Is Donald Trump Dangerous?

Is Donald Trump DANGEROUS?

  • Yes.
  • No.
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Is Donald Trump really the leader of a new, hate-filled authoritarian movement?
Is it true that nothing is more harmful to the idea of the West and world peace than Donald Trump as the president of the United States?
Does Donald Trump really want a “ruthless America”?
Is Donald Trump a neo-fascist?
Is Donald Trump a narcist?
Who is he?

He can get dangerous, by all means, he is the president with support of a Republican House and Senate, maybe with an ultra conservative justice coming into the Supreme Court, and a constituency, who get more riled up and enthusiastic in their support, the more they are led under the devolving reality of reasonable assessment of what political, social , and PSYCHOLOGICAL reality and common sense is.

In addition, a very intelligence opposed, funding hungry military may override the mostly politicized non military, public intelligence. The military needs a sub intelligent community to propel a divided nation outward, by demoting an internally focused analysis of perceptions of conflict. The myopic nature of conflict can, subsume all internal causes of blame toward external culprits, thereby creating a national emergency, which traditionally has been always successful in obfuscating what’s going on, thereby deflecting any clear accountability.

This is the only way now, that things can go on, without major disruptions.

Except, if, and for this see FBI’s Comey input some hazy statistics to prevent a total breakdown by releases absolute denial: to say that yes there was some covert stuff going on, except it’s hard to delineate. Either the one or the other. Let’s see what he comes up with tomorrow: Rationale—social policy for the sake of averting a crisis in confidence

K: comey will say whatever his overlords direct him to say…
those overlords are the rightwing types like the Cock brothers…



Is the Don dangerous? He is something with many elements. But he is now the president. If he wasn’t before (dangerous) he could be now, but whose fault is that? Don’t blame The Donald. Are the citizens of the United States Dangerous? You bet. But we have always been. It’s in the genes. Who we are and where we’ve come from; add buckets of resources and stir. Bake for two hundred years at 128 and serve. Best when served hot. Remember to stir again before serving.

Everything is going to plan

The following map shows “the world according to Donald Trump” according to the Huffington Post (UK):

Does the Huffington Post want us to take that seriously?

I think that he’s dangerous, just not dangerous enough. Tis the hand we’ve been dealt, though.

They made plans for this? That’s intriguing to me how they can plan so well; must have the future in their pockets.

Yes because is American Prezident. These guys have nukes, theyre dangerous.
Not as dangerous as the last one I think but hella dangerous nunless.

How power can absolutely corrupt the substance of a fact to the level of merely of responding to just another claim, has been shown to be the brilliant tool in the hands of Spicer, who can wrangle contrarian type interpretations out of factual data.

The press conference in his authoritarian performance could be characterized best as the shadow theatrics of hysterical defensiveness masking as truth.

The immaturity of trying to justify untenable facts, were almost stymied into oblivion. The propaganda value of pushing denials, which try to debase facts relating to actual statements, on the Obama wireing ,
if often repeated within its own vernacular, becomes, after x number of repetitions, a possible base upon which doubt arises as to the veracity of these facts.

Is this easy maneuverability in its infancy not a prelude to this type of mentality as effects proceed to accumulate and snowball the increasing effect to normalize hype and untruth?

The danger is not yet clear and present, it is inherent in the increasingly confident attitude toward the fatalistic view that power, might is right. This is where true danger lays in democratic principles, and these effects become clearly visible way before the absolute entrenchment of power make any effort to dislodge it just a vain and pitiful enterprise.

When anyone with brains will be unable to even recognize that the emperor wears no clothes. If present trends continue, truths and lies will become inseparably intertwined. By that time the meek will have no voice except to admire , and harangue in unison praises through litanies of unbridled choruses.
By that time all is lost. A reverse McCarthyism which will sing tribute to a shrugging Atlas.

Now, everything depends on the success of passing the healthcare bill, the immigration bill, the building of the wall, and then, the adverbial voices may be muted somewhat.

But, if he is working out of a script, then surely, he has higher authority to account to, and this is the last hurray, in service to The System.

The normalization always gets a pat on the back from those, who say in retort, ‘but this is the best there is’, giving up on the foundation of adhering to the original promises.

The long term effects are incalculable, but my gut feeling doesent sit well with all the hoopla.

I rest my case.

That’s nothing new. Truths and lies have always been inseparably intertwined by all kind of governments.

Yeah, but not as blatantly and brazenly in the ‘honeymoon’ phase of a new administration.

“‘Honeymoon’ phase of a new administration”?

A few women must be thrown overboard where their screams echo as there body’s drown, in clear view of the frustrated men on deck, taking much delight in such a spectacle so they don’t rush the cockpit and intentionally crash the ship killing everyone.

Load your questions much, Kathy?

Inspirational quote!

Almost all US presidents have been gangsters who support their gangsters. Trump is just the current one.

What’s your point, Gibby? :slight_smile: