Is Yahweh breaking an objective moral tenet?

Is Yahweh breaking an objective moral tenet?

I have found few examples of an objective moral tenet but think that, — the good of the many, outweighs the good of the few, — to be an objective moral tenet. It seems correct in all situations.

You might disagree with an example where this tenet is not objective or applicable.

Yahweh seems to put the good of the few ahead of the good of the many. Scriptures indicate that the many will end in hell while the few will end in heaven.

In thinking of this, I also thought that Yahweh was breaking another moral tenet by putting his life above his own child’s. He sent Jesus to die instead of stepping up himself, to appease his own wrath against man.

Should fathers put themselves and their lives above their children’s, or should fathers protect their children at all costs?

I know that few like to answer moral questions as we all have a bit of moral coward in us.

Do try to answer both of my questions please.