Its Not Like Suicide, Though (suicide in perspective)

Let the whole world collapse! Vanish! All horrors disappear! Cut to pieces! Thorn apart! Let everybody die! Like unsuccessful rats! Hang themselves! Drown! Everybody that commit horrors – everybody, then. Men hit women. Women are to be submissive to not let the world go under. What a disservice! To us and themselves! Reality isn’t like that; so simple! Oh, bloody hell! One is left to oneself. And in this isolation one accomodates to established prejudices that take different turns.

The solution must be to bomb the whole shit to pieces. Neither is there much choice when the human is left out. Nothing else than destroying what doesn’t fit with reality. And the lack of correpondence with what really is leads to violence, disharmony…

Completely acceptable. What’s not acceptable is the hypocrit defence of an illusionary system that hence in no ways has reality in view but is a false testimony – that leaders across the globe use and actually all the way down to the lowest classes – because “it’s the easiest”. Still, it is among the lowest classes the gruesome effects are so evident. The leaders’ fear of taking care of reality is completely understandable – it would be to crush the system “they represent” – but it will always be different way down – where one can’t… And the leaders exclude most of humanity – within both themselves and the rest of the world through their “constructive” work. So suicide bombers – I think we all have some compassion – as long as we include the living’s mystical essence.

Those who take their coffecup and do “their” usual routines – surely they’re terrorists too. They are perhaps even the real terrorists – against themselves and others… Those who support a precarious world order.

And I continue life in the system, albeit being ashamed of being placed among words whose combined meaning put together things like “the ‘terrorists’’ ‘evil’”. In the long term the “suicide bombers” will be proven right – while fascism lurks on Internet and elsewhere…

It’s difficult to write “the hidden” – and not what’s usually written in the system – but luckily I give it a shot. It’s not like suicide though. To write with your own blood is something completely different. And no matter how much “various” leaders try to catch it they are likely to fail – because it stretches so far that words leave so much to ask for…

Subject line was supposed to be: It’s Not Like Suicide, Though… (suicide in perspective)

And when I think about it, I would have changed the ending again to “behind” instead of “to ask for”.

It is my humble opinion that this thread should be removed from ILP. If not, I think it improper to keep it in the Essays and Theses forum. It is more the Rant House type of post, in my opinion. Although I understand this guest is unhappy with the world, saying that the world should be blown up does nothing but bring down morale of people reading such posts, in a way it is spreading depression and in another way it is spreading hate. The post isn’t constructive in any way, as far as I see it. And in more ways then one, it is against the disclaimer guidelines.

Furthermore, it isn’t putting suicide in any kind of perspective. It is talking about destroying the world, which is more than just suicide, it is murder. Hence, the title is ‘false advertising’.

But, it’s only my opinion.

What’s your take?

— Some of the more useful perspectives on suicide come from Albert Camus, and perhaps Foucault. I wish the original post was more coherent and more upbeat in tone, i might have enjoyed it then.

In the long term suicide bombers will be proven right? In the long term suicide bombers will be DEAD.

Agreed, this thread does not belong in Essays and Theses, i have moved it here. If the person who wrote this post would like to contest the moving, please mail me privately.


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