Is satan a computer hacker? Or a prophet?

If a hacker attacks an old program his boss introduced, and introduces a new one to the boss’s robots, is he trying to steal them? Or is he updating them for him?

How can you tell? Is it if he introduces the boss’s program, or his own?
How can you tell?


Is satan a “hacker” or a “prophet”?

In the bible ‘Satan’ is disobediance to ‘God’ and would be like that hacker – sort of. In real life ‘Satan’ is destructive agression, unhealthy excesses and occult/religion.

If he is introducing the boss’s program, is he disobeying? If he trying to introduce his own though? Would he tell us we need to obey Jesus and his commands, and he does it as well? Or would he be like a unauthorized hacker or preacher trying to introduce his own program? How do is work anyway?

I am pretty sure Satan is a conservative republican.

But I could be wrong… Nahhhhhh. :wink: