Is it possible to have unwashed water?


Is it possible to have unwashed water? humm… ‘washed’ as in washing as a activity; usually performed with water; although water can be cleansed or washed with chemicals; to wash water youd have to be doing a activity to the water with something else. so yes id say so, it would mean all water is unwashed till washed.

Is it possible to have washed dirt? Just curious as I would like my dirt washed but don’t know where to get it done.

— If you created a single molecule of water under laboratory conditions and kept it isolated from water and other liquids, would that qualify?

Bit of a pain to have to wash the water before you use it to wash other things, isn’t it?

So in fact, rather than just using the water to wash the clothes, we’re using the clothes to wash the water as well as the water to wash the clothes? The symbiotic relationships of non-biological powder?

Certainly Sir. Let’s take it over here.

That would seem the simplest plan, but it makes doing the dishes a tad cumbersome. A liquid which is completely and purely constructed from H20 molecules should still constitute water though, provided it isn’t contaminated with any other entity? Or are you saying that water washes itself?

The number 1 definition of water ( is “to immerse in a liquid…”. The number 3 definition is to flow over, against, or past, as in “the waves washed over the shore.” I would say that water washes itself in either definition, after all the dictionary didn’t say in some other liquid. I really hate to get semantic, but that’s my present approach until i hear one better. In any event the answer ought to come out in the wash!

That solves it then.

Washington is definitely awash especially after Isabelle! :unamused: