Is it time to take from the rich to give to the poor?

Is it time to take from the rich to give to the poor?

The hockey stick graph introduced to the climate issue startled enough to start the trend to deal with it.

That shape showed the gross indecency and immorality of our collective focus.

That same immoral shape is what most countries now suffer in their socio-economic demographic pyramids, with a relatively small poor sector when compared to the whole; and especially when compared to the rich.

Statistically and in the long run, the rich have done a good job of improving our collective good.

Going from good to excellent would, cost the rich so little. I have to wonder why their demographers are not recommending that the rich take just a wee bit off the shank of the stick and fix the tip.

It is loose change (a bit of butt tape to our hockey stick), and if the rich will not fix the economy on their own, perhaps we should take their loose change, fix things, — and raise their grade to excellent.

I understand that there are already several billionaires eager to start such a fund.

Get together, rich benevolent bunch, and set things right.

That will show the world why the rich rule the world.

My rich friends. Boost the trickle down with a one time trickle up and end poverty.

Please hurry, before I must answer yes to my own question.

9 out of 10 Americans are completely wrong about this mind-blowing fact. - Upworthy

Don’t take from anyone to give to anyone. Don’t steal in any direction. Just leave people alone. Easy, done.

Thanks for this unhelpful dead end.

Seeing that the rich are using their ‘easy-attained’ wealth to circumvent elections and influence global agendas, through bribery and corruption, the ‘workers’ should be benefiting from that abuse-of-money instead.

I propose, that all workers be paid an identical wage, so as to all have the same standard of living - this would help stave-off bribery and corruption and eliminate criminal-syndicates and crime-gangs… crime could/would become obsolete.

The rich billionaires who don’t belong to the ‘benevolent’ crowd, belong in the non benevolent group. Such a group probably feels that a little trickle up defies the gravity’s realistic process, and how does money behave when it starts to rain upwards?

Deniers say that’s impossible, against natural climate change which can correct itself naturally.

Besides it does happen when water operates, and the analogy is fitting when money evaporates little by little, as more and more billionaires stay away for fear of loosing all incrementally. reduced to penury

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I like the first thought. Not that bottom piece thought.

Knowing that you were going to say that, my [prepared] response is… the ‘bottom piece’ would only be implemented for workers with citizenship and passports for their country of residence, that being the only acceptable criteria and eligibility for the ‘scheme’.

Everyone has a home, a job, a beneficial wage, a pension, an enjoyable life/lifestyle…

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Thanks for admitting your inability to argue against the obviously true thing I said. Even funnier, although not surprising, that you consider truth “unhelpful”.