is mike he a taiwanese actor gay?

there is a taiwanese actor named mike he who loves kissing men while he is also male. isn’t that sign of homosexuality? what a waste of good luks.

Well, if you weren’t living in the middle of nowhere, that might not even matter.

But, this being the philosophy forum, why is it a waste of good luks? And how might that be different from, say, looks?

Here’s another puzzler: is Tom Selleck gay?

After all, he is here:

An even more succulent-tidbit:

Robert Deniro’s dad was gay.

back in my junior years in high school there were lots of teenage boppers hollywood actors who loved kissing the same sex for example Ryan Phillipe the actor from Cruel Intentions however in the long run he got married to his girlfriend and is eventually living in the US.

just my two cents…