Iraq Poll Updated

War? Yes, No, Maybe?

  • War is neccisarry but we have other things to do first.(I.E. War on Terrorism)
  • Inspections will resolve this issue.
  • No proof, no smoking gun, no war!
  • War is neccisarry to resolve this issue!
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Due to times changing and the inability to change the poll I create a new one for people who have voted and changed their mind to change their votes.

I am changing the setup to include newer options.

i believe that any act of war for any reason should be considered an act of terrorism

Well, that’s kinda twisting the meaning of words.

Pacifist :stuck_out_tongue:

How can this war be an act of terrorism when it will prevent terrorism. The world just stood by and watched as tyrants such as Hitler and Napolean nearly destroyed the world and caused unknown terror. Haven’t we learned from the past? Saddam Hussien seeks only wealth and power. He will stoop to the lowest of lows to get what he wants and will stop at nothing and do anything to destroy and terrorize what stands in his way. He has not listened to the UN in the past and will continue to ignore them. I do not buy for a second he has suddenly repented and does not have the weapons he requires to cover our world with terror. The UN inspectors are a joke along with the UN. Saddam is smart enough to hide anything including an atomic bomb. Heck, give me a land mass the size of California and I could hide a vault of weapons the size of Rhode Island from 128 inspectors. Saddam is an enemy to his people and the world. His regime is a organization of lies, deceit, and terror. The only thing worse than hate is organized hate. Saddam must be stopped now or we’ll be trying to stop a stronger and nuculear army in the not too distant future.

Hear hear!

“He has nuclear weapons and is willing to use them!!!” - True or Not? Well let’s just attack him and see. When we see American and British cities flattened at least we’ll know they were right.

Cuban Missile Crises. Need i say more?

You don’t get nuclear arms unless you’ve got the guts to use them. And if you’re willing to use them to attack, then you’re damned sure going to use them in your defence.

As far as I’m concerned those who want war can fight to their hearts content but when it puts the rest of us in danger…well, that’s when you see millions of people on the streets.

Not going to war puts us in more severe danger than not going to war. Saddam would attack the US and England whether we attack him or not.

We are not sure if Saddam has nukes. If he doesn’t then we have to go in and make sure he doesn’t get them. If he does and we what else can we do but attack. There are no peace negotiations with this man. War is needed.

wars never kill politicians and leaders only the people. In this case the people say no… they should listen to that

no he obviously isnt. if he were going to, he would have done so a long time ago. why would he wait til now? i agree inspectors are a bad idea. they only find what he wants them to-he isnt stupid. however, if he is as much a threat to the US and UK as our “noble” genocidal daddys-boy of a president says he is, why havent we all been killed? i see no threat to the US or UK as long we dont try to start a war solely because we havent had one for a while.

the only reasons for this war are 1. we havent had one for a while and americans cant stand not killing people different from them and 2. george w is doing what daddy wants him to do. this is just george sr. living out his dream through his son much like a dad forcing his son to play sports

Some people say no. Others say yes(hence this forum). If we didn’t go to war then other people would be disappointed too. There is not a majority of people protesting this war. It might seem like that thanks to the media. Keep in mind there were millions of people protesting America’s involvement in WW2.

there is a massive number of people protesting the war however, and in this case, the media has been trying to hide that fact until only very recently when it became to big a “problem” for them to ignore. and i dont think that thousands of people need to die because of the poor judgement of their “leaders.”

That’s fanatical. You have no reason to say those things about Bush other than because you don’t agree with him and the country and your angry he’s in power. You know that’s not true and you have no fact to back it up. You agree with me that theinspectors are being decieved. Well why would he have weapons of mass destruction if he didn’t want to use them?

as i said before he doesnt want to or else he would have.

then again, you just put a hole in your own theory. why would we have them? we obviously want to use them, and weve had them much longer than saddam has beeen around so dont say its for self defense

now they waant to start drafting people. drafts began because nobody wanted to fight the war if you have to use a draft that should say something about what the country thinks of the war.

Hey, could you do me a favour and tell where you get all this great info. You seem to know Hans Blix personally. Why do you think inspections aren’t working? Don’t gimme that **** acting like you know the whole story from a first person point of view. Just because they haven’t found what you want them to find does not mean that it’s not working. Please don’t act like your opinions are fact.

By the way, please explain (in your point of view) why America isn’t even acknowledging what’s happening in North Korea.

In laymans terms :
Iraq says, “We dont have nuclear weapons, we are complying completly with the UN and we’re willing to let inspectors in to prove it.”
North Korea says, “We have nuclear weapons, we just kicked inspectors out, we have an army of a million, and look we’re testing everything. Do you have a problem with that? Because if you do, we’d love a war”

Yet all we see on the news is military buildups all over the Gulf. Please excuse my sceptic nature, but Iraq looks like teletubby land by comparison.

Now, it’ll be interesting to see whether you take the same view as the rest of the world and talk as if N.K. is on the moon.

anonymous, you need to take your own advice. Just as we don’t know Hans Blix or the inspections process personally, neither do you know what the Administration is or isn’t doing about North Korea. You saying “They aren’t even acknowledging…” is just based on what they choose for the public to know.
I would say that the reasons our actions regarding North Korea are less overt, and less based on military movements is because
A) We want to handle one thing at a time.
B) Iraq is in violation of the peace terms of a war we already faught with them, and always has been in violation, which essentially means we never stopped being at war. The Iraq issue has been going on for more than a decade.
C) By all accounts, a military build-up near North Korea would provoke a war, or at least that’s what North Korea says. On the other hand, it’s demonstrable that Saddam doesn’t listen to anyone unless they threaten violence. That’s why war is suited to the Iraq situation, and not (at this point) to the North Korea situation.

it is better for NKorea to pay attention to our left hand in IRAQ so we can sneek our right hand in for their nuke program

I didn`t believe that anyone could actually swallow that BS, but I was obviously mistaken. Saddam has no missles capable of attacking the US/UK, and is not sufficiently suicidal to try that even if he could. Even the warmongers have given up with that line now as it is so unbelievable. The terrorist link has largely been abandonned now too, as the evidence for a link to OBL is laughable. Blair been forced to resort to the “moral argument”, that Saddam is a bad man and must go. There are many more “bad” leaders in the world, causing more damage to their country and people than Saddam. The moral argument does not support a war against Iraq now.

If the main concern of the US is that a nuclear weapon might fall into terrorist hands, then there are more obvious areas of concern. The decaying Russian military is a liability that should first be solved. Then there is North Korea, which has nuclear weapons and trades scud missles with known terrorist harbouring countries. Both are more of an immediate and significant threat than Saddam.

I am getting bored of talking about oil, so I`ll just slip this in at the end. Even the pro-war commentators in the UK now argue bluntly, securing Iraqi oil for the Western economy is worth a war.

When it comes to international politics, you only ever tell your own people enough to get backing, but not enough to give the game away to your enemy. I believe the real reason for this war has not yet been disclosed. Never forget America made Saddam, so Saddam is now no longer of value and it’s time for a new Iraqi leader.

Also look at what’s happening to your personal liberty laws in the name of Terror. Remember the show trials of the 50s? If not you’ll be seeing them again real soon.


…and Americans wonder why so much of the world dislikes them. :unamused: