Is everyone satisfied having watched Fixed Crosses' videos?

I’ve never watched any of his videos, at no point in time. For the longest time I.didn’t.even know Jakob was Fixed Cross, I never noticed that long ass thread he has.

Since Carleas fixed YouTube, I can see the image of the videos, know what his Pit of Messy Despair looks like, but never actually clicked on one. I sensed both through by Jedi Powers and Spider Sense that doing so would really suck, like… I would lose whatever faith I had in humanity left in me if I clicked.

I could tell from the image of the drums, that some music was coming, and intuitively assumed it would be horrible sounding music. Some have claimed it is so since then, but I prefer not to know. I know Nietzscheans are into.atrocious, foul sounding music, shit only another species could appreciate, but I’m quite simply human, and prefer music made for human.years, and not to torture dogs. I suspect a great many dogs are howling during his jam sessions, running loose on the streets, running away for relief. He just seems to have that sort of finesse to philosophy, so I assume it is a similar attention to detail for music.

He posts a lot of videos, are you all thankful for them? Do you rush to watch every video? Do you get a lot out of watching him walk around in the woods to show you the hollow log he hides his cheese in? Are any of you going to pass out Pezer and Jakob’s greatest hits at Christmas time as presents? Has any of their videos changed your views on anything? They seem to be everywhere, so I assume everyone but me is watching eagerly for the next installment. How have these videos changed your life for the better? Has he made you a better philosopher?

No, I’m not. Not enough gratuitous violence for me in them. If him and Pezer went a murderous rampage maybe then I would be mildly entertained.

What about the one where he throws a knife at the wall in slow-motion? Did you not find that extraordinarily exciting?

Its too funny that you watched that…

the videos have Id say an average viewcount of 45 if I only post them here. A shit rating. Obviously its not working. Still enough people watch it that I am satisfied that stupid crawling hateworms arent relevant and that people are getting something out of watching them, like I am getting something out of making them.

Just rot in private or crawl under your god damned rock or just stop bothering be, scum.

Ha ha ha, no, Nietzscheans are scumbags by their nature, it is why such losers are attracted to The Philosophy of the Defeated in the first place. They hate life, it is a form of suicide to embrace it and rename it it’s opposite for propaganda purposes. Your the one living down inside a hole in a basement in far away, cold, miserable Montreal.

I don’t know if your saying your pro or against the state of Virginia, or a woman named Virginia… I live in a separate state, called West Virginia. We got our statehood during the civil war. Two Virginias, Two Dakotas, Two Carolinas, Two Washingtons, it is like getting the Two Netherlands (Belgium and the weebops up north, the Dutch) confused back when the French and English were invading.

I enjoyed his earlier philosophy videos.

They were entertaining, even comedic.

I can’t truly orient on who appreciates what, as most people appreciate different videos. I just know that people who hate them shouldn’t be spending their time on talking about them if they are somewhat self-respectful.

Comedy styles vary throughout. Ive rarely made a video I didn’t find funny or ironic in some way. I know what I’m doing, the sort of helplessnes of the medium. But a couple of people getting stuff out of it is enough for me, like forum posts.

I dont believe in mass movement of values. I believe that the coming years no one will be able to do much, until a break point is reached. Until that moment comes I do my best to explain as much as I can about what is missing, what needs to happen.

All of my videos go into that particular issue in some or other way; what the fuck is value? How does it come about, where does it reside, what forms does it take, and most of all, how do we approach the notion?

All, war, love, goods, money; all of it is value, valuing - all political hells are caused by stupidity regarding the notion “value”.

All of it. No exception. There is only one relevant path to take in philosophy; the path toward understanding value.

Make a real philosophy video, not playing drums or doing something stupid, and I will watch it, just don’t try to have to woosified of a accent. I don’t mean merely quoting Nietzsche, but something original. I’m hardly one against comedy, but even court jesters made their comedy relevant and intellectually intriging, challenging status and privledge, causing people to reconsider accepted notions, especially vanity. I always try to be aware of this, if your not getting on peoples nerves, challenging their since of right or wrong, their ideas or introducing new ideas, then there is no philosophical point to the comedy. My goal is to be hated and loved, hated initially for the offence, but loved later on once the import of what I said dawned on them. Comedy is the hardest form of logic, in that it always aims at Catharsis. It is a hard fought methodology.

Besides, there are no good Dutch comedians, hence the concept of the “UnDutchables”.

I thought most of the videos were pretty good.