is there a God ... part 2

Again i started a new string because the points i want to make here are of a different sort than the previous post.

Where in the previous post i gave “reasons” to believe in GOD on an external mostly impersonal level, here I want to give other reasons that are more directly associated with hunmanity on the personal level.

The psychology of Jung is largly centered on the relationship between the ego and the self. The ego is how we perceive ourselves to be, a perspective which is generally relegated by the relationships we have at the time in the visible world around us. Our egoes are derived as much from how others perceive us as it is from how we may otherwise see ourselves. Indeed how we think and feel about ourselves is usually influenced by the way others think and feel about us. But who we really are after all is said and done, regardless of how we relate to the world here and now, is something/someone all together different.

In a rational attempt to bridge the gap between the illusion of ego and the reality of self humans often err by overshooting the mark. Some seek to fill this gap by joining a club of sorts, a religious group or a political/social fraternity or group (mayabe the freemasons, or even a gang if your born in the gheto). In this way they are able to feel apart of something larger than themselves or how they perceive themselves to be. The ego is thus inflated by the association and a false sense of self is attained.

Others overcompensate through grand dellusion, inwardly associating themselves with powers beyond the scope of the individual mortal. In such a way these people isolate themselves ideally through rational objectification of others. In their minds the only GOD is them and their ego is inflated through the dellusion. They often fill the gap by being materialistic. How they see themselves ends up being measured by what they have aquired materially.

The true self is who we are in the knowledge of the absolute. A singular reality dedicated to one thing, existence. We serve existence in as much as we are served by it. Regardless of how you choose to believe concerning all things, you are still you. If you change friends or jobs or faith, you do not change, but how you relate to the world changes. Its is this unchangeable absolute self that can only be known in its relation to its root in the absolute. Realizing the connection between the self and the absolute reveals to us the invisible connection between all things. And this revelation delivers us into a state of personal responsability and proper judgment.

In essence GOD is the absolute by which we are bound one to another despite how we differ outwardly. THough diversity (of thought and vision) is necessary for the survival of life, the fact that all things are intrinsically a part of the same source gives presidence to community and eco- awareness/obligation. With out this awareness the self serving tendency of humanity would and or will destroy whatever it touches.

God is the reason why we are responsable for the choices we make, even if the choices we make are personally irresponsable. GOD is the natural tendency for the usiverse to balance itself and eventually reciprocate all things. IN the end everyone will get back what they have given. If you cannot undersatand this natural law, at the heart of which is the very meaning of GOD, You have much to learn.

Ultimately the absolute is what we call God, and our awareness of its relationship to all things is what inspires us to to good unto others. Because ultimatley when we hurt othes we are hurting ourselves. And in sio many words, GOD is LOVE.

The whole trouble is that as of now we do not exist for the Absolute. We must begin to know ourselves so what knows can be known. Before that we exist on the same level as organic life the difference being our potential. From the Gospel of Thomas:

I believe that there is not a God. I here people say that their God is a good God and that if we believe in him/his son, then we will join him in the heavens above. My opinion is that if their God is so good and forgiving, then why does he allow children or the"GOOD" people to die such horrible deaths. How can a “good” and “loving” God allow this? I truly do not want to be with a God that does that to “his” people. I believe that if there is a God, then why doesn’t he allow the “GOOD” people to live in “his world”(earth). Why would someone want to follow a God that he/she fears. And how can we believe in something that we cannot see or feel. We are to have faith!! Faith is belief, and belief is a vague idea in which some confidence is placed. A vague idea!! An idea is a personal view. In other words, I believe that God is something that someone made up. The people in this world today want to believe that there has to be something after death and that is why they believe that there is a God.

For all my seemingly atheist rantings, I am not technically an atheist. I am an egotheist.
God exists as the exhaultation of my own ego and desires.
God is the black flame that burns inside me.

Hi Satanical. I was wondering how, philosophically, you arrived at this?