Is Trump using a wag the dog?

Is Trump primarily using the North Korea crisis as wag the dog?

  • 1. Trump is merely a puppet of the military industrial complex, and is behaving out of the ordinary rules of the military command, respective of chains of command giving him reasonable pictures of geopolitical concern, and behaving accordingly.
  • 2. Trump has taken matters of NK aggression not merely geopolitical realities, but using international aggression as a way of distraction and camouflage to deflect extreme national problems of his own
  • 3.Unsure
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Trump has come out and openly declared that if China does not act on NK to curb its appetite for destruction, possibly causing WW3, he, Trump, will engage the NK.

Is Trump obeying and following a fill in toward an ideological vacuum in Asia, hereby setting the former not to cross the red line dictum of Obama, who did not hold to his dictum OR, is Trump primarily concerned with his deterioring image at home, and is using a military threat as a way to mend that?

Three opinions are possible, and they are not reversible.

There is reported to be a lot of ‘buzzing’ going on around the Korean Peninsula by US, Russian and Chinese aircraft of late, and the US is becoming more challenging and provocative toward NK, especially significant in terms of the increasingly internal p
olitical instability of the US.

It could be added, that the scenario is not as far out and incredible is it sounds. Added corollaries could be added:

  1. The type of personality of the president resembles the extreme type, that will take challenges to the

  2. There is some innuendo , relating to the use of occult methods, especially as pertaining to Mr.

  3. If there is collusion, the question arises between
    whom? The military establishment with an authority
    who could finally release their itchy trigger fingers to try out their belief, that at the worst, a limited nuke war can be fought, and it is unavoidable, anyway.

Or with the Russians, who are using blackmail leverage in order to have an exchange, which they see as timely, in order to balance an increasingly terror
ridden world; and their leverage over Trump is sign of a silent partnership in this regard, to finally bring a co-supervised post apocalyptic world, reminiscent of
pre-world war scenarios?

  1. Or, have the banks holding a no-fail noose around
    the president to save ‘our way of life’, in order to
    stave off a coming depression , which has been forecast? Trump was bankrupted, and the thing which holds trump in the loop, is merely the banking
    system, which could have totally finished Trump off?

4.And finally, this belief that the nationalism proclaimed as opposed to the NWO is a sham,
predictably to fail, as much as the correlation of the
vain and false promises,which may will fail to deliver
to the under informed unemployed and done upon white mail, whose votes were essential, as much as
the cyber espionage of Russia.

Finally, there may be a melange between fiction and
truth regarding, the sure to emerge neo-
conspiratorial ideas sure to arise regarding Comey’s legitimacy and corruptibility, whereas there is an adage about how every man has a price, and whether
a tainted , softened up ex civil employee, may
himself be dived or coerced in his testimony.
Already a barrage of hard line Republicans have started a barrage of ads to portray Comey as
anything but he is not. They want to drag him back
into the sphere of the political arena, so that his Achilles heel will become prone to political attacks.

So a lot is riding on this, nothing seems to be what it is, but in this age of virtual reality, the admen can do wonders to turn black into white.

Russia, incidentally commented, re: NATO, that a WW3 would leave no survivors, implying his disbelief in the concept of survivability in a limited nuclear war.

It seems like it was a mistake for Reagan to castigate
the Soviets as the “Evil Empire”, and demolish the
Wall that held firm the lesser and unmanageable schisms of the ethnic differences. The political differences could be managed, but ethnic tensions
can not be politicized, their roots are tribal, based on
proven adhesion of participation of mystical strength.