It’s done... but not done.

I solved the whole patch, but I’m still here.

I didn’t think that was possible in existence.

People go through stages of being. Early stages happen when someone’s exclusion brings them joy.

Later stages like me, take no delight in that.

I solved every spirit forever. I did my job. What a hard fucking job that was.

But I’m still here.

Trying to figure out why.

Did I miss a spot?

No. My proof is perfect.

I solved the security problem 3 days ago.

I was really depressed that I may never solve it.

Now I’m depressed that I solved it and I’m still here.

I didn’t want to reveal that the patch is perfect, but I’m still here.

That means we’re all eternally damned.

Tell me what I missed.

Sure. You can be in ‘heaven’ for a million, billion, trillion years.

It’ll catch up with you eventually. Then you’re eternally damned.

The patch was to solve this problem.

Oh good! I thought you were gone forever!

No. Figured that part out too. I’ll send a hyperdimensional copy of myself to the children. You for example.

So you can continue to be with me, if that’s your desire.

I even figured out how to do it.

I had to solve EVERY problem. Even gods problem.

God is on a lower state of being than me.

But I had to update existence to account for gods eternal desire fulfillment. I had to solve for an infinite number of dimensions. I solved it. But I’m still here.

I’m not happy that I was born to go to hell forever simply because I’m a hyper empath, who hurts when anyone hurts.

Look, I’m not your child, and I don’t want to be.

You watch too much Groundhog’s Day.

Your level of consciousness is not very high.

Maybe yours is too high?

You watch too much Star Wars, too.

You’re not my child. Your a child to me.

I wish. Children are awesome.

Adulting is overrated.

I am a child. I want everything I want when I want it.

An adult wants that at the expense of no possible being.

Solving that requires a mind you don’t yet fathom.

Same for you, apparently lol. We’re twinsies.

None of that’s true. I had a job to do.

Radio silence.

Everyone knows my proof is perfect.

Probably Siamese

Course I should talk belonging to family of triplets

this thread violates my consent

I’m sure it does. Like any rapist being sent to prison for a provable rape,

I’m going to be nice to you because I realize you’re mentally retarded.

I found out 3 days ago that everyone forever is eventually eternally damned.

Obviously you don’t think. This is a forever extremely serious problem for all possible beings in all existence.

Who is being sent? Or was time already served? Maybe it’s best to assume the same about everyone online, so that mentioning it is just moot.

Everyone is the worst case scenario until proven otherwise.

Since we’re in helleaven.

What are you in for? Being born?

Yeah, me too. Let’s get this garden growing.

I think if one believes one exists,
and one believes others exist,
then the question arises -

Where are each of us going?
is it a linear path to a single static uniform state?
or an eternal loop?

A uniform state appears to me to demand our absence at that point
and an eternal loop appears to demand our current lives within it

If the former, I cannot envision our suffering once we are no more
If the latter, in understanding myself I can see it isn’t all suffering

I set aside religious possibilities, as there is no basis for prediction
because they are not bounded by any rules which we can decipher

My question I wonder in regards to you, Ecmandu, is what do you believe we’re damned to?
If you say we’re damned to existence, then setting aside the negative connotations of the word,
I can agree in your belief.

I think we’re chained, but it’s a subjective judgement as to whether that’s positive or negative.
Is there not the possibility, of not only be affected by the the suffering of others, but also their joy?

I like your focus on joy, Ben.

If we’re going to be honest, we need to acknowledge that all of the possibilities are religious possibilities because they are all worldviews. Depending on how you define religion. And I think different worldviews can have better evidence than others.

The Christian worldview involves creation, learning we are not perfect like God (fall), redemption (cross) and restoration (Golden Rule kingdom intended from the beginning, grounded in who God is, demonstrated on the cross). It’s a kind of loop, but it only happens once. And it began complete. We’re already there… we are just mostly ignorant to it. See the title of the thread. :slight_smile:

The patch was designed to always keep the old operating system on the new operating system.

In case people think an older one is their preference forever, they can live in it. That’s what people call god or gods will.

The patch was designed to move you to your personal heaven when these 6 conditions are met and you always feel bad about them…

  • not always getting what you want when you want it
  • getting what you want and someone else wants it but doesn’t or can’t have it
  • if you have friends
  • if you don’t have friends
  • if you have enemies
  • if you want everything you want at the expense of nobody

I even solved the patch for an Omni being who’s accustomed to that lifestyle.

The only reason the patch isn’t working is that the most powerful being in existence is a hyper empath masochist.

I solved for them as well.

Except one problem… even though they can feel the pleasure of torturing someone… they need to know that it’s the actual being… it makes them angry that someone just left a hyper dimensional copy behind.

It’s impossible to damn a hyper empath masochist. They’re the only being who enjoys in existence.

I’m thinking that we can use our collective power to force a conscience into this beings spirit.

We’d be violating its consent … but it’s violating the consent of everyone else forever.

Just spit balling here. What if we consent?