Is it necessary for your partner to be interested in ...?

Is it necessary for your partner to be interested in philosophy?

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Hey all, this is something I have thought about before and the ‘de’trop in love’ topic made me consider doing a poll.

I will choose the no option here. My gf isn’t really the philosophical type, but thats fine by me, she always takes an interest when I am talking about something philosophical I am reading, its just that she wouldn’t read it herself. I think she admires that I am interested in such things. I really don’t find it that important, as long as she can go off and read her Cosmo or something while I can go off and read Kant, Descartes etc., its all good.

I guess I am attracted to her character more than her interests, which I consider a good thing, because interests are more likely to vary over time than character is.

What are your thoughts?

Depends how interested you mean but basically, if my partner was interested to the degree I am, I could probably not hack it. It would be like never being able to get away from the office.

Hi NoelyG

Not quite the same thing, but if my wife has trouble sleeping she will ask me to “talk math to me”. People have many dimensions to them, and single issue items are not that important.

I tried to answer the poll but failed :astonished: I can’t answer I don’t know :astonished: I actually haven’t ever met any women who have been interested in philosophy. I find moreover that when I start to talk about such things that it disillusions women. It may stem from the fact that when I speak about life and death I don’t sugar coat anything, I don’t try to make my views palpable.

Hmmm Well heres the thing, everyone has a little bit of philosophy in them. Do I want a woman who is as intense about the subject as me? No probably not. But do I want a woman who does not think about such matters at all, and lives life as it is given to her, accepts the views of society, and her peers? No most definitely not.

I’m trying to visualize it :unamused: anytime I get into a conversation of considerable depth with people the room seems to take on a very intense aspect. I have friends that I get into deep philosophy discussions with. It seems like every 2 weeks or so we go into a really deep discussion. Then we barely talk for awhile(and this isn’t unfriendly, but its just like day to day stuff, we hang out but only talk about asthetics), then after awhile has passed we go into another deep discussion, and the cycle continues. This is really what happens with my friends who I speak to about such things. I can’t really put my finger on whats happening. Most likely we don’t want to have such deep conversations all of the time. I don’t know if I would want to see that cycle with a partner, and yet I doubt that I could avoid it. Lol, I just don’t know, I haven’t had a major relationship in about 2 years. I’ve grown to like barbie doll girls who are just light fun, something to do, and keep my mind off things. No one knows who they are going to fall in love with, and some never do…

Wow thats wierd that I don’t know what I want in a mate. Meh ohh well… Sorry for the rant, late night and Got some Az on, just kicking back, Nice thread though, good question, answer : I have no idea :sunglasses:

Right now I don’t want anything serious, Im gonna answer no just to see what others answered :laughing:

LMAO :laughing: all the votes are for no… wow :astonished: what does this mean… maybe we should start another thread, and discuss it :smiley: and then start another thread about why we started second thread in the first place instead of just continuing in this thread? and then we could start a thread about why we would need to discuss such an inane thing as the meaning of starting a second thread instead of just continuing in the first thread, and then since we’ve gone that far we should really define what a thread really is.

Hmm… maybe thats why^^^ we don’t want our partners to be philosophers… :astonished: :unamused: :blush: :confused:

A group of ravens is called a murder.

A group of owls is called a parliment.

A group of philosophers is called an argument.

The few philosophical types that I have known who had long-term romantic relationships had companions with interests well outside of philosophy. I think that a philosopher wants a companion who is at the same level of mind, but who also has his or her own focus.