Is MyLilPony an "Agent of chaos" for the Homosexual Agenda?

Is My Little Pony a sign of the four horsemen, prophecied in the Book of Revelation?

Let’s find out.

Rapper Sgt. Buffalo “Beerme” Badazz seems to think, yes.
“Cartoons are makin’ kids gay. They got underdeveloped minds, they see gay s**t on the teletubes, and they like what they see, can’t get enough of the dude on dude action, it forces them to be gay. And this is all for money, they make money off kids being gay, they don’t even care about gay rights - only the money. Let kids make their own decision to be gay.”

Couldn’t agree more. When I fist saw my first lesbian cartoon (hentai) my mind didn’t know what to do. From that point on, I was addicted to lesbians, and hentai. Showing kids lesbians will inevitably overwrite their minds with thoughts of lesbians, and the inevitable result is a society of kids who want to cut off their penis and be lesbians. However, I am not so sure this is a bad thing, as lesbians are hot.

Could My Little Pony also be a culprit of this Hollywood Homosexual Agenda?

Let’s find out.

In the first episode of My Little Pony, there is a character called “Steven Magnet”, who talks with a clear lisp and has an interest in hair care. Could this be a ploy to get children to identify with this character, thinking to themselves that by being gay, they will become strong and powerful dragons, that it is associating being gay with strength, and powerful dragons?
[size=50]A strong and powerful dragon, the Steven “Magnet”, a “magnet” to inspire unsuspecting kids to become homosexuals.[/size]

Anderson Cooper and what he has to say on the gay overtones of the early 50’s Flintstones cartoon, as well as Bugs Bunny. … -old-time/

We must fight the good fight and protect our children, we must be ever vigilant and cautious of cartoons, but at the same time, give them rap music because that is a good influence.

Simple answer, yes. With you having a My Little Pony avatar Ultimate, are you serving an agenda here?

We all know my agenda, which is both global domination, and to turn everyone into my lesbian slaves.

Interesting, what about the men?

Unlike the current governments, I will allow all Men to keep their current dick and balls, however when they look and see how much fun everyone’s having they will have no choice but to get their breast and butt implanted, like this.

Not everyone has the potential for being a lesbian slave. What do you intend to do with those?

Look at her last post, it’s quite indicative.

Right indeed, my dear Joker.

All have potential to be lesbian slaves, the question is not of “if”, but of how much potential?

To be a lesbian requires being a woman. This would exclude men by very definition…

Ever heard the term “male lesbian”?

As a matter of fact my Grandfather was the leader of a biker gang, and he dubbed himself the title of “lesbian”, henceforth all leaders of the Chair will be known as “Head Lesbian”.

No but I’m all ears, albeit male heterosexual ears.

I’m not saying I want to be one but, just supposing I did, what would be the first step.

Alright, I can live with that I suppose…

Ultimate, in your world, how would a male lesbian live? What would their life be like everyday?

Me and Harbal would like to know.

It’s a scary idea but, at the same time, strangely compelling.

Lot’s of sex, icecream, and videogames.

Not exactly sure myself, but I’m sure it would probably involve butt implants somewhere down the line.

Why the butt implants though?

That doesn’t sound so horrible.

Throw in some New York strip steaks daily and I’m in…

Not quite sure. The science is in the experimental stages atm.