Is political operation wrong to need duplication?

Is it wrong, that political operatives need uniformity, despite representing difference?

‘a politic’ is only relevant to its subjective counterpart, and cannot therefore be replicated – as implied. Someone’s politics can only be right for that someone, and cannot be right – >in full< for others. Etc

hmm though you are asking; if beginning with difference i.e. of political party/politik, can be truly representative to all. This when there is a patent duplicity between 2 [or more [parties]] and 1 or one opinion and all opinions.

I agree that ultimately people need to run their own affairs, though historically for things to run smoothly there needed to be authority. People just don’t work real hard for a subsistence living, if they have had any choices in the matter.

I think what I’m getting at, is that reality is a Senator’s campaign staff, trying to promote their Senator’s campaign. The point of the campaign is about promoting cultural values, and yet the campaign succeeding was always about needing duplication - person A being replicated billions of times.
Person A can be a lawyer, or a citizen of a different country. It can also be a Youtube user, or a movie star, or a shop assistant.

The goal is to promote culture, yet the means was something that prevents culture (the UN saying that all people are the universe or the need of mathematics would surely prevent any country from existing, and any system of different cultures - the UN doing this would be recognition of duplication).

To promote the given culture ‘x’ i.e. of their device. When they say all people are of the universe, they mean that you cannot be particularly different to how they want all people to be [conducive/supportive to each other], or you will get edited out of the picture.

I used to be a universalist ~ because I think we are the same inside, inherit everything etc. yet we are equally not the same, and any kind of copying of info from the brain is a doppelgänger – if we imagine that in any such instance, if we [the original] still existed, then a perfect copy would not be us. Therefore even a perfect copy yields individuality, and their whole premise is flawed at root.

If I give a specific example: why should both Natalie Portman and a random British citizen apply to the US presidential election? Portman and the UK citizen are different, yet both would be subject to the same contexts of living, including interest in the impending election.
Despite my being different from both, why is it that I’m able to expect contexts of reality that apply to both?