices based on nothing at all but artistic and aesthetical choices like Movies, Music, TV, Internet, Finance, Lawyers, etc.

Like which rituals are attached to what transactions of money and goods, how are the separate economic circuits connected, from necessary to fluff and fun and games, but since each ritual corresponding to an economic exchange, an exchange of money, a transaction has a counter attached to it, a score keeping system that corresponds to profit and how much you can gain from how little input you put in to play out or produce each ritual, then they automatically become optimized and automated or whatever and then kill the jobs associated with them. Like agriculture, the most important necessity has been optimized to employ not more than 2 % of the population, manufacturing, which already starts to become somewhat optional as the products chosen start to become designs, styles, artistic choices associated with some real necessities, etc. like a simple car and then a luxury car, a simple house but then a McMansion, a simple kitchen and then a high class one full of options and fluff etc. but still tied to necessities, well even in manufacturing only about 20 % of the workforce is employed: the rest is employed in mostly fun and games, options, or some kinds of necessities that become forced and used as weapons to crush (since there are no longer any necessities hiring workers) like health care costs going sky high, House costs going sky high, maybe Water in the future, etc.

So, the real problem today, the real economic problem is purely cultural, artistic, aesthetic, really philosophical and metaphysical: which rituals and associated symbols are supposed to be valuable (always for no reason at all), what fun and games are worth playing and paying for, who or what decides (aside from the typical marketing based, brainwashing based consensus based decisions where millions are brainwashed that a turd is worth millions of dollars and buy into it, like housing, which is just a box and the prices going ever higher for no reason at all, IPHONE (just a cheap computer), health care, which is mostly routine and well known old fashioned rituals that go sky high because everyone has been brainwashed that there is some kind of scarcity going on, etc)?

Even the capitalists are mostly naive on all of this, they just operate in cruise control making believe everything is still like the 20th century, production - innovation - jobs, the fairy tale, the previous repeated patterns forever, but they are dead wrong, the game has changed forever, the pattern interrupted, now it is completely unknown what on earth millions of unemployed are supposed to do and in fact work and labor keep people from fighting, keep them from discovering the real bottom line that people are mostly and simply defined as enemies, as fights, as contrasts, as contentions, as repressed and pent up desire to beat the living daylights out of everyone else, but the jobs and rituals should hide this real essence of Man that is a Turd and just wants to fight and hate and beat each other up, but if no rituals are available anymore hiring people, they will fight it off and kill each other.

But then what is a ritual and what isn’t ? What is a necessity and what isn’t ? As Man is the Infinitely Programmable Machine anything can be defined valid and worthy of doing and anything else not, so in theory you could have a trillion new jobs all based on a trillion new oddball, the more insane the better, the more quirky and irrational the better rituals, repetitive patterns, or even not repetitive patterns, etc. so then there has never been so many potential jobs as today ? Maybe even just watching TV or simply sleeping can be defined a job, maybe all the dead are workers, doing nothing at all is ok, is an accepted profession, just do absolutely nothing 24 hours a day for trillions of years, you better like to get bored, that is the new normal, the new job, just punch the card every 1 trillion years, etc. or maybe war is the new normal, or unemployment and talking about an imaginary economic crisis is the new ritual and job, paid or not, whatever…


Quo Vadis, baby ?