Is Carleas intentionally underming this section?

I propose a new debate, participants bring… everyone… in a vs battle against Carleas.

Is Carleas intentionally trying to destroy this section of the site, turning it into a joke and mockery, a vestigial remain?

Or is he being overly anal retentive, thinking he IS philosophy, and knows better than everyone else how a formal debate should unfold?

Notice there are more unicorn sightings each year than debates in this section. We only have Carleas to blame for this. We’ve tried to get rid of this section… but no… no… he knows better. Then whenever a debate arises, most get shot down, and it certainly isn’t from quality control, last two debates were jokes.

What exactly are you trying to do here?

This isn’t hard, you make it hard. The question is why do you do it? What exactly are you hoping for? You take a decent idea, then you tie it down with crazy restrictions, and everyone after avoids and mocks it. You do that, not me, not anyone else… there are a handful of people who don’t like me, they would be having a debate every other day if it was just me, purely out of spite. It is everyone being not into this.

Delete the section, or perestroika it. It is fossilizing as it is otherwise.

Why do you think I took on the Turd Ferguson persona. It wasn’t out of some fecal fetish… others, starting with Gib, focused on that and I happily obliged them (some of these people have weird tastes)… it was done purely to address the Anal Retentive traits the moderation on this site was showing. Thus goes a lot deeper than your childish feud with Satyr.

Honestly dude, what is going on? Is the wife causing you issues at home, so you gotta take it out on us? You got severe OCD issues like Monk does, and gotta have everything arranged and occurring in patterns only you can see? Explain your problem to everyone so we know what the hell is going on, so we can address and and adapt, or maybe even fix it.

I read a debate here and it seems like the crazy weird shit rich white college frat house people do (only in America).

Hi Turd, looks like you’ve proposed another great topic for a debate! To get a debate going, you’ll need 1) someone to debate against and 2) an agreed format for the debate.

Getting past the first step is important both to starting a debate, and to making the case that I’m the reason your debate proposals never go anywhere.

No, I’m quite skilled at pointing fingers and talking over people, I will do this my way.

That’s it for the great debate!