Is reality entirely representative?

Is reality entirely representative?

Could a representative reality still contain the same information as its opposite, a physical reality?

Is reality made of lots of little bullet like particles, or is it actually made of representations which themselves contain no physical reality?

I have noticed over the years, that we always end up not finding a concrete reality of given things. Break things down and keep on breaking and we end up with nothing concrete denote what reality is at root.

Every way one observes a rainbow yields a different rainbow, then at the particle level we see relativistic and quantum effects.

The world we experience and see is a composed one. Is the world those worlds exist in equally a composition?

Is the universe expanding because that is the prism we are observing it through? [bending and curving it a bit like a lens].

So is reality representative?


It’s an interesting way of wording it, but ususally it is worded reality is information or it from bit, see Wheeler

Absolutely not.

Physical reality is made of affectance in its various forms.
Mental “reality”, the “map” is made of cartoon type simulations, ideas.

There is a good reason for that.
The depth of being able to “break down” what we can detect is infinite. But we cannot break down to infinite. Thus we break down (“look deeper”) until we can’t see any more. When we can’t see it, we say that it is not “concrete”.

The truth is that the truly concrete is made of the truly chaotically invisible waves and pulses of “unconcrete” affectance

“Relativistic and quantum effects” are purely mental, “imaginary reality”, the “map”, not the actual, the “terrain”.

We currently cannot go beyond the Planck scale so do not know but we have no other way of finding out however
So time could be continuous or discrete and particles could be composed of themselves or other smaller particles

perception is representative. reality is what it is.

Wouldn’t perception be a part of reality?

Perception is subjective but reality is objective
So what we perceive is not reality as it really is

So is perception a part of reality or not?

Yes it is but just not objectively so though

It is not objectively a part of reality?

You might want to reread what I was responding to:

And then in the context of ‘is reality entirely representational’? I do understand that I might see something in a field at dusk and think it is a cow when it is actually a haystack.

I would think so. As are dreams, and as are delusions.
I suppose if a single cell attempted to make sense of a whole body, it, along with all that it can produce, is a part of the body. The body though, is not the cell not any of it’s products, but composed of it and many other things.

Aether is real, but James managed to render it in a supercomputer, so for all we know this entire universe could be rendered in an entire computer. Aether still would be real though, since we are part of the computer too.